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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Thank you. That's all from the BBC News at Six so it's goodbye from me,


and Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight. A call to regulate free meals and food


banks to stop some people taking advantage. I have seen people come


in here, with money in their pockets, ?120.


A call for improvements ` why cycling in Yorkshire's cities isn't


always good for your health. Today there's a call for more cycle


lanes like these as figures show the number of casualties on our roads is


up by a third. The Tigers' record signing inches


Hull City closer to premiership survival.


And the blind skier from Lincolnshire hoping for a place on


the podium in Sochi. The forecast follows shortly.


There are concerns that some people are taking advantage of food banks


and free meal services in Hull. Many are independently run by small


groups or churches and rely on people's honesty to take only what


they need. Now charities are being encouraged to work together and


share information to stop misuse and make the system more effective.


Sarah Walton reports. A fresh bowl of steaming soup. A


welcome sight on a cold day. Every Saturday, the Amazing Grace Church


in Hull gives free food to anyone who says they're in need. Not only


the alcoholics, the homeless, not only people who are taking drugs. At


one point we had somebody who was a student. For some reason he found


himself in a difficult situation. It's open to anybody. People say


some are taking advantage of that kindness visiting different


charities every day so they can save their money for drink and drugs. You


hear it all the time. I see people, the same faces going to the soup


kitchens where I go. Always the same faces. I see people coming here who


have been paid on a Saturday morning and have ?120 in their pocket. There


is a church on Princess Avenue and they put bags of clothes out for the


homeless. A certain one, he will grab the full bag and then he'll


take it to the clothes bank to sell it and then spend the money on booze


or whatever he's taking. The worry is that groups like the one here


can't spot when people are taking advantage of the system. Now it is


being suggested they all come together and cooperate in a far more


official way. I think there's an awful lot that the participants they


can do about putting their information together on some type of


spreadsheet, so it is available through lots of different ways so we


can map the provision that is available in the city. Whether that


be lunchtime clubs, food banks. That is already being done at some


places. Hull food bank is part of the Trussell Trust, a network of 400


centres across the country. It says size gives it influence and allows


it to work with a wide range of health and social workers who


identify those genuinely in need. But others believe there are


benefits to a more informal approach. This church runs a small


daily drop`in meal and food bank service. It stops abuse by getting


to know people first. We don't advertise the fact there is a food


bank at Saint Hilda's. People know about it because this church is in


the middle of the community, everybody knows where it is. People


who have been helped by the church put the word around. While different


groups vary in their approach to tackling food poverty, they do all


agree that demand for their service is increasing so it's important to


have a debate on how the system can be improved.


Earlier, I spoke to the Liverpool and Wavertree MP Luciana Berger, who


in 2012 made a documentary about people who use food banks. I started


by asking Ms Berger if she thought people were taking advantage of food


banks. Well, I've visited many food banks,


not only in my own constituency in Liverpool, but right across the


country, and I have never met any food bank user that has walked in


with their heads held high. It is very difficult for people to have to


accept the help. People are being referred to food banks because they


have got nothing to eat. What do you say to those people who say, yes,


but they still have a mobile phone and a television the size of a wall?


That is what some people will be saying. The former Lord Mayor of


Liverpool said the very same thing on the radio. I invited him to come


and see a local food bank and meet people and talk to them. He actually


changed his opinion. He met people that don't have mobile phones, and


if they had gone, weren't able to put credit on it, and didn't have


any luxuries, and people who went without meals in order to provide


for their children. You are saying everyone who is there has to be


there? It is not a lifestyle choice? It's certainly not a lifestyle


choice. There is a challenge that people perhaps aren't aware of the


fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people right across our


country, not just in deprived areas where you might expect it, but in


affluent areas too, who are really struggling to get by. It only takes


one thing, a job loss or a reduction in working hours, or an emergency


repair, which means they have no buffer and nothing to fall back,


they have to go to food banks. The Government already provides a safety


net in benefits for essentials. Should we teach people visiting food


banks how to manage the money they do have better? It's really


important to know that it's not just people out of work ` people in work


are having to go to a food bank, too. Jobcentres are having to refer


people to food banks because we are seeing an increase in the number of


people sanctioned and seeing their benefits taken away from them. I


come back to the point, yes, you might get your jobseeker's allowance


but you might have to have an emergency repair, like a hole in the


roof. With increases in bills, increasing basic costs around food


and energy, people are really struggling. Very good to have you on


the programme. So is Luciana Berger right that


everyone who uses a food bank or free meals service needs to be


there? Or if people are abusing the system ` as our report suggests `


what needs to change to prevent that from happening?


In a moment: Claims that building a supermarket on Lincolnshire's only


cattle market would cause "lasting harm."


There are calls for Yorkshire's cities to be made safer for cyclists


as the region prepares to host this summer's Grand Depart of the Tour de


France. Local authorities are hoping the event will inspire more of us to


get on our bikes. But figures show that there has been a sharp rise in


the number of accidents involving cyclists since 2009. How dangerous


are roads in our area for those on two wheels?


Recent statistics show there has been a rise in the number of


cyclists killed or seriously injured on the road in Yorkshire and the


Humber between 2009 and 2012. It rose by nearly a third. There are


more people cycling. Campaigners say more people won't get cycling and


less road and less road Ahmed Saif. I have been out with cyclists here


in Hull, talking to people about problems they face.


As a cycle courier in Hull, David Noble knows every lump and bump in


the road. He travels around 40 miles a day on roads and cycle routes. In


the last year, he's gone through four tyres and five wheels.


I'd sooner take a route that's 24 miles, and using the cycle track


cuts time off your journey. But when it comes to cost`effectiveness, when


you're replacing ?30 tyres and ?60 wheels every day, obviously going


the longer way is the cheapest route.


This cycle shop in the city says they're repairing more bikes than


ever before, something they blame on poorly`maintained roads. We're


seeing a lot of buckled wheels, broken spokes, punctures, torn


tyres, bent forks ` people having accidents and going over the bike


because of pot holes. Hull has one of the highest numbers of cyclists


for a UK city, and in 2011, it was named as one of Britain's top cities


for cyclists. Events like Skyride have seen growing numbers of people


taking part. But that increase in interest has led to an increase in


accidents. In Hull in 2010, there were 25 serious accidents involving


cyclists. In 2013, it had almost doubled, to 41. With events like the


Tour De France coming to Yorkshire this summer, it's hoped it will


inspire more of us to get on our bike. Today, a cycling manifesto was


launched to encourage the Government to raise its spending on cycling and


improve safety. OUr surveys have shown that 60% of


people who don't ride a bike have said they would if they felt safer,


so the latent demand is absolutely enormous, and the potential good


that can do our country is also enormous. In Hull, a cycling action


plan is in place which aims to encourage more of us to take up the


sport, but campaigners say that won't happen if cycle paths are left


like this. If those problems can be overcome, it could have an affect on


lots of other services. The survey has shown that if 10% of trips were


made by cycle, the sailing to the NHS would be ?250 million a year.


Thank you. Always an emotive issue. Another one you might want to


comment on tonight. I look forward to hearing from you. A county


council decision that could see some Lincolnshire libraries run by


volunteers, is to be challenged in the High Court. The campaign group,


Save Lincolnshire Libraries, has lodged legal papers which could


force a judicial review. The authority says it has to save ?1.5


million and insists it's acting lawfully. Lecturers at the


University of Hull joined other colleagues across the country in a


two`hour strike as part of a continuing row with the government


over pay. Trades Unions say members voted to strike because staff have


only been offered a 1% pay rise. A body which was found in the River


Witham in Lincoln yesterday has been identified as a man who's been


missing since the end of last year Ryan Morgan left Lincoln County


Hospital in December. His body was discovered by a rower. A postmortem


examination will now be held. Two women from Immingham have been


given a grant from the Lottery to try and help children in North East


Lincolnshire to sleep better. Claire Earley and Carol Batchelor are both


parents of severely disabled children who didnt sleep properly


until they put in place a strict sleep routine. They claim that even


the most chronic sleep problems can be cured by changing habits and now


they're running sleep clinics in the area.


Got rid of the telly, for a start. Changed it for soft music playing in


the background for him to settle with, and every night we used to


turn it down a notch till he used to settle with nothing in the room.


After two to three weeks, he was sleeping. It was amazing!


And you can see Carol and Claire's story in full on tonight's Inside


Out. Still ahead tonight: Orchestrating a


win ` the Tigers inch closer to premiership survival. The blind


skier from Lincoln hoping for a place on the podium.


Keep your photographs coming in. Thank you for that one. There is a


bit of Cumulus in the top. How is the man flu, Peter? I heard


you went to bed with a hot talk to. Trust you to hear about that. It is


too dangerous to exchange peasantry is with you. The headline for the


next 24 hours is unsettled. It will quickly turn wet. A bit of sleet and


snow through tomorrow afternoon. On this weather friends here, it might


turn a bit wintry. It is colder than average. There are showers at the


moment in southern parts of Lincolnshire, heading into North


Norfolk. We need to get rid of these showers. Watch out for ice on


untreated surfaces. Rurally, we could be down to freezing point. The


sun will rise about 7:30am. Dry, icy start. The dryness will not last


long. Bit of snow above the top of the world. That through really


proclaim the top temperatures, well, there will be a cold south`west


wind. Five or six Celsius. That is 41 Fahrenheit. Further ahead, wintry


showers on Tuesday night and Wednesday, more rain later. A risk


of severe gales on Wednesday night. Thursday looks brighter and mostly


dry with sunshine. We mentioned insomnia this morning.


Somebody said, Paul should make you a video of all his best bits.


Well, I have got a new blog that you can read online tonight.


Goodbye. Building a supermarket on the site


of Louth's cattle market would "cause lasting harm to the town for


a generation", according to Lincolnshire County Council. The


Cattle market is used for a half a day a week at the moment and a


consultation on the future of the site is underway. But any proposals


to develop the land by a major supermarket chain will face


opposition from the County Council even though another livestock market


will be provided if the site is re`developed. Paul Murphy reports.


This deli is the kind of independent specialist shop which characterises


this rural market town. But that character, according to some, will


disappear if a large supermarket is allowed into Louth. People from


Grimsby and Lincoln come to Louth because they like the experience.


Why don't they stay in Lincoln and Grimsby? Because they like to come


to Louth for a day out. And this is the cattle market site which East


Lindsey district council is thinking about selling. It says it's had


interest from a number of supermarkets. But now the County


Council has waded into the debate with a warning for the town. I have


seen the devastation that supermarkets cause if they are put


in the wrong place and they are not integrated properly into the whole


retail offer of a place. I do not want to see Louth go the way of so


many towns in this country. One concern is it that this was the age


of town place. Campaigners have welcomed the County Council's


intervention. We've been very heartened by Colin Davie's comments.


He's clearly taken a stand back look at this and said, look, there's this


town which is so important to the visitor experience in Lincolnshire.


It's one of the jewels of the county. To protect it is a very


important part of policy. No`one from East Lindsey district council


was available for interview. But their spokesman said:


so the council also says it will build a replacement livestock market


if it goes ahead. Like all of these things, it boils down to money. This


site could be worth at least ?12 million to East Lindsey district


council. They'll tell you that at a time when budgets are tight, that's


a lot of public services. There is much at stake in this historic town.


It will all be discussed at a special council meeting later this


week. Paul is back from Louth and with me now. What evidence is there


to suggest that a supermarket ` should one come to Louth ` might


actually benefit the town? Every town is different. The study is


being done by the University of Southampton, looked at a three`year


study and showed that people will go into towns as well as the retail


centres. The fear in Louth is people will go to the supermarket, then not


bother going into the centre of town.


Thank you. Another one you might want to comment on.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us about the Humberside Police


and Crime Commissioner who says he needs an increase in the police


budget. Matthew Grove wants the money residents pay for police to


rise by just under two percent. The money will go towards new technology


which he says will mean officers can spend more time on the streets.


Plenty of responses from you on this one.


Hull City are closing in on the ten wins that Manager Steve Bruce said


they needed to stay in the Premier League. They head into tomorrow's


match with Southampton after taking a seventh victory at Sunderland. Our


sports reporter Simon Clark explains how the Tigers' multi`million pound


strike force has turned around their fortunes. Smiles for Steve Bruce. He


has now done the double over them. He was helped by another Sunderland


red card, this time handed out to Wes Brown. Tom Huddlestone couldn't


capitalise. Soon after, the impressive Shane Long could. Long


might have had a second. The post to Sunderland 's rescue. Hull City paid


close to ?15 million in the transfer window, a mind`boggling amount for


this club and this is what it buys. Jelavic scoring his first to add to


Long 's earlier strike and that's the Tigers up to 27 points. Still


only four above the drop zone but seemingly heading in the right


direction before tomorrow's match with Southampton. They have done


fantastically well. It helped spirit enormously. Southampton lost the


weekend. It was a learning curve for us. Hopefully, we can build on that


and it will be a different story this time round. We have got a few


new players in. We expect a different outcome. Steve Bruce did


not mince his words today, saying that Southampton are the best team


in the Premier League outside the traditional elite, a measure of how


hard things might be tomorrow. If the Tigers were to win, I will be


eight victories this season. Scunthorpe United remain second in


League One after a draw with leaders Chesterfield. Leading striker Sam


Winnall put the Iron ahead with a shot at close range but a second


half penalty was enough to give the visitors a point which keeps them


top of the table. Hull FC chairman Adam Pearson has


been outlining his ambitions for the club ahead of the new season. Hull,


who defeated Hull Kingston Rovers in one of their pre`season matches,


start life under new coach Lee Radford against the French side


Catalan Dragons at the KC Stadium on Friday night. I did not really think


there was enough discipline in the squad last year with regard to


training and particular standards. I have been very impressed with what


he has done. I could not asking to settle into the job better.


Adam Pearson, who will be explaining more of his plans on the Super


League show tonight, which starts at 11.20 here on BBC One.


Lincolnshire skier Jade Etherington has told Look North she's hoping for


a podium`finish at the Paralympics. The 22`year`old began skiing on


family holidays ` and has now been selected to represent Team GB in


four events at Sochi. She has less than 5% vision in each eye ` so


needs a guide to help her compete. Gemma Dawson has been to meet her.


Speeding down the slopes one after another. Watching it, it's hard to


believe that Jade ` in the orange hat ` is partially sighted. So she


relies on Caroline in front to guide her around the course. She wears


black so I can see her in contrast to the snow. In our helmets, we have


Bluetooth headset and can talk to each other. My site was pretty


stable when I was younger. Ever since I was 17, I started to lose my


site. That is when I got into skiing, and it really helped me cope


with the sight loss, and it was a silver lining.


Today, Jade's been doing some final interviews in Lincoln. Before


heading to a holding camp tomorrow, where she'll prepare to compete in


four events in Sochi. My aim has always been the sodium `` podium in


Sochi. I can't believe it is nearly here. I remember when it was 3000


days away and now it is 25. I have always claimed to be on the podium,


no matter what colour. Yesterday, Team GB picked`up their


first medal at the Winter Games. Jenny Jones, here taking bronze in


the slope style snowboarding event. Jade's now hoping for a similar


result. This afternoon, she caught up with


two of her sisters in Lincoln. And they couldn't be prouder. It is


exciting hearing about the place she has been to. Method of a bit jealous


but it is really good. I am public to cry, but I will feel proud of


her. She has achieved something amazing. She is representing Great


Britain. She should be proud. So now there's just time for a few


final practice runs before Jade and Caroline compete. Incredible. We


wish Jade well. I'm sure she. We wish Jade all the best.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Thousands of homes are at risk in the Thames Valley.


There is a call to regulate free meals and food banks to stop some


people from taking advantage. Response on the subject of food


banks. Thanks for the messages. Paul says, I think genuine people who


need the food bank... Sally says, I am a professional. We do not just


hand out vouchers. Somebody else says, if people have a mobile phone,


they should not be entitled, because if they can afford a phone, they


should afford food. Bridget says, there are genuine cases where people


need help, but many abuse the system. Beryl says, people who


attend food banks are given food for only three days and put in touch


with the correct agency according to their needs. Thank you for those.


Have a nice evening. Goodbye. # I tremble


Commencing AC-12 investigation of DI Lindsay Denton for suspicion


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