10/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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reputation enhanced. That's it. Starting on BBC Two now,


Jeremy Paxman asks Good evening. There are concerns


that some people are taking advantage of food banks and free


meal services in Hull. Many are independently run by small groups or


churches and rely on people's honesty to take only what they need.


Now charities are being encouraged to work together and share


information to stop misuse and make the system more effective. Sarah


Walton reports. A fresh bowl of steaming soup. A


welcome sight on a cold day. Every Saturday, the Amazing Grace Church


in Hull gives free food to anyone who says they're in need. Not only


the alcoholics, the homeless, not only people who are taking drugs. At


one point we had somebody who was a student. For some reason he found


himself in a difficult situation. It's open to anybody. People say


some are taking advantage of that kindness visiting different


charities every day so they can save their money for drink and drugs. You


hear it all the time. I see people, the same faces going to the soup


kitchens where I go. Always the same faces. I see people coming here who


have been paid on a Saturday morning and have ?120 in their pocket. There


is a church on Princess Avenue and they put bags of clothes out for the


homeless. A certain one, he will grab the full bag and then he'll


take it to the clothes bank to sell it and then spend the money on booze


or whatever he's taking. The worry is that groups like the one here


can't spot when people are taking advantage of the system. Now it is


being suggested they all come together and cooperate in a far more


official way. That is already being done at some places. Hull food bank


is part of the Trussell Trust, a network of 400 centres across the


country. It says size gives it influence and allows it to work with


a wide range of health and social workers who identify those genuinely


in need. But others believe there are benefits to a more informal


approach. This church runs a small daily drop`in meal and food bank


service. It stops abuse by getting to know people first. We don't


advertise the fact there is a food bank at Saint Hilda's. People know


about it because this church is in the middle of the community,


everybody knows where it is. People who have been helped by the church


put the word around. While different groups vary in their approach to


tackling food poverty, they do all agree that demand for their service


is increasing so it's important to have a debate on how the system can


be improved. A county council decision that could


see some Lincolnshire libraries run by volunteers, is to be challenged


in the High Court. The campaign group, Save Lincolnshire Libraries,


has lodged legal papers which could force a judicial review. The


authority says it has to save one and a half million pounds and


insists it's acting lawfully. Building a supermarket on the site


of Louth's cattle market would "cause lasting harm to the town for


a generation," according to county councillors in Lincolnshire. East


Lindsey district council is consulting on the future of the


site, which could be worth ?12 million. A decision will be made


later this year. I have seen the devastation supermarkets cause if


they are putting the wrong place. I do not want to Louth going the way


so many towns in this country have gone.


There are calls for Yorkshire's cities to be made safer for cyclists


as the region prepares to host this Summer's Grand Depart of the Tour de


France. It's hoped the event will inspire more of us to get on our


bikes. But figures show that there has been a sharp rise in the number


of accidents involving cyclists in the Yorkshire and Humber area since


2009. Jake Zuckerman is in Hull this evening. Jake, how dangerous are our


roads? According to the most recent


statistics for road casualties the number of cyclists being killed or


seriously injured in Yorkshire and Humber rose by nearly a third. In


2009, 199 adult cyclists were killed or seriously injured. In 2012, that


figure had risen to 256. That's a 29% increase. Of course, more people


are cycling now, but campaigners say numbers won't increase further


unless roads are made safer. David Noble knows every lump and pump in


the road. He travels around 40 miles a day on roads and cycle routes. In


the last year, he's gone through four tyres and five wheels. I'd


sooner take a route that's 24 miles, and using the cycle track cuts time


off your journey. But when it comes to cost`effectiveness, when you're


replacing ?30 tyres and ?60 wheels every day, obviously going the


longer way is the cheapest route. This cycle shop in the city says


they're repairing more bikes than ever before, something they blame on


poorly`maintained roads. We're seeing a lot of buckled wheels,


broken spokes, punctures, torn tyres, bent forks ` people having


accidents and going over the bike because of pot holes. Hull has one


of the highest numbers of cyclists for a UK city, and in 2011, it was


named as one of Britain's top cities for cyclists. With events like the


Tour De France coming to Yorkshire this summer, it's hoped it will


inspire more of us to get on our bike. Today, a cycling manifesto was


launched to encourage the Government to raise its spending on cycling and


improve safety. Our surveys have shown that 60% of people who don't


ride a bike have said they would if they felt safer, so the latent


demand is absolutely enormous, and the potential good that can do our


country is also enormous. In Hull, a cycling action plan is in place


which aims to encourage more of us to take up the sport, but


campaigners say that won't happen if cycle paths are left like this. If


those problems can be overcome, it could have an affect on lots of


other services. The survey has shown that if 10% of trips were made by


cycle, the sailing to the NHS would be ?250 million a year.


A very unsettled day. It will be brighter with wintry showers in the


afternoon. Icy patches on untreated surfaces, and a fairly widespread


ground Frost. We're off to a frosty but drive starts tomorrow morning.


Cloud will increase. The afternoon brightens up with sunny spells and a


scattering of showers. There may be some snow. Top afternoon


temperatures, five or six degrees. That's the forecast.


The Superleague Show returns to BBC One tonight. In the first programme


of the new series, Hull FC chairman Adam Pearson will be outlining his


ambitions for the club ahead of the new season. That's at 11.20 on BBC


One. That's all from the late team. Look North is back tomorrow at 6.25.


Bye for now. Good evening. You have my permission


to complain about too many repeats with the British weather at the


moment because yet again it looks as though our winter weather is set to


continue with a repeat of last week. Sunny spells and scattered showers


today and this is the next area of low pressure pushing in from the


west. It influences our weather for the rest of the week. More rain to


come and gales and severe gales to come. Ice is a possible risk. That


means a cumulative total perhaps or 40-70 millimetres and that is an


extra two to three inches. It will exacerbate the flooding we have


already got across England at the moment. The cloud, wind and rain is


already pushing in from the west. There will be a widespread frost.


Ice could be a problem first thing in Northern Ireland. Snow in the


hills and maybe in the North East of Scotland we could see snow at lower


levels. Rain through northern England and Wales and Somerset. Some


of that rain could be quite intense coupled with squally, gusty winds on


exposed coasts. In the east it starts off relatively dry, but it


will not be long before the wind and the rain spreads further east. Up


into the North the snow showers continue on the hills, but by the


end of the afternoon we could see wet snow even at lower levels. A


cold day. There is a potential for some snow showers at lower levels


across England and Wales on Tuesday night and into Wednesday. On


Wednesday it is this area of low pressure which is the main factor in


Wednesday's weather. More wet and windy weather. An early amber


warning has already been issued from the South West. Severe gales are


likely as we continue to see some very wet weather coming into central


and southern areas. The strongest winds follow in behind those


showers. In Scotland you are probably wondering what the


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