15/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's it for now. We're back with the late news at 10.40pm. Now


Good evening. Businesses in Lincoln are criticising the city council for


deciding to close traffic access to one of the city's main shopping


streets next month. It's been described as a U`turn after


assurances were given that a closure wouldn't be needed. An extra ?80,000


is being spent on repairing Newport Arch at the top of Bailgate, as


Jessica Lane reports. Weather damage and general corrosion


led to urgent repairs on newport arch. This Roman gate is gateway to


the city and the bailgate shopping area. Traders not happy the road


underneath will be closed to traffic for up to five weeks next month.


We have the road restoration two years ago and it has taken a year


and a half for people to start coming back in serious numbers. It


takes a long time because they start shopping elsewhere. Some only found


out about the closure from a letter. It seems subtle to close an archway


yet it has a very significant effect on to the wrists and people coming


into the city. They will not come in this direction. People will be able


to walk through but the road will be closed. Cars will have to go down


Rasen Lane, along Burton Road, turn onto westgate and drive down Chapel


Lane before ending up back on bailgate the other side of the arch.


When the contractors develop their plan a little farther they said


there was really no alternative for the short period. It is an arch that


bridge as I rode therefore is necessary to create a safe space for


them to work. The city of Lincoln council is meeting traders on Monday


to talk about putting up signs to say bailgate shops are staying open


while the repairs are done to make sure it's business as usual for all


concerned. The sister of a man whose body was


left in a Hull Mortuary for 11 years says she'll be told next month


whether anyone should have been prosecuted. The review is looking at


the decision not to charge anyone for the mix up over Christopher


Alder's body. His funeral was held in 2001, but a woman called Grace


Kamara was buried in his grave. In October, the Crown Prosecution


Service said no one would be prosecuted, but it's now reviewing


that. Thousands of pounds worth of hay and


animal feed is on its way to the South of England after fundraising


efforts by local farmers. Huge amounts of farmland have been


submerged under flood water, so farmers in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire have made donations of straw, feed and even clothing. The


latest consignment left Gainsborough this morning.


Sport now, and Scunthorpe United improved their promotion chances


after coming from behind to win at Accrington last night. The Iron


trailed 2`0 at half time to their Lancashire rivals, but fought back


in the Second Half and sealed the win with a last minute goal from


defender David Mirfin. The Iron are level on points with leaders


Chesterfield. In Football there were mixed


fortunes for our sides today. Grimsby Town will have to overturn a


2`1 deficit if they're to get through to the Final of the FA


Trophy after losing at Cambridge this afternoon. In the Conference


Premier Lincoln City won their third game in four matches with a two nil


win at home against Kidderminster Harriers. Hull Kingston Rovers are


expecting a sell out crowd at Craven Park for tomorrow's Super League


opener against Leeds. More than 10,000 tickets have been sold for


the game and staff at the club have been praised for the work they've


done to attract extra fans. They are obviously very passionate


about what they are doing. The excitement of a new team that is


looking strong will get people excited. A bit of pressure on us to


perform. And here's the weather, with Jennifer Bartrum.


The showers are dying out through the night and we could see a touch


of frost. He is the picture overnight with the wind is coming


down from the North West. The showers are also dying out so we


will see a touch of frost and possibly some ice on untreated


surfaces. Into Sunday, it is looking like a much better day. The winds


will remain fairly light and from the West temperatures getting up to


seven Celsius. We will see decent spells of sunshine and most places


students she dry. And that's it. Our next bulletin's tomorrow evening at


6:20. Til then, bye bye. Hello, good evening, finally some


quieter weather on the way for the British Isles for the remainder of


this weekend, also somewhat for the week ahead. More on that in a


moment. Tonight, the biggest story is the winds continuing to ease


Into the small hours of Sunday, the winds will be light. Late showers


for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England. A lot of


groundwater around elsewhere with a wide spread rural frost predicted we


are looking at the prospect of patches of ice on Sunday. There is a


lot of sunshine to come throughout the day. With light winds it will




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