16/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Campaigners say there have been a number of near misses at


a crossing near Cherry Willingham. Our reporter has more. With one


message. Kieran Hughes has travelled to this Lincolnshire school to tell


pupils why they should be careful at a nearby level crossing. They were


both killed by a very fast train going to Stanstead Airport. The


girls were killed, aged 14 at a level crossing in Essex. These


pupils discussed the risks. They have got their hall lives and if


they are thinking of running and get Jackson Merrett they are throwing


that all away. Jena considers this visit as part of her daughter's


legacy. It is quite tough seeing those kids with bright young


futures, that is so hard but I do not want anything happening to them


and the Lizzie crossing in this village which is quite dangerous.


Since November there have been three reports to the School of near miss


moments that this crossing. In this day and age to still have a half


barrier, it is just not fit from partners. Network Rail staff monitor


the crossing as part of a safety day. Many would like to see


full`width barriers in place. I would like to see this crossing


eligible for upgrading. At the moment with the risk it is 100%


safe. Network Rail have achieved their goal of closing a high


percentage of crossing but this woman hopes they will close all of


them. An investigation is underway after a woman was found dead at a


house in life. Police are treating the death as unexplained and a


postmortem will now be carried out. `` Louth. A South Yorkshire based


politician has called for the foreign aid budget to be diverted to


homes and businesses that have been devastated by winter storms. Nigel


Farage is backing a national newspaper campaign calling for money


to be spent closer to home. What was wrong with the comment about having


1% of the foreign aid budget? What is wrong with starting at home with


the aid to help those people who are in trouble in our own country? A


plan to renovate and protect properties on this street has been


approved. They can apply for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Hull


Tigers will face Sunderland in the last date of their current


competition if they can win tomorrow night in their fifth round tie. Hull


Kingston Rovers lost their opening game of the new super league season


this afternoon. Robins were beaten against rhinos. The film producer


and music editor from East Yorkshire are among the nominees hoping to win


awards at tonight's afters. Christopher instead is core


nominated for Best Sound for his work on the film Gravity. Philomena


is second favourite for the outstanding British film prize.


Tracy C word was nominated for that. It would be wonderful to win but we


have been there before and felt confident when it has not worked


out. Now the weather forecast. It has been a lovely day out there for


many of us. You will be clear skies bringing a touch of frost in many


places tonight. Cloud will gradually start to thicken from the west and


there will be some mist in the East. The wind will be moderate from the


south. Tomorrow morning the rain will edge in from the West. It will


be light and patchy for much of the day with temperatures peaking at


nine Celsius. Staying mostly dry as we go through Tuesday and on into


Wednesday. The next spell of heavy rain will come overnight into


Thursday. That is all for tonight. Good night.


Whilst we are talking about wet and windy weather in the week ahead we


will lose the extremes of last week. The first glow of the week will


approach overnight. Clear skies will cause temperatures to fall awake,


and we are


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