16/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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two weeks' time. That is all from us tonight but do


stay Good evening. A woman whose daughter


was hit and killed by a rain has added her voice to those warning of


the dangers of a level crossing in Lincolnshire. Campaigners say there


have been a number of near misses between pupils and trains at a


crossing in Cherry Willingham. Tina Hughes has been to speak to local


schoolchildren and hopes her experience will help to keep


youngsters safe. Jill Archbold reports. One mum with one message.


She has travelled to this Lincolnshire school to tell pupils


why they should be careful at the nearby level crossing. Her


daughter, heat on the right, and her friend Charlotte were killed at a


level crossing in Essex. They were hit by a trained they did not see


coming. These pupils discussed the risks. They have got their own lives


and if they actually got hit you have basically thrown that all away.


Kina considers this visit is part of her daughter's legacy. It was quite


flat calf seeing those kids with their bright young futures. It is


hard. I do not want anything to happen to any of those and there is


a crossing in this village which is quite dangerous. Since November


there have been three reports to the school of near miss moments. Any


village of this size in this day and age to still have a half barrier


separating the shop from the school, it is not fit for purpose. As part


of the safety day the police are monitoring. This rain passes without


issue but it is not always the case. This will be eligible for


upgrading but at the moment for the risk around here it is perfectly


safe. Network Rail have reached their goal of closing 10% of the


country's crossings but this woman hopes higher story will reduce


accidents at all of them. `` her story. An investigation is underway


after a woman was found dead at a house in Louth. The woman, who was


in her thirties, was discovered yesterday morning in the east of the


town. Police are treating her death as unexplained and a postmortem


examination will now be carried out. An East Yorkshire`based UKIP


politician has cold on the government to spend some of the


money earmarked for overseas aid on flood victims in this country. The


UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said the foreign aid budget should be


diverted to homes and businesses that have been devastated by the


winter storms. One of the party's leading candidates in the European


elections is backing a national newspaper campaign calling for the


money to be spent closer to home. What I am saying is, what was so


wrong with Nigel's comment about having 1% of the foreign aid budget?


What is so wrong with starting at home with eight, just 1% to help


those people who are in trouble in our country? A music editor from


East Yorkshire was amongst the winners at this year's BAFTA awards.


Chris Benstead, who went to South Holderness School, was the joint


winner for Best Sound for his work on the film Gravity. Rush, which was


filmed at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire took the best editing


award. But Philomena, which was produced by Tracey Seaward, who's


originally from Willerby near Hull, mist out on the Outstanding British


Film prize to Gravity. Jennifer Bartram has the weather forecast.


Good evening. Many of us have some decent spells of sunshine today and


we go into this evening keeping those clear skies. We will see a


touch of frost in places, some mist and fog developing by tomorrow


morning. Further west Cloud will edging ahead of the band of rain for


tomorrow morning. Temperatures dropping back to two Celsius. The


rain will move back in again first thing on Monday morning. The odd


heavier burst at times. Temperatures peaking at nine Celsius. Mostly dry


on Tuesday through to Wednesday, rain again for Thursday. That is all


from us for now. Good night. Good evening. In the midst of any


normal winter weather for the week ahead would be fairly unremarkable.


Some rain in places, some strong winds at times, but of course we are


in the midst of no normal winter. It is worth emphasising that with -


the weather this week will be less angry and volatile overall, a fair


bit calmer. Calmer but by no means dry. Outbreaks of rain will spread


across much of the UK through the night. There will be some snow mixed


in across the hills of central Scotland. Temperatures slowly


starting to rise through the night but they could be at or below


freezing across northern Scotland first thing, maybe a bit icy as the


weather pushes northwards. A dull, damp, dismal Monday morning with


outbreaks of rain covering much of the UK. The rain may not yet have


reached the east coast of England, a misty and murky start here. The rain


not too heavy for most but there will still be some heavy bursts


particularly over south Wales and south-west England and it will be


quite windy here through the day, although nothing like the storms of


last week. As the wet weather pushes northwards there will be some snow


even to relatively no


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