19/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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you. That is all from


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: An end


to single lanes ` could there be a new motorway from London to


Lincolnshire? With a new road infrastructure


here, it would As unemployment falls in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire,


there are calls for more to be done to help over`50s into work.


Inflict hugely. There needs to be a lot more help with opening doors.


Fuel theft from petrol stations on the rise ` retailers say they could


put them out of business. We speak to Hull's Olympic hero Luke


Campbell ahead of his big fight this weekend.


The father and son team hoping this film will put Lincolnshire on the


movie`making map. After a pleasant day, it will turn more unsettled


overnight and into tomorrow. I will be back later with the details.


The Government says it's considering extending the motorway from London


into Lincolnshire. It's refused to formally commit to the plan to


extend the M11 from Cambridge but says it's one of a number of ideas


being discussed for the next round of funding in six years' time. Some


businesses have welcomed the news, but the county council says the


money could be better spent upgrading existing roads. Simon


Spark reports from Spalding. Lincolnshire's roads as we know them


now. Many single carriageway, slowed by many lorries. No wonder, then,


that even the slightest possibility of extending the M11 motorway into


Lincolnshire has got people talking. I think it is a good idea, take


lorries of the minor roads. It is bad enough without bringing more


down here. A good idea, to get to London quicker. At the moment the


M11 runs from London to Cambridge, extending it could see it running


through Lincolnshire all the way to the Humber bridge. But this is only


one idea, there are no proposed plans at present. But an extension


is being considered as part of the next round of road funding beginning


in 2020. The Department of Transport say they're currently working


closely with local authorities and enterprise partnerships to study the


challenges that exist across the road network. The first stages of


these strategies will be published in spring 2014, with further details


announced in 2015. Many think a motorway would have huge


advantages, taking articulated lorries off our single carriageway


roads. Others think it would boost tourism, giving easy access to the


coast. Others think it would rip through the natural beauty of our


rural county, something Lincolnshire has preserved for so long.


But at this logistics forum in Spalding today, where hauliers were


meeting to discuss the problems with the current road network, the


benefits for them far outweighed any consequences. With the new road


infrastructure, and the volume of vehicles we have come into this


area, it would benefit hugely. At the moment, we are one of the areas


that saturated with produce companies. We have a huge number of


lorries coming in and out of South Holland on a daily basis. It would


be of huge benefit to the district. Whether it's something many people


want or not it would need the backing of the county council which


it doesn't have. Lincolnshire county council said it would not be the


best use of public money. Richard Davies is responsible for


highways on Lincolnshire County Council. I asked him why the


authority isn't in favour of what could be a huge investment for the


county. My two questions are, is it a good new `` is it a good use of


taxpayers money? Secondly, what advantages do motorways bring to


those areas. For example, if you take the M 11, it has been fantastic


for Cambridge, but hasn't seen significant growth brought to Essex


that you travel through to get there? I think we can deliver many


of the benefits of a motorway could bring for a fraction of the cost,


then give a substantial amount of the money back to the taxpayer. Some


businesses in Lincolnshire, especially in the more rural parts,


say the current road network is holding them back. Absolutely. I


have a huge amount of sympathy for that. We could deliver dual


carriageway is across Lincolnshire. We could have a north`south dual


carriageway, and is West one, that went to places people want to go to.


The danger of driving a motorway is it won't go to Skegness, Wenger to


Sleaford, would go to Lincoln. It will be an attractive piece of


contraceptive or drive through on away to the Humber. It does not


represent good value for money. How realistic do you think this project


is? It is a lovely idea. There are always lots of lovely ideas floating


around. Politicians love these kind of vanity projects. They are quite


sexy, Arthur? Well, they are, but they are to try and help people.


There must be a need. Yes, but not as solely for the people of


Lincolnshire. The government really cared, they would start reinvesting


civilians they get from diesel and petrol taxation on the road network.


The government are not happy to spend the money they take of


motorists on the roads. Thank you. Do you think it would be a good idea


to build a motorway through Lincolnshire? How do you think it


would benefit the economy? Perhaps you run a business and this could


help you? Or do you agree with Councillor Davies that the money


could be better spent elsewhere? In a moment: We find out why people


are furious about this tree sculpture in Hull.


Unemployment has fallen across the country. The Government says youth


unemployment in particular has fallen for a 20th successive month.


But for thousands of older people in our area the hunt to find work goes


on. One job seeker in his 50s says the Government must do more to help


people his age and over back into work. Gemma Dawson has been having a


closer look at the figures. Gemma, how do the local jobless totals


compare to the national picture? The national fall in unemployment is


echoed in our area. In the Yorkshire and the Humber region, 240,000


people are now out of work. That's a fall of eight thousand on the


previous three months. While in the East Midlands ` which includes


Lincolnshire ` 162,000 people are unemployed. That's a drop of 4,000.


But while the figures show that more people are in work, for many, the


struggle to find a job continues. He's spent hours improving his


computer skills, and has travelled to see a business advisor to help


him set up his own literary company. But Stefan's hoping this job's fair


in Lincoln will help him find part`time employment. I might go


home this afternoon and think that was a waste, or I might get


something positive. I spoke to one person and he said, I would like to


employ you but you are a bit too old.


Stefan's in his 50s. He used to work in a hotel and before that as a care


assistant, but has been out of work for 17 years due to his epilepsy. He


was declared fit for work more than a year ago ` so now needs to find a


job. I am as capable of doing those jobs as anybody. Office work,


actually work. There needs to be help with opening doors, getting


into opportunities. Maybe a lot more help getting work experience,


qualifications. I feel there needs to be more hands`on training.


Here, he gets the chance to put his points to Lincoln MP ` Karl


McCartney. But some here say they're still


struggling to find work. I took the positions I look at require


experience of qualifications I have not got, or they are looking for


people without any qualifications. It is not easy to find work when you


are older. If the young ones are not getting the jobs, how are we going


to get a job at nearly 60? The thing I would so you can take heart from


the fact that unemployment rates `` employment rate for the over 50s has


improved. But for Stefan, his search for work


continues. The Prime Minister says today's


figures show the economy is moving forward, but critics claim many new


jobs are low`paid and part`time. The big And as we've seen not everyone


is finding it easy to get a job. Do you think the Government should


do more to help people get back into employment? Are you in a similar


situation to Stefan there and want to get back in work ` what more help


would you want? The Government says flood victims


will be exempt from paying council tax if they've had to move out of


their homes. More than 1,000 properties were flooded in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire on December fifth.


Hundreds of public sector jobs in Lincolnshire could be transferred to


a new private contractor. Serco has won the contract to run back office


departments for the authority from Mouchel who had run the service. The


County Council says 400 jobs will be transferred and the deal will save


it millions of pounds. ?14 million savings over the five`year contract


is good news. The job staying in Lincoln, again is good news. The


services will be able to be better. Welcome the fact that the jobs will


remain in the Lincoln area. Our members are feeling a little


insecure as to the future and what that holds. We hope that circle will


work with Unison `` Serco will work with Unison.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch about advertising boards being


banned from Stamford. Inspectors say there have been


improvements at a hospital trust which was placed under special


measures last July. The Care Quality Commission says standards are better


at Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Goole hospitals. But the increased


scrutiny from the government into the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole


Trust will continue. Leanne Brown is at the Diana, Princess of Wales


Hospital in Grimsby tonight. What did the inspectors find?


Review took place to see if Grimsby and Scunthorpe Hospital had improved


since the last inspection in February of last year. A team of


inspectors including doctors and nurses looked at accident and


emergency, maternity services, stroke and mental health care. They


also interviewed over 100 patients and their families to get their


experiences. In summary, report is very positive. They say the trust


has made progress in improving services and most patients had


received a good standard of care. They went on to say stuff had


improved. The chief executive paid tribute to their efforts. It has


been incredibly difficult. The staff had to working credibly had to get


the required standard. It has been a very short timescale. They have


delivered. We know we're not at the end. We are galvanised. We will


continue. The chief executive has also said there was a long way to


go. The trust was put in special measures in July of last year. At


the moment, it is still there. She said they hope to be out of it by


the end of spring, early summer this year.


Thank you. Still ahead tonight: We talk to


boxer Luke Campbell ahead of his big home town fight this weekend.


The father and son team hoping this film will put Lincolnshire on the


movie`making map. Our picture tonight is Bridlington


Bay at sunrise taken by Sean Cooper. It's stunning.


Continuing our running theme, you were like a whip it when we ran the


whole ten care last year `` when we ran the Hull 10K last year.


Running conditions tomorrow, perhaps not as nice as today. We have had a


very pleasant conclusions. Tomorrow we'll get gradually cooler. Things


turning unsettled. You can see from the pressure chart we are going to


have breezy conditions. Today has been so pleasant. Temperatures got


to around 12 degrees. The breeze will strengthen. You can see this


band of rain washing in from the west. Some of it will be heavy.


Temperatures down to six or seven degrees. A relatively mild night,


but a breezy. Tomorrow morning, another band of rain spreading in


from the West through the morning. It will brighten up and there will


be sunny spells developing along with a scattering of showers.


Temperatures tomorrow, they will get in double figures. We will keep the


windy conditions through Friday hand the weekend.


I shan't be running tomorrow. Me, neither. I am injured.


Petrol stations have reported a rise in the number of people stealing


petrol and diesel from forecourts. Police say two van drivers are


thought to be responsible for nearly 30 fuel thefts in the East Riding


since the beginning of the year. Two men have so far been arrested and


bailed but officers are looking for more. Retailers claim the thefts are


putting their businesses in jeopardy. Jill Archbold reports. A


silver transit van pulling into fuel up, then driving away without


paying. This driver is believed to have been involved in a spate of


fuel left since January. We are dealing with a high number of fuel


thefts. Specifically 15 relate to the east riding of Yorkshire. At


this petrol garage in Hull, CCTV helps protect the shoppers Matt


Scott, but does not deter some for failing to pay for their fuel. They


will put their fuel in and then come in and say that the card would not


work, and they say they will come back the next day. The Petrol


Retailers Association is lobbying for prosecution against people who


repeatedly failed to pay. The distinguishing factor is police tape


drive off as a criminal offence. No means of payment is a civil offence.


Other petrol garage is like this in Sheffield are using technology to


deflate the tyres of drivers who tried to steal fuel. In Withernsea,


this garage owner believes recognising regular customers help


to prevent fuel theft. Our customers are all local. We know 75% of our


customers. People buy less fuel. Police believed two fans are linked


to theft in the East Riding, Hull, Scunthorpe and Grimsby areas,


stealing over ?3000 of diesel. The offences have happened within the


succession. Also, it would appear the number of cloned plates are


swapped plates have been used. Last week, two men were arrested. Those


still using this file are still wanted by police.


Hull boxer Luke Campbell is hoping to fill Hull Ice Arena again when he


fights his fifth professional contest this weekend. Luke tops a


bill which includes fellow East Yorkshire fighters Tommy Coyle and


Curtis Woodhouse. In the summer of 2012, Hull's Luke


Campbell put himself and his city on the international map, with a


historic Olympic win in the boxing ring. Long since golden post`boxes


and banners, his hometown continues to champion the now professional


boxer. Since the Olympics Luke has also found himself in the


non`sporting spotlight ` adding an MBE to his name, becoming a father


for the second time and even briefly swapping his boxing gloves for ice


skates. Six months since he turned pro, Luke will hope to make it five


wins in five on Saturday as he returns to the Hull Arena.


Luke Campbell joins me in the studio. I have expected you to be


taking part in the Winter Olympics. I am a bit busy with the boxing at


the moment, otherwise it could been a possibility. So far, you have won


four fights, and you are aiming to win a fifth. Out why you feeling?


Great. It is the best I have felt. I am in shape. They are moving me fat.


I have only been a pro six months now. Everything is going good.


Everything is on track. You are back fighting in Hull. What is it like


having fans from your home city there. Does it help? Oh, yes. It is


priceless. I love fighting in Hull. This is the third time, so it is


good. I am begging all the time to convert Hull. You have had an


exhilarating 18 months. You have had an MBE, done some modelling,


ice`skating. What is next? I am just focusing on my boxing. I won the


Olympics and I achieve that dream. My dream is now to be the best in


the world as a professional boxer. It comes with a lot of hard work and


dedication. I just had to get my head down and work hard. I have a


few other things coming up as well. Best of luck. Thanks. The football


Association has suspended Cal Collie from all football activity in the


begin of October after he confronted fans at a game in January. He was


sacked after this incident, when he was sent off. He has admitted an


improper conduct charge. Grimsby Town lost away to Barnet


last night in the Conference Premier. The Mariners conceded a


late goal to give the home side a 2`1 win.


There's anger from people living on a tree`lined street in Hull that


council workers have destroyed one that had been carved into a mermaid.


Council workers inadvertently chopped it down after being


instructed to clear up the area following the recent storms. People


living in Salisbury Street say it was chain sawed into pieces without


warning or consultation. Crispin Rolfe reports.


All that remains. Fragments of tree, which until last week were a


scultped stump shaped as a Mermaid. This week a hole in Hull's


conservation area ` the Avenues. The stump, admittedly rotted, chopped


down not by vandals, but by the City Council's Tree Gang. It is extremely


disappointing. It was hard work to organise these cultures. They can


just be removed without consultation. The mermaid wasn't


alone. A unicorn and a dragon are among the tree sculpture which


survive from a 15`year`old conservation project. There are only


a handful of these cultures left in the avenues, which is why the loss


of the mermaid is felt so cleanly. Hull City Council have apologised.


To make amends, they want more stumps to be sculptured. It's some


consolation to the Mermaid's sculptor, Jackie Ward Lomax. So you


use But she still missing her favourite work. This is looking at


the Gap today, it is sad `` having looked at the Gap today, it is sad.


It is silly to talk about sculpture like that. There was a presence to


her. It felt awful she had been chopped into Grix and taken away


like she was scrap wood. Sadly a cultural ending for the City of


Culture 2017. The council insists it will make us for it.


Earlier this week, some of the biggest names in British film were


honoured at the BAFTAs, and next month the Oscars ceremony will take


place in America. But a father and son team from Lincolnshire say they


hope that more films will be made closer to home in the future. And


they've already got support from a major TV personality, as Jessica


Lane reports. Could this be the next big BAFTA


winner? Forget Hollywood, Bollywood and Pinewood. Our Shining Sword, a


film about a Bomber Command pilot, will be entirely made in Sleaford in


Lincolnshire. It will be a big project people can get behind and be


proud of. Aircraft hangars are perfect studios. It has got great


big skies, great light. The company was set up just two years ago. They


have so far focused on military history. They say they want to bring


that the tradition of the great British war film.


Andy's office a desk in the corner of the living room. Callum,


meanwhile, works in his bedroom upstairs.


Both say it's possible to make professional films with some home


made props. For instance, this tank scene from another of their movies


was all made with this toy. Thousands of people go to the


cinema. They will be on the edge of their seats. They will think they're


watching a good Hollywood blockbuster. There will be blown


away. We just need the funding. To get that financial support,


they're using a technique called crowd sourcing. People can donate an


amount from ?5`?5,000. And as for personal support, how's this? A


tweet from actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry.


It is so flattering to have somebody like him know who we are. When he


did a speech at the BAFTAs and told aspiring film`makers to go for it,


we felt like he was talking to others.


Andy and Callum hope our shining sword will be released early in


2016, and that it might be the movie that puts Lincolnshire firmly on the


film` making map. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The phone hacking trial is told Tony Blair


offered to advise the Murdoch family at the height of the crisis.


Could it be an end to single lanes ` plans for a new motorway through


Lincolnshire. You plenty of you have been


e`mailing in. Joanne says, he duelling the roads would sacrifice


the acres of wonderful Lincolnshire countryside which other countries


which they still had in exchange for polluting and unnecessary


motorways, makes no sense. Make says, takes the same time to get


from Peter Brent to Boston as it does from London to beat a breath,


we need to connect with the motorway network, it should be a priority.


Colin says, I think people forget that building the Humber Bridge was


the start of the East Coast motorway. How many years ago was


that? Thank you for getting in touch. I will be on the radio


tomorrow. Goodbye.


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