19/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. The government says it's considering extending the


motorway from London into Lincolnshire. It's refused to


formally commit to the plan to extend the M11 from Cambridge but


says it's one of a number of ideas being discussed for the next round


of funding in six years' time. Simon Spark reports from Spalding.


Lincolnshire's roads as we know them now. Many single carriageway, slowed


by many lorries. No wonder that even the slightest possibility of


extending the M11 into Lincolnshire has got people talking. It's bad


enough on the rows right now without there being more lorries. Good idea,


get down to London quicker! At the moment, the M11 runs from London to


Cambridge. Extending it could see it running through Lincolnshire all the


way to the Humber Bridge. This is only one idea with their proposed


plans at present. But an extension is being considered as part of the


next round of road funding beginning in 2020. The Department for


Transport say they are currently working closely with local


authorities and enterprise partnerships to study the challenges


that exist across the road network. The first stages of these strategies


will be published in 2014 with further details announced in 2015.


Many think a motorway could have huge advantages, taking articulated


lorries off the single carriageways. Others feel it would boost tourism,


giving easy access to the east coast. Others say it would rip


through the natural beauty of our rural county, something Lincolnshire


has managed to preserve for so long. At this logistics forum in


Spalding, where hauliers were meeting to discuss the problems of


the road network, the benefits outweighed the consequences. With a


new road infrastructure around and the volume of the calls we have


going to this area, it would be a huge benefit. At the moment we are


one of the areas that are saturated with produce companies. We have a


huge number of lorries coming both in and out of South Holland at the


moment, so anything to bring dual carriageways or even a motorway, as


we are talking about in this instance, would be a huge benefit.


Whether its many people want or not, it would be the backing of the


County Council, which it doesn't have. It would be countryside people


would be driving through. That is not good value for money. It would


take another 10`year is before a motorway would be reality, with


plenty of time for debate before then.


Inspectors say there have been improvements at a hospital trust


which was placed under special measures last July. The Care Quality


Commission says standards are better at Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole


hospitals. But the increased scrutiny from the government into


the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Trust will continue.


Petrol stations have reported a rise in the number of people stealing


petrol and diesel from forecourts. Police say two van drivers are


thought to be responsible for nearly 30 cases of fuel theft in the East


Riding since the beginning of the year. Two men have so far been


arrested and bailed but officers are looking for more.


Unemployment has fallen across the country, but for thousands of older


people in our area, the hunt to find work goes on. One job seeker in his


50s says the government must do more to help people, his age and over,


back into work. Gemma Dawson has been taking a closer look at the


figures. The national fall in unemployment is


echoed in our area. In Yorkshire and the Humber, 240,000 people are now


out of work, that is a fall of 8,000 on the previous three months. In the


East Midlands, which includes Lincolnshire, 162,000 people are


unemployed, which is a drop of 4,000. While the figures show that


more people are in work, for many, the struggle to find a job


continues. He has spent hours improving his


computer skills and has travelled to see a business advisor to help him


set up his own bitter row each company but this man is hoping this


job is fair in Lincoln will help him find part`time employment. I may go


home and think that was a waste of time. On the other hand, I might get


something positive out of it. I just spoke to one person, he said, yes,


I'd like to employ you, but you are a bit too old. Stefan is in his 50s


and he used to work in a hotel, and before that, as a care assistant,


but he has been out of work for 17 years due to his epilepsy. He was


declared fit for work more than a year ago so now needs to find a job.


I always did say I could work. I am as capable of doing most jobs as


anybody. Office work, factory work, but there needs to be more help with


opening doors, getting into opportunities, maybe more help


getting work experience, qualifications. I also feel there


needs to be a little bit more hands`on training. Here, he gets the


chance to get his points to the Lincoln MP. As the MP, I facilitated


the jobs that because I want to put people together, people out of work


with companies that are advertising. But some people say


they are still struggling to find work. Either the positions I am


looking at require experience of qualifications I haven't got, or


they are looking for people without any qualifications. It's not easy to


find work when you are older if the young ones are not getting the


jobs. How are we going to get a job at nearly 60? As opposed the thing I


would say that you could take heart from is the fact that employment


rates for the over 50s have increased, the fact more people now


have got into work, and that unemployment is falling. But for


Stefan, his search for work continues.


The Prime Minister says today's figures show the economy is moving


forward but critics say that many of these jobs are low paid and


part`time and, as we have seen, not everyone is finding it easy to get a


job. Time to get the weather now with


Keeley. After a pleasant day today, it is


going to become more unsubtle Dover night, which is the theme for


tomorrow as well. It is becoming breezy out there, becoming dusty as


a band of rain pushes eastwards. The main band of rain moves away, so we


have drizzly conditions. It is a mild night. It is windy as well. The


winds continue tomorrow. Further spells of rain through the morning


tending to turn showery in nature but we will see a good deal of dry


and bright weather, with some showers heavy and thundery. The


temperatures reflect the morning temperatures, tending to drop off


into single figures through the afternoon.


That's all from the late team. Newsnight is on BBC Two now. The


latest on the truce in the Ukraine. We're back in the morning just after


6:25am. Goodbye for now. Friday, a fine day. For the weekend,


here is the BBC National weather. We have got rain and wind in the


forecast, but the good news is that it is not severe. Over the next 24


hours, some of us will get rain and the winds will be strengthening Not


stormy at this stage. This is the satellite picture, you can see the


low pressure in the North Atlantic shunting weather fronts in our


direction. It has been raining heavily in parts of western


Scotland. Tonight, the rain will be splashing its way across the UK The


wind will be freshening as well particularly across western areas.


Very breezy in land. Most of the rainfall will be across western


parts of Scotland, maybe the hills of Wales, into the south-west. The


further east you are, the least amount of rain will fall. A very


mild night, seven, eight or nine degrees. After a cloudy and wet


start tomorrow, the wind will blow


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