21/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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A reminder of our main story. Thousands of protest to remain in


Independence Square tonight, Hello, good evening. The headlines


from BBC Look North this Friday night: Councillors in Lincolnshire


vote to give themselves a 23% pay rise.


It is a scandal. They should not have done it, they should not have


had the power to do it. Calls to restrict the size of


caravan parks ` claims they put too much strain on services.


The bird that anglers want culled ` they say they're taking all the fish


from an East Yorkshire river. The FA Trophy ` can Grimsby Town


reach Wembley for the second year running?


The feel good factor ` sunny weather comes to East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire. But, will it continue over the


course of the weekend? I will be back later in the programme with the


full forecast. Councillors in Lincolnshire have


voted to give themselves a pay rise at a meeting today in Lincoln. The


basic allowance for each councillor will rise by more than 20% to just


over ?10,000. The ruling Conservative group said the increase


had been suggested by an independent panel. Labour says it's unfair when


the authority has to save ?40 million in the next financial year.


Caroline Bilton reports. Libraries under threat, streetlights


dimmed. 1500 staff posts at the Council axed. These proposals will


have a devastating impact. All reason for protests in recent years,


because of belt tightening by the council. Today, that belt buckle


went up a notch. At a full council meeting, it was announced an


additional ?40 million needs to be saved this year alone. So, it came


as a surprise to some that, in the same meeting, councillors voted to


accept a rise in their allowances. The leader of the council currently


receives an allowance of just over ?20,000. That will rise to ?32,000.


That is an increase of 56%. The basic allowance received by most


councillors is around ?8,000, which will rise to just over ?10,000, an


increase of 23%. The council says these changes will bring their


allowances in line with other organisations. But, when thousands


needs to be saved from the council's budget, is it the right


time to accept a rise? We have decided to accept the


recommendations and it is a matter for the individual counsellor what


they do. I do understand why people in these difficult times, with


households on tight budgets, staffing reducing here, as leader it


is my own personal circumstances, and I think at this time I will not


be taking the recommended rise. Each council will now decide whether to


take the increase. There are people in Lincolnshire who are struggling


to survive, to find money for food and to heat their homes, they will


not understand what has happened. I take it you will not be accepting


your rise? Everyone has to make their own decisions. It is up to


individuals, it is not up to me. Will you be taking yours? I have no


ideas but the macro idea. It is extreme, given the current status of


the economy and lots of peoples wages have not increased. It is


extreme. I think those who are our leaders need to lead. Despite tough


times ahead, the council did vote to freeze council tax for a fourth year


running. But, it is unlikely this will be the topic of conversation


around dinner tables tonight in Lincolnshire.


Joining me now from Westminster is Dia Chakravarty from The Taxpayers'


Alliance. This is effectively a ?2,000 pay rise. How will the


taxpayers of Lincolnshire be feeling tonight.


It does sound ridiculous. When was the last time when many of the


residents of Lincolnshire managed to get that sort of pay rise West


remarked that my? . In the private sector, pay is not that great at the


moment. Public sector people will have had their pay frozen or even


lost their jobs. How do you think the residents will feel when


councillors give themselves an allowance rise of that stature. Some


councils are in charge of budgets that are millions of pounds.


Shouldn't they pay reflect that? It should reflect that, but it is a


question of scale. Do they really need a 56% pay rise? It seems


indecent in these times. We have also heard about streetlights being


dimmed, libraries being shut down. Can this really be the best way of


spending the money? If the council have so much my two spare, why are


they shutting down libraries and not fixing lights? The benefit of money


should go to the residents, not to the politicians. But wouldn't you


attract a higher calibre of candidate if the pay was higher?


That is a different sort of question, how you attract people.


That is an engagement question when political parties need to reach out


to the right people. But throwing out money to people already holding


an office in these times cannot seem right at all. What do you think they


should get? Some people would say they shouldn't get paid at all.


There is a good question there. It clearly works for our magistrates


who don't get paid at all. But with that sort of attitude there is or is


the worry that only rich people will come forward and it will become a


rich people's club. But the pay has to be decent. It has to reflect what


everyone else is feeling in Lincolnshire and around the country.


I don't think this decision does not reflect this. I congratulate the


leader in saying he will not accept this recommendation. Let us know


your thoughts on this. Do you think councillors are right


to give themselves a pay rise? Or do you think that they should turn it


down at a time of cuts and job losses?


Perhaps you have been campaigning to save your local library, or other


services, and you think the money could be better spent.


In a moment on Look North: The one`off concert to ensure free music


lessons for children in Hull. Concerns are being raised about the


expansion of the static caravan industry on the Lincolnshire coast.


The sector is worth millions to the local economy and supports thousands


of jobs. But some local residents believe the holiday parks are having


too big an impact in the communities where they are based. Here's our


Business Correspondent Paul Murphy. Caravans for as far as the eye can


see. They are the mainstay of Lincolnshire's coastal economy.


Plans for 140 more of them have now approved, and the council is


welcoming the continued investment. There are people who don't want


change. However, we need to continuously evolve in order that we


sustain what we have. It's estimated there are 25,000 caravans on the


Lincolnshire coastline. In the winter months, around 42,000 people


live on the coastal strip. But this can increase tenfold in the summer.


A tourism economy thought to be worth more than ?500 million. Quiet


today, but in the coming weeks the population here will start to surge


again as the holiday`makers return. They bring with them huge spending


power which spreads through shops, hotels and restaurants. But they


also place pressure on everything from doctors' surgeries to the


sewage system. Has this coastline reached saturation point? In the


village of Chapel St Leonards, some believe it has. For the residents,


they see it as disruption. It is disruption getting into Skegness on


the main road, it is disruption is at the doctors surgery. They don't


feel they get anything back from this. Caravans have transformed this


coastline, according to this holiday park developer. You are talking


about putting caps on the amount of caravans, it will stop growth and


things will stagnate. Tourism and its caravans here are the biggest


single job creator. Halting the growth of this sector looks like an


impossible ambition. It's been confirmed that council tax


in North East Lincolnshire will rise by almost 2% this year. It was voted


through at a meeting last night. The council says the rise is needed


because the government is giving it less money.


A 32`year`old man, arrested in connection with a robbery at this


post office in Bilton, east of Hull, has been released on bail.


Police say the postmistress was terrified by masked men who smashed


through her protective glass`screen on Monday.


Lincolnshire Police say they'll have more officers in Grantham for a


march by the English Defence League tomorrow. The anti`immigration group


is protesting against a proposed Islamic Cultural Centre.


We live in a free society and if somebody wants to peaceably protest,


we have two allow them to do that. But, having allowed them to do that,


it needs to be safe for people to go on with their daily business. Speak


to us, we will be there, and it is business as usual in Grantham on


Saturday. Anglers say they want to see more


culling of a wild bird that they say is eating most of the fish that live


in an East Yorkshire river. Cormorants are being blamed for


taking fish from the Driffield West Beck. The river attracts anglers


from around the world and there are fears that they may be put off from


visiting the area. Linsey Smith reports.


When it comes to catching fish, these are some of nature's most


accomplished predators. In China, cormorants are even trained by


fishermen. But closer to home, Driffield West Beck is looking


sparse and still. It's being worked by growing flocks for decades. In


the 60s, the other members of the club would think nothing of catching


50 Grayling on a winters afternoon. Now on this bit of water, the


preservation water, the 20 members of the club don't catch 50 Grayling


in a year. Mulberry Whin, tourists from as far afield as Australia and


Norway have visited to fish. They're the lucky ones. Stocking and


conservation work ensures a plentiful supply here. But, outside


of this exclusive spot, some anglers say a greater cull is the only way


to save their hobby. Handling is an incredibly popular hobby. In a


recent report, the government acknowledged there has to be a


balance, they have two conserve our wild bird populations, but they also


have two protect fisheries like this, which is why they give out


licences for legal control. Natural England, who give out the licenses


say in the last eight years they gave permission for 281 cormorants


to be shot in East Yorkshire. Good morning, how are you getting on?


Only 149 were. The main problem is, there are a lot of nature reserves


around here where the cormorants can roost. They could be a change


whereby if they had people with the right legislation who were allowed


to shoot comments on nature reserves, it would reduce the


numbers. The RSPB are against further culling.


On the drive down I noticed a few cormorants circling. But fishermen


warn swift action is needed. Or these birds will drive angling


tourists to other parts of the country.


Another controversial story you might have a view on. Do you think


the anglers are right, and the numbers of wild birds need to be


controlled to keep up fish stocks? Or should they be left alone,


irrespective of the impact on tourism for the area? Do get in


touch ` the contact details are on the screen now.


Still to come on tonight's programme: Grimsby Town look to


reach Wembley for the second year running.


And, the first ice creams of the year, as sunny weather comes to East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. And the weather is looking good in


tonight's picture. It was taken by Hugh Marrows. Lovely clear sky over


the church at Alvingham near Louth. Beautiful scene with some snowdrops


in the foreground. Is it a coincidence that you are


wearing black and white tonight? Of course!


I am sure it will all become clear later in the programme. But I would


like to know, it is going to be a good day for fish and chips in our


hometown at the weekend? It is always a good day for fish and


chips, as you know. Tomorrow does look pleasant with sunshine once


again right across the region. Tomorrow is going to be the better


day of the weekend. It will be the driest day and also the brightest


day, with some spells of sunshine around. Windier and cloudier for


Sunday. But breezy is a theme for across the week, and it will get


more blustery as we head to Sunday, but even on Sunday, the isobars are


quite tightly packed so a fairly brisk breeze. Today, we have had


broken cloud and some sunshine. We might see a future hours later on,


perhaps the odd one continuing overnight, but generally a settled


night to overnight, but generally a settled


night come. It will remain fairly breezy, but that will protect us


from any frost. Temperatures perhaps getting back to four or five


degrees. The sun will rise at 7:06am. Saturday is the better day


of the weekend. There will be decent spells of sunshine. Broken cloud,


mainly dry conditions, decent spells of sunshine, and the breeze, albeit


fairly fresh, will still be lighter than Sunday. Not a bad day with


temperatures just above average for the time of year. Some spots will


reach double figures. Into Sunday, a lot more cloud spreading in from the


west ahead of a weather system which will linger in the West for most of


Sunday, but temperatures will be in double`figure. It will be a windy


day on Sunday and eventually that rain will reach us. Turning showery


on Monday. Do you think Peter will stick to the


office tradition of bringing back street from his travels?


You might be in luck. We will compact notes on Twitter.


Young musicians from Hull are putting on a one`off performance


tomorrow to raise money for children in the city to get free music


lessons. It comes as government funding for Hull's Music Service is


cut for the third year running. The service is now looking for more


independent funding to provide free tuition and instruments for


youngsters who otherwise couldn't afford them. Anne`Marie Tasker


reports. JAMES BOND THEME. You'll recognise


the song, but probably not those playing it. Tomorrow night, the


newly formed Blackbolt Orchestra will be playing themes from TV, film


and computer games to showcase young musicians' talent. We are trying to


get the rock music, along with strings and orchestra in the


background. It is not a new thing about it is new for Hull at the end


of the day. I don't think it could have ever have happened without the


talented musicians who are in Hull who are not getting heard.


Tomorrow's concert will be here at the Albemarle Music Centre ` the


base for music education in Hull. Since 2012, its government funding


has fallen year on year ` from more than ?500,000 to around half of that


in the next financial year. And that means less money for free music


lessons and instruments for the city's children. So, all the


musicians in the Blackbolt Orchestra have volunteered their time so that


all the money raised from the show can be used to help get more


children into music. When the funding gets cut from places like


this, they need to pay their tutors, who then give their buses


for free. Something like this point happen again if the next generation


are not given the opportunity, if they don't have the funding then


that is that. Over the years Hull has grown some


great musical talent. The Housemartins, David Bowie's band


Spiders from Mars and Everything But the Girl, to name a few. It's hoped


tomorrow's show will help the next generation of musicians learn the


skills to perform like this too. By this time tomorrow, Grimsby Town


fans will know whether they'll be watching their team at Wembley for


the second time in 12 months. The Mariners will need to overturn a 2`1


deficit from the semifinal first leg against Cambridge if they are to


reach a second successive FA Trophy final. But, Cup success comes at a


cost as the team faces an already congested fixture list, as Simon


Clark reports. They know the way, they were there


last year. But, to reach Wembley, Grimsby Town need to overturn a 2`1


deficit. Shooting practice was the order of the day. As the Mariners


bid for a special day at a special place. That is the message we are


trying to get across to the players. We are fortunate that some of us


have been once, a couple of us have been more. It is not something you


ever tire of. The chance of Wembley, it it is rare, so take the


opportunity when it is there. This time tomorrow, Grimsby Town could be


celebrating a place back at Wembley Stadium. Yet, it could be at a cost.


With this cup run, and the recent bad weather, they are playing


fixture catch up in the league. It might prove difficult. The current


table explains all. They are victims of their own success with runs in


the FA Cup and FA Trophy. Thanks to unexpected match cancellations they


played five fewer league games than Salisbury and Nuneaton. Painting two


games a week until the end of the season is going to be tough on some


fans who frequently travel to away fixtures. The more games they have


to go to, they may have to start making choices, about perhaps not


affording to go to one but going to another. But buses will be full and


there will be a good contingent of fans going to Southport next week.


One trip the club will have no trouble filling will be a March date


at Wimpey Stadium. `` Wembley Stadium.


BBC Radio Humberside will have commentary of that FA Trophy


semifinal on digital and online tomorrow. Kick`off at Blundell Park


is at 3pm. Hull City boss Steve Bruce is


chasing his 100th win as a top flight manager as the Tigers face


relegation`threatened Cardiff City tomorrow. Bruce is hoping his side


can return to winning ways after a home defeat to Southampton in their


last league outing. Sitting just three points above the relegation


zone, Bruce says a win in South Wales would be a huge result in the


fight for survival. They are all big games, but certainly, Cardiff will


be looking like ourselves, and saying that he stay in the league,


they need a result here. If we can go down there and get a result, then


it will be terrific for us. We would open up a big gap.


And, Hull City's trip to Cardiff will be on BBC Radio Humberside's FM


frequency. Kick`off is at 3pm and coverage starts on Saturday Sport


from 1:30pm. Scunthorpe United's game at home to


Portsmouth will be on AM. Kick`off is at 3pm.


BBC Radio Lincolnshire will have commentary of Lincoln City's home


match with Chester. Coverage starts at 2pm.


Rugby now, and Hull FC take on St Helens tonight at Langtree Park in


the inaugural Steve Prescott Cup. The Super League match is held in


tribute to the late full`back who raised thousands for charity. Hull


KR need to improve after a heavy loss against Leeds last weekend.


They travel to Huddersfield on Sunday.


This will work hard and tried to correct some of the things we did


wrong in the second`half, but at the end of the day, it is round one. It


a big game this weekend. We are confident in the big fellows we have


got. Hopefully it will be a great challenge and one we will rise to.


Hull FC's game is on all frequencies tonight. The build`up is on right


now. Hull boxer Luke Campbell says he's


ready to make it five straight wins as a professional as he returns to


the Hull arena tomorrow night. The following pictures contain flash


photography. The Olympic gold medallist only


turned professional last year. At today's weigh`in, ahead of Saturday


night's bout against Norfolk's Scott Moises, he said he's been training


hard for the fight. I work harder than the rest. That is


how you cope with it. You train hard and prepare right. But I have had


over 180 fights, so I have been doing it for 15 years. It is a


boxing match and one I have prepared for. I am ready. The sunshine came


out today, well for most of the day at least.


For much of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire it was a welcome break


from the wind and rain. Shops, attractions, and even ice cream


sellers, all made the most of the weather as people enjoyed the early


spring sunshine. Amanda White was amongst them.


Days like this are surely the stuff of summer holidays, not February


half term? And in Cleethorpes today people were making the most of it.


It has been brilliant, honestly. The sun shining on your birthday, for


once. At this cafe in Pearson Park, ice creams were the order of the


day. As long as they are out and about, they love it. But it is nice


to come out and not need your rain cover. The first ice cream of the


year, it is nice. It is nice to see the sun, get some fresh air. And


it's days like this that brings visitors to Saxby House and Gardens


near Market Rasen. A sunny day is fantastic because the crocuses all


open up and they show their faces, and they really shine in the


sunshine. The snowdrops do as well. It makes you feel more like getting


out and about. My friend phoned me and said how about going out to see


the snowdrops question but I said yes, that would be wonderful. And


then the weather changed! It is flipping cold now! There is


something about the sunshine in the morning. It makes us want to get out


and enjoy the fresh air. The only day that can beat it is if, when the


weather closes in, you have somewhere cosy to retreat to.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


A peace deal in the Ukraine means a caretaker government within days,


and it's hoped an end to the unrest. Councillors in Lincolnshire vote to


give themselves a 23% pay rise. Tomorrow's weather: A dry day for


most, some cloud and sunny spells. Clouding over from the west later as


the breeze strengthens. Maximum temperature of nine Celsius.


Lots of response on our top story about councillors pay rises. Philip


says" in my opinion, it is completely unacceptable for


councillors to take any pay increase while the economy is in such poor


shape". Terry says, " once again we see public sector jobsworths


rewarding themselves for failure. What sort of crazy system is it that


allows these greedy people to vote for their own pay rises? " yet again


we are not in it together, absolutely they should reject the


rise". Harry says, " congratulations to the leader for rejecting his pay


rise. To those who don't accept, goodbye, I will vote for less greedy


people to represent us Thank you for your company tonight. ". Peter's


back on Monday. Bye bye.


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