21/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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moment. They'll be live in Kiev assessing what chance today's deal


has of Good evening. Councillors in


Lincolnshire have voted to give themselves a pay rise. The basic


allowance for each councillor will rise by more than 20% to just over


?10,000. The ruling Conservative group said the increase had been


suggested by an independent panel. But Labour say it's unfair when the


authority has to save ?40 million in the next financial year. Caroline


Bilton reports. Libraries closing, street lights


being dimmed, 1,500 staff posts at the council axed. These proposals


will have a devastating impact. All reason for protest in recent years


because of belt tightening by the council. And today that belt buckle


went a notch further ` at a full council meeting it was announced an


additional ?40 million needs to be saved this year alone. So it came as


a surprise to some that in the same meeting, councillors voted to accept


a rise in their allowances. The leader of the council currently


receives an allowance of just over ?20,000. That will rise to ?32,000.


An increase of 56%. The basic allowance received by most


councillors is around ?8000, which will rise to just over ?10,000, an


increase of 23%. The council said these changes will bring their


allowances in line with other organisations, but when thousands


need to be saved from the council's budget, is it the right time to


accept the rise? We have decided we will accept the recommendations and


it is a matter for the individual councillor what they do. I do


understand why people, in difficult times and households on tight


budgets and staff is having to reduce here, and I think as leader,


my own personal circumstances, I think at this time I will not be


taking the recommended rise. Each councillor will now decide whether


to take the increase. People out there in Lincolnshire who are


struggling to survive, to find money for food, to keep their homes, will


not understand what has happened. I take it for the record you will not


be accepting your rise? Everybody has to make their own individual


decisions. It is up to individuals, it is not for me to tell people what


they will do. Will you be taking yours? I have no idea. I am against


the whole principal, so I will certainly be considering what to do.


I think it is extreme considering the current state of the economy and


lots of people's wages haven't increased so I think it is


definitely a bit extreme. I think those who are our leaders need to


lead if they want us to follow. Despite tough times ahead, the


council did vote to freeze the council tax for a fourth year


running. But it's unlikely this will be the topic of conversation around


dinner tables tonight in Lincolnshire. Caroline Bilton, BBC


Look North, Lincoln. Anglers say they want to see more


culling of a wild bird that they say is eating most of the fish that live


in an East Yorkshire river. Cormorants like these are being


blamed for taking fish from the Driffield West Beck. The river


attracts anglers from around the world, and there are fears that they


may be put off from visiting the area. The RSPB says it is against


further culling. In the 1960s, the other members of the club here would


think nothing of catching 50 grayling on a winter's afternoon.


Now on this bit of preservation water, the 20 members of the club


don't catch 50 grayling in one year. Concerns are being raised about the


expansion of the static caravan industry on the Lincolnshire coast.


The sector is worth millions to the local economy and supports thousands


of jobs. But some local residents believe the holiday parks are having


too big an impact in the communities where they're based. Here's our


Business Correspondent, Paul Murphy. Caravans for as far as the eye can


see. They are the mainstay of Lincolnshire's coastal economy. And


plans for 140 more of them have now approved by East Lindsey Council.


It's welcoming the continued investment. There are people who


don't want change. However, we need to continuously evolve in order that


we sustain what we have. It's estimated there are 25,000 caravans


on the Lincolnshire coastline. In the winter months around 42,000


people live on the coastal strip. But this can increase tenfold in the


summer. A tourism economy thought to be worth more than ?500 million. It


was quiet today but in the coming weeks the population here will start


to surge again as the holiday`makers return. Of course, they bring with


them huge spending power. Benefits that are felt throughout the coastal


community. But they also place pressure on everything from doctors'


surgeries to something as basic as the sewers. Has this coastline


reached saturation point? In the village of Chapel St Leonards, some


believe it has. For the residents, they see it as disruption,


disruptions getting into Skegness on the main road, disruptions at the


doctor's surgery and they do not feel that they get anything back


from this. Caravans have transformed this coastline, according to this


holiday park developer. If you are talking about putting caps on the


amount of caravans, it will prevent growth. And things will stagnate.


Tourism and its caravans here are the biggest single job creator.


Halting the growth of this sector looks like an impossible ambition.


Paul Murphy, BBC Look North in Chapel St Leonards.


Rugby League, and Hull FC have beaten St Helens away tonight, in


the inaugural Steve Prescott Cup. It was held in tribute to the late full


back, who played for both teams and raised thousands of pounds for


charity before dying of cancer. St Helens beat the Black and Whites.


This core was 34`22. And that wasn't the only tribute


paid to the late player tonight. `` these scores was 34`22. At a


ceremony ahead of the game, the bridge linking Langtree Park to the


town centre was renamed the Steve Prescott Bridge in his honour. Those


who organised the event described him as an "inspiration".


Time to get the weather now with Keeley.


Prescott Hello. A decent weekend, Sunday is


going to be cloudy but tomorrow looks largely fine. As we head


through the night, we might see showers pushing in from the west but


a good hail of dry weather also. Too breezy for any problems with frost


although out in the countryside we could get down to around three or


four degrees. It is going to be a breezy day tomorrow, a fresh


south`westerly breeze but for most places it will be a dry day with


broken cloud and sunny spells. Some cloud will push on from the west


later. A blustery day with temperatures getting up to nine or


10 degrees. Most of Sunday will be dry but it will be a cloudy day.


Windy through the day on Sunday, on Sunday night and Monday heavy rain


and showery. That's all from the late team. Look


North is back tomorrow at lunchtime ` hope you can join us then. Enjoy


National forecast in a few seconds. Some rain around on Monday.


If you remember, this time last week, we had some very vicious


weather costing the country, the storm on Friday night. Much quieter


this Friday night and a much quieter week. Come the weekend, the Atlantic


is still a little fierce. We will have some wind and rain in the


forecast, too, but not all of us. In fact, for some of us, the weekend


will be fairly decent so let's see what happens. This is the recent


satellite picture. We have a window of reasonably good weather. The


cloud and low-pressure is heading in our direction and this area of


low-pressure unfortunately will upset the weather across western


areas of the UK over the next 2 and 48 hours. Now it's relatively quiet.


A bit of a breeze and quite breezy in the North of Scotland. Some


showers around the country but the vast majority, dry weather with


cloudy spells. A


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