22/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Lincolnshire Police say they will try to strike a balance between


maintaining the right the protest and keeping the public safe. The


march is against plans for an Islamic Cultural Centre in Grantham.


A demonstration will also be held by a group opposed to the English


Defence League. We have been planning along with the protest


organisers and right the way through the whole process, but the


organisers and people attending have been very clear it be a peaceful


protest. They are facilitating their right to demonstrate peacefully as


you are allowed and we're there to support them to do that to make sure


the of Grantham are disrupted as minimally as possible. I do not see


why they are marching. Everybody is entitled to their own religious


views. I will not be in town. It is a small market town, there is three


main streets. I will take the day off. Hull Boxer Luke Campbell will


fight in front of a sell`out crowd tonight at the Hull Arena. The


Olympic gold medallist is looking for his fifth straight win as a


professional boxer. Standing in his way is Norfolk man Scott Moises.


Luke says he's been training hard for his first eight round bout.


Preparations went really end. They couldn't have gone any better. I


have had some great sparring. All is great. I emigrate shape and ready to


put on a show for fans. You cannot put a price on the support that you


get from fans. I just hope I can keep performing and they keep coming


back. Grimsby Town face Cambridge for the second round of their FA


Trophy battle. The Mariners are trailing behind after losing 2`1


loss in the first leg. There's commentary from Blundell Park on BBC


Radio Humberside from three`o`clock. Hull City boss Steve Bruce is


chasing his 100th win as a top flight manager as the Tigers face


relegation threatened Cardiff City. Bruce is hoping his side can recover


their form after a home defeat to Southampton. Bruce says a win in


South Wales would be a huge result in the fight for survival in the


Premier League And Hull City's trip to Cardiff will be on BBC Radio


Humberside's FM frequency from three. They are all big games.


Certainly, certainly Cardiff will be looking like ourselves if we are


going to stay in the league, a result against one of the teams in


and around you, is huge. Scunthorpe United's game at home to


Portsmouth will be on AM. BBC Radio Lincolnshire will have commentary of


Lincoln City's home match with Chester, also from three. Now the


weather forecast. Hello, good afternoon, it has been a lovely


morning for many of us but this afternoon we are going to see the


cloud increasing and it is going to be fairly windy. It should stay dry


for many of us. He was the picture in the afternoon, there is a fair


amount of cloud around and plenty of breaks to allow the sunshine to come


through. Those winds moderate to fresh, increasing this evening. We


are looking at highs of ten degrees Celsius. A notch up on yesterday 's


values. This evening and overnight, the cloud will increase further,


spreading to all parts. We could see a touch of light rain but many areas


will remain dry. The winds increasing to gale force overnight


and temperatures dropping back to around seven Celsius. Turning wet


and windy tomorrow but it will be staying mild. That is all. Whatever


it you were doing, do enjoy your afternoon. Goodbye for now.


Good afternoon. It has been a lovely start with some very welcome winter


sunshine. For the rest of the day, the further east you are, you will


hang onto that for much of the time. The further north and west you


are, the wind will pick up, that will be dragging in rain. You can


see where this is coming from. Out in the Atlantic this area of boat is


approaching the west of the United Kingdom, and ahead of that, it will


be a dry afternoon. -- this area of cloud. Further north and west you


can see some rain setting in. For the Southwest I think it will be


fine and dry, but increasingly windy. Through the Midlands, East


Anglia and the south-east it is a lovely afternoon. It will be mild.


The north-west of England will


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