22/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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on the BBC News channel, with all the very latest on the dramatic


day's events in Ukraine. Good evening. Lincolnshire police


say a march by members of the English Defence League against a


proposed Islamic Centre in Grantham was peaceful. 250 officers escorted


a similar number of protesters through the town. A senior officer


would not reveal the cost of policing the event.


Described as an anti`Islam protest by its organisers, demonstrators


were bussed in from across the country. Some here made it clear


they weren't welcome. Take your prejudice away, we don't want it.


Escorted by police, the English Defence League marched through


Grantham town centre. We get a big centre, within two years that town,


that area is dominated Muslim and forcing all the Christians out, all


the Catholics out. We have no problem with the Muslim community.


What we have a problem with is extremism. The fact that the people


of Grantham are not being given a choice over what gets built in their


town is absolutely idisgusting. It is those plans for an Islamic


community centre here that prompted the march.


But celebrating multiculturalism, there was also a small


counterdemonstration. I do not think it was a particularly big issue.


They are preaching to this group. Freedom of religion should be for


everybody. The days when we used to burn people at the stake for having


the wrong religion are over and we want to keep it that way. Separating


the two protests a wall of police, 250 officers brought in from five


police forces across the East Midlands. This is the fourth far


right wing protest in the county in the last six months. It is a real


challenge for us. We are able to organise it sometime in advance


which helps reduce the cost but, as you have seen, we have a significant


number of officers here and that will have an impact on other places.


There were a few minor scuffles. It was a noisy but peaceful


demonstration. The planning application for the community centre


goes before the council next month and, if granted, the EDL says it


will protest here again. Lincolnshire County Council has


confirmed it will freeze council tax for the fourth year. The authority


joins novel into and East Riding Council which are also Conservative


run. In keeping 2014 bills the same as last year.


Hull City have bounced back with a massive away win at Cardiff. The


score was 4`nil. It was Steve Bruce's 100th win. Recent signing


scored two. Hull City move up to 11th in the league. Scunthorpe


United continue their run at the top of league two. They beat


Portsmouth, 5`1 making them joint league leaders.


Lincoln drew 1`1 to Chester and Grimsby are out of the FA Trophy and


will not be going to Wembley. Cambridge were overall winners in


the two legs. Luke Campbell will fight in front of a sell`out crowd


tonight at the whole arena. He is looking for his fifth straight win


as a professional boxer. Standing in his way is a Norfolk man.


Preparations went brilliant. They couldn't have gone any better,


really. We've had some great sparring. All is great. I'm in great


shape and ready to put on a good show for the fans. You can't put a


price on the support you get from the fans. I just hope I can keep


performing and they keep coming back and watching and supporting. We will


have a report from the fight on tomorrow's Look North at 620 PM. For


now let us get the weather forecast with Jennifer Bartram. Hello there,


good evening. For many of us it was a lovely, dry, spring`like day. But


as we get into tomorrow we are going to start to see the winds


increasing, gale force winds at times. That cloud is going to build


from the west as we go through the night. This evening we could see


some spots of rain, particularly in northern and western parts. Most


areas should remain dry and fairly cloudy overnight. That wind picking


up to gale force as we go through the night. The temperatures dropping


back to around seven degrees Celsius will feel fairly mild. For Sunday


morning we start off on a fairly cloudy note. As we go through the


day we are going to feel that wind speed pick up to gale force or


severe gale force winds. Gusts of 35 to 40 mph. A very windy day to come


but it is going to be feeling mild, highs of 12 Celsius. Look North is


back tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Goodbye.


Hello. For some places today I am sure it felt that spring is just


around the corner. However, looming large, coming in from the Atlantic,


this broad belt of cloud and this will bring rain to western hills


with rain overnight moving into Scotland, Northern Ireland, trying


to push into England and Wales but many eastern areas will be dry. The


winds will be picking up, 60 miles an hour or so around the Irish Sea


coast but with the wind, cloud and rain it should be mild everywhere,


typically six or seven Celsius. Tomorrow, some windy weather,


especially in the morning around the Irish Sea coasts. A lot more rain


for the western areas, heavy


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