23/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hello from BBC Look North. A permanent tribute to thousands of


Scunthorpe steel workers could be built. Around ?30,000 is needed for


the statues, which fundraisers hope will be placed in Church Square. It


is the second time a campaign has been started and it is being backed


by former steel men. Scunthorpe was built around a steelwork. Often


anti`human cost. It is still the main employer in the town and now a


group, including a former emir, have resurrected the campaign for a


memorial to be built. People here do not know the history of the town. It


is the tone, it is the future. Steelwork mills were notoriously


dangerous. Elfyn member killed when there was an explosion in a blast


furnace. The group want the memorial to be a fitting tribute to those who


have died. Obviously, the safety standards now are much better, but I


think the memorial would be appreciated by everyone in the


town. The campaigners said that while other times have they are


tribute to the workers of the town, such as the sculptures in honour of


fishermen in seaside port is, but the steel town has nothing. Shoppers


were very supportive. I think it is a very good idea. British Steel has


been near for so long, it is a good idea. The project manager says


donations are already being made a meal to build the statue as early as


next year, if they can garner support in the town.


Olympic champion Luke Campbell has won his latest professional fight in


front of a packed Hull Arena, but a night of thrilling fights saw a


fairy tale finish for footballer` turned`boxer, Curtis Woodhouse.


Hull city this was supposed to be like


Campbell 's night, but as it happened, Curtis Woodhouse stole the


headlines. He was a former footballer who decided to turn to


boxing. He landed telling punches and claimed the British title. It is


Curtis Woodhouse! I am very obstinate and pig`headed. When I


start out to do something, I will do it. It was football my life since I


was ten, but I get hit on head. Will we ever see this again? A former


Premier league player winning a British boxing title. He is now also


a richer man to the tune of quarter of ?1 million. Luke Campbell Was at


his best, knocking down his Argentinian opponent four times.


Hull city moved into mid`table following a devastating when at


Cardiff yesterday. Scunthorpe United went joint top of League Two, but


Grimsby Town's Wembley hopes came to an end.


Hull city are considered to have bought well in the January transfer


window. Investment repaid by Nikica Jelavic


twice over. Tom Huddlestone opened for the Tigers on 18 minutes. With


the game already won, Jake Livermore added to the total, making it 4`0 to


the Tigers and putting them firmly in a mid`table position. They have


only been at the club a few weeks. But they are already scoring goals.


A first hat`trick for David Syers part of a five`goal rush for


Scunthorpe fans at Glanford Park against Portsmouth. Boss Russ Wilcox


is unbeaten since taking charge. It is massive for us in our quest to


get promotion. This goal for Grimsby Town was not


enough to get them to Wembley. They needed one more in the second leg


with Cambridge. Their FA trophy run over for this year.


Hull Kingston Rovers snatched a late draw in Super League. Two tries in


the last three minutes pulled them level with Huddersfield. The score


24`24. Now, the weather forecast with


Jennifer Bartram. It was a dry, but windy, Dave for


many of us. The wind should die down a touch overnight. You can see the


rain just edging into north`western parts. But he mailed me for most of


us. Overnight temperatures seven or eight Celsius. For Monday morning,


the strong winds continue. We will also see some rain ageing in from


the West, but it will be fairly light and patchy. In the afternoon,


I temperatures of ten or 11 Celsius. Sunshine and showers on Tuesday,


with phase of 10 Celsius. That is it. We


Hello. Still no sign of the weather really settling down next week.


There should be an improvement for most of us tomorrow. It will not be


as windy as it has been today, and the band of rain will slowly peter


out. We still have some rain to come through the night. This band of rain


is quite slow moving, it will wander northwards into Dumfries and


Galloway. Close to Northern Ireland, heavy rain in Cumbria and later in


the night it will turn whether in Wales and the south-west. Southerly


wind, quite strong at the moment, that will ease as the night goes on


but it should be pretty mild, six or seven degrees, typically. Tomorrow,


we start with heavy rain, especially over the hills, as it slips slowly


eastwards so the rain tends to become light and patchy. Buying it,


we get some sunshine and maybe a few showers. A good day in Scotland


especially northern Scotland. In Northern Ireland we will see the


showers increasing later in the afternoon. By three o'clock, that is


left of the band of cloud and rain, not lifting at all. Sunny spells in


the West Midlands and Wales. A few showers, possibly. Temperatures


double figures. Very quickly in the evening it will turn wet and


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