25/02/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's all from us. A first look at the papers on the news channel. Now


we join the Good evening. Business leaders and


politicians met the Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, to


urge the government to upgrade the railway line through East Yorkshire


to Hull sooner rather than later. The government has already approved


the plans for a more sophisticated route that will accommodate faster,


more reliable trains, but local business leaders want the work to be


finished by 2017 when Hull becomes the City of Culture. Our Business


Correspondent Paul Murphy reports. They're noisy, inefficient and slow.


All the trains which service Hull are diesel. In comparison, the rail


industry says electrification is cleaner and greener but, most


importantly, faster. That's why this delegation is pushing for


electrification and today went to see the Transport Minister, Patrick


McLoughlin. He assured us that the line would be electrified, that


there is an unanswerable case both in terms of cross`Pennine, as well


as from Hull to London. So that will happen. What we are saying is it


needs to happen now, it needs to be approved this year so work can


commence next year, and it can be finished by 2017. We have got a


vibrant economy in the Humber area. We have got a lot happening in the


next three or four years, we want rail to be a part of that, we want


as many people in the region as possible. Work is underway to


electrify the TransPennine route. From Liverpool to Manchester to


Leeds. But with no plans to go further than Selby ` today's


proposal from First Hull Trains would see overheard line equipment


added to the route between there and Hull opening the city up to the rest


of the UK's high`speed network. It would be very ambitious and perhaps


unlikely for the work to be ready in time for 2017, the year that Hull is


City of Culture. We anticipate something like an additional 12


million visitors to the city. Good, 21st`century, efficient rail links


are an urgent necessity. We need them by the end of 2016 to be up and


running. Rail passengers who regularly use services out of Hull


say they feel left behind. I think it is outrageous. I think it would


make a tremendous difference to the regeneration of the region if they


could improve the travelling infrastructure of roads and


railways. Very behind with things, obviously. Trains need to be faster,


the railway network needs to be better at this end. And it's


promised there'll be minimal disruption to current services when


the work goes ahead. Paul is in Hull tonight ` why are politicians


putting so much pressure on the government over this one?


The last time a Transport cabinet minister had bigger link to this


part of the world, it was announced that the upgrade of the main road


into Hull would happen. The argument runs from politicians and business


leaders that it is doubly important that the real line is upgraded and


is made more reliable. The question is not if it will happen but if the


rail upgrade will happen in time for the vitally important year of


culture in 2017. Plans for 6000 houses on the


outskirts of Scunthorpe have been put on hold. North Lincolnshire


Council have taken a decision to delay consultation on the


Lincolnshire Lakes scheme while they discuss flood risks. Millions of


pounds will be spent improving internet speeds in East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire. The government says it will spend ?5 million


installing super`fast broadband in East Yorkshire. Northern


Lincolnshire will get around ?1.2 million, while Lincolnshire will get


nearly ?2.5 million. A new heritage centre remembering


Lincolnshire RAF history could open at RAF Scampton. The Royal Air Force


Museum near London and Lincolnshire County Council have signed a deal


which will see them work together to build the visitor attraction. If it


goes ahead it could bring 200,000 tourists a year to the county. Jake


Zuckerman reports. With exhibits spanning the history


of flight, the RAF Museum in North London is a mecca for aviation


enthusiasts. And today's visitors included a group from Lincolnshire


County Council here to sign a cooperation agreement. It is the


first step in a process that could transform RAF Scampton, the Red


Arrows' Lincolnshire base, into a major tourist destination with a


multi`million pound heritage centre looking something like this. I think


it could be hugely important. In 2018, it is the 100th anniversary of


the RAF, we are determined Lincolnshire plays a central part in


the celebration. And we believe that, alongside the castle and the


Cathedral, we will then have three world`class attractions that will


bring people from all over the world to Lincolnshire. That is all still a


long way off, today's agreement is about building the links that will


allow Lincolnshire County Council to call on the expertise of the RAF


Museum. We are very keen to loan our artefacts, we have a significant


amount of aircraft, but it is important that we allow everyone


across the country to share in those stories. If we are able to loan


aircraft, we already lend artefacts to Scampton. We have been working


hard to look at what else we might loan. Aviation tourism is already


worth more than ?4 million a year to Lincolnshire's economy, attracting


thousands of visitors. The County Council estimates that a visitor


centre at Scampton could add another 200,000 visitors to that number.


With dozens of historic aircraft on display, the RAF Museum attracts


millions of visitors a year, putting it in a unique position to be able


to help Lincolnshire achieve its own ambitions. `` attracts half a


million visitors a year. Scunthorpe United remain second in League Two


after a one`all draw at home to Bristol Rovers. Sam Winnell got the


goal in the first half. Grimsby Town lost ground


not a bad day tomorrow but there's weather front will bring rain later.


Tonight will be dry with clear spells. Just a touch of ground frost


and places and a moderate south`west wind. Minimum temperature of three


Celsius. Tomorrow: Bright and breezy with variable cloud and sunny


intervals. Risk of showers but with many places staying dry. Maximum


temperature nine Celsius. Fresh southwest wind. Thursday will see


early rain, then sunny spells and scattered showers.


be rain, clearing into sunshine and showers, Buster once. Then it is


more difficult. Susan Powell is here to explain more international focus.


Take a glimpse out of the window and the chances they will be starry


skies where you are. The showers we have today are dying back to the


coast. The breeze is also easing and reclaiming skies and light winds, it


will be chilly overnight tonight. The wind will remain keen enough to


hold the frost that bay and in the far north-west, bringing in some


showers, if going down to the far southern coast. In rural areas,


don't be surprised if there is patchy frost tomorrow. In Northern


Ireland by the end of the night heavier and more organised showers


arriving and they will push across into Scotland and the far north of


England. Heavy and thundery rain possible for the morning rush hour


of Northern Ireland and not looking too clever for Scotland or Northern


England. The snow will be mostly over 400 metres but a mixture of


rain, sleet and snow as low-down as 200 metres for a few hours before


9am, but after that, they should tend to retreat into showers of


rain. Further south, clear skies and a bit


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