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sunshine and showers continuing. And that is all from the BBC News at


six. It Good evening and welcome to BBC Look


North. The headlines tonight: Faster journey times ` MPs say a major rail


line in East Yorkshire will be electrified. They assured us that


the line would be electrified. Poor exam results ` now an academy


school in Lincolnshire is to be handed back to the government. I


think this will create a huge amount of instability in the community and


a great deal of concern about whether or not their children are


getting the education they deserve. A deal is signed for RAF Scampton


that could bring jobs and hundreds of thousands of visitors.


A game away from Wembley ` Hull City are through to the FA Cup quarter


finals. And it has been another mile day,


temperatures in double figures. Join me for that, coming up shortly.


Good evening. The government is backing plans to upgrade the railway


line through East Yorkshire to Hull to allow faster, more reliable


electric trains on the route. A group of business leaders and


politicians met with the transport secretary in London today to put the


case forward. Now that the backing of ministers has been secured it is


seen as vital that work starts next year so it can be finished by 2017


when Hull becomes City of Culture. Emma Massey reports.


They're noisy, inefficient and slow. All the trains which service Hull


are diesel. In comparison, the rail industry says electrification is


cleaner and greener but, most importantly, faster. That's why this


delegation is pushing for electrification and today went to


see the Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin. He assured us that the


line would be electrified, that there is an unanswerable case both


in terms of cross Pennine, as well as from Hull to London. So that will


happen. What we are seeing is it needs to happen now, it needs to be


approved this year so work can commence next year, and it can be


finished by 2017. We have got a bankrupt economy and the Humber


area. We have got a lot happening in the next three or four years, we


want rail to be a part of that, we want as many people in the region as


possible. Work is underway to electrified the trans`Pennine route.


From Liverpool to Manchester to Leeds. But with no plans to go


further than Selby ` today's proposal from first hull trains


would see overheard line equipment added to the route between there and


Hull opening the city up to the rest of the UK's high`speed network. It


would be very ambitious and perhaps unlikely for the work to be ready in


time for 2017. The year that how a city of culture. `` Hull is city of


culture. But those behind The City of Culture


say that needs to be the aim. We anticipate something like an


additional 12 million visitors to the city. Good, 21st`century,


efficient rail links are an urgent necessity. We need them, we need


them by the end of 2016 to be up and running. Rail passengers who


regularly use services out of Hull say they feel left behind but are


concerned about the potential disruption. I think it is


outrageous. I think it would make a tremendous difference to the


regeneration of the region if they could improve the travelling


infrastructure of roads and railways. Very behind with things,


obviously. Trains need to be faster, the railway network needs to be


better at this end. And it's promised there'll be minimal


disruption to current services when the work goes ahead.


Emma is live in Hull tonight. There is a lot of support for these plans,


why is it so crucial the work is finished by 2017?


Well, Peter, there are two main ways to get into Hull, by rail and by


this road, the A63. It is very busy. The Transport Secretary Patrick


McLaughlin came here last year and was told an upgrade of the A63 was


vital for economic growth. Since then a ?160 million upgrade has been


given the go ahead. But that will not happen until 2017, which is the


year Hull becomes City of Culture. So getting these overhead lines is


more important than ever. Those behind it say that faster rail


journeys could be only way to ensure easy travel into the city, which is


to attract more visitors. Patrick McLoughlin has told Look North he


had a constructive meeting without local MPS and councillors today. ``


with local MPs and councillors today. He says his officials are now


working with the operator and wider industry to explore the possibility


of a more detailed study into the scheme. Thank you very much indeed.


Some good news, we will continue to follow that story.


In a moment: Our World War One At Home series continues, with a


special look at the battalion known as the Grimsby Chums.


Control of a Lincolnshire school could be removed from the Academy


chain that runs it after serious concerns were raised over its


education standards. Ofsted inspectors say only 36% of pupils at


the Trent Valley Academy in Gainsborough got five good GCSEs


there last year, well below the national average. Now E`Act, the


academy chain that runs it, is being urged by the government to hand over


control of Trent Valley and nine others across the country. Sarah


Corker has this report. They are flagship government policy,


academies publicly funded but outside of local council control.


One of the country's biggest Academy chains is to be stripped of control


of ten schools because of poor performance. One of them is Trent


Valley Academy in Gainsborough. Something of a surprise to some


parents here. It is quite shocking. Just wondering what is going to...


How it is going to affect every child. Haven't had any concerns with


my granddaughter at all. It is up and down all the time. As a year


seven, he has had to put up with a lot of things. E`Act today said its


pupils, parents and staff deserve strong support and leadership. It


will now focus on where that can be provided. That focus will not be


here. Educational standards have been so low the Academy must now


find a new sponsor. Schools are not being run properly. There are


questions about the bodies, the trusts that are running the schools.


There has been a previous investigation into E`Act. The


Academy was rated inadequate by Ofsted last year. Only 36% of


students achieved five good GCSEs, significantly below the national


average. Attendance is also below the average. Across east Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire, seven academies are among the 100 worst performing


schools in the country for GCSEs. Today, the Education Secretary said


it was vital Academy chains be held to account. We need to make sure


that when underperformance shows, we take the action required in order to


improve education. This man is a Lincolnshire County Council and


taught at the Academy until he was made redundant. It is utterly


unacceptable, and the community of Gainsborough will be upset about


that. It has had a negative effect on the standards of education in our


area. Pupils and parents have been reassured that standards are


improving. I spoke to Alistair Smith from the


anti`academies Alliance, and asked why his group is so against


academies. We are not against academies per se, we are against


Academy chains. There are real aim is to make profits out of education.


`` their real aim. Shouldn't we welcome a dressing underperformance?


I am very concerned that the Department of Education has had to


take ten schools of the chain. Having not had their eye on this


problem already? It beggars belief that a chain with 40 schools,


suddenly ten of them are found to be wanting and the chain cannot cope


with it. This is good for E`Act, they can focus on raising standards


in the remaining academies? Then the education doesn't suffer? It may be


good in that sense, but E`Act have too many schools and they cannot


cope. But are they good enough? We were told that Academy chains would


run schools better than local authorities. This has now been


disproved. There are plenty of poor performing schools and local


authorities plodding on without the luxury of someone knew coming into


back then? There are schools and local authorities that have been


failing, but local authorities do not walk away. They are


democratically accountable, and when a school goes into special measures


the local authority has decided out. Academy chains just drop their hands


and walk away. `` throw up their hands and walk away. We will have


hundreds of schools down the road who will not have anybody to help


them. Thank you very much indeed. We would like to know what you think


about this one. Maybe you go to an academy, or your child does. Your


thoughts on this one, if you want to be in touch, the e`mail address:


Follow me on Twitter, if you want to tweet. And also the text number.


Start the texts with the words programme Mac `` Look North. Maybe


your child goes to the Academy concerned. Look forward to hearing


from you. Some more news now. Plans for 6,000 houses on the


outskirts of Scunthorpe have been put on hold. North Lincolnshire


Council have taken a decision to delay consultation on the


Lincolnshire Lakes scheme while they discuss flood risks.


The Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner is calling for a total


ban on street drinking in North East Lincolnshire. Matthew Grove says


there is a "significant problem" with people drinking alcohol in


public in the area. North East Lincolnshire Council will consult on


the matter. Lots of things are very difficult to police. The current


proposal to ban smoking in cars, where there is a child, is almost


impossible to police. That is not necessarily a reason not to


introduce it. We want the police to use discretion in this, and use it


as a tool in the box. If you're taking a bottle of wine in a picnic


basket down to the local park, fine. If you're taking 48 cans of beer to


cause a problem, then you've got an issue.


You might have a view on this story as well, the email and text details


are the screen now if you want to be in touch.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch about the new series of Channel 4's


Skint, which follows people who are out of work, and is due to start


filming in Grimsby. We talk about it last night on the programme. Thanks


to everyone who got in touch. Abi in Cleethorpes sent this by text:


thank you very much indeed for that one. One of the major roads through


east Yorkshire remains close this evening after a serious accident.


Humberside police say that two vehicles were involved in the


collision on the A1079. One person has been taken to hospital by air


ambulance. It is not known when the road will reopen.


Lincolnshire has some of the strongest links with the RAF


anywhere in the country and now a new heritage centre at Scampton has


moved a step closer today. The Royal Air Force Museum near London and


Lincolnshire County Council have signed a deal which will see them


work together to build the visitor attraction. If it goes ahead it


could create 100 jobs, and bring 200,000 tourists a year to the


county. Jake Zuckerman has been to the RAF museum and sent this report.


With exhibits spanning the history of flight, the RAF Museum in North


London is a mecca for aviation enthusiasts. And today's visitors


included a group from Lincolnshire County Council here to sign a


cooperation agreement. It is the first step in a process that could


transform RAF Scampton, the Red Arrows' Lincolnshire base, into a


major tourist destination with a multi`million pound heritage centre


looking something like this. I think it could be hugely important. In


2018 it is the 100th anniversary of the RAF, we are determined


Lincolnshire plays a central part in the celebration. And we believe that


alongside the castle and the Cathedral, we will then have three


world`class attractions that will bring people from all over the world


to Lincolnshire. That is all still a long way off, today's agreement is


about building the links that will allow Lincolnshire County Council


to: The expertise of the RAF Museum. We are very keen to loan or


artefacts, we have a significant amount of aircraft, but it is


important that we allow everyone across the country to share in those


stories. If we are able to loan aircraft, we already loan is craft


`` artefacts to Scampton. Aviation tourism is already worth more than


?4 million a year to Lincolnshire's economy. Attracting thousands of


visitors. The county council estimates that a visitor centre at


Scampton could add another 200,000 visitors to that number. With dozens


of historic aircraft on display, the RAF Museum attracts millions of


visitors a year, putting it in a unique position to be able to help


Lincolnshire achieve its own ambitions. Great news, let's hope we


get the centre at Scampton. Thank you for watching this Tuesday night.


Still ahead tonight: Closing in on Wembley ` Hull City are through to


the FA Cup quarter finals. Why can it not be us? We haven't belief that


it can be as us `` we have a belief that we can do it.


Keep your pictures coming in. Thank you very much indeed for this one,


another picture tomorrow night around about the same time.


We've made the news ourselves today, If you were watching Look North


yesterday lunchtime you might have seen this happen during one of our


reports. A fault with a camera gave the impression that Caroline


Bilton's chair was collapsing. It's all now been fixed. So far the clip


has been viewed more than 400,000 times on YouTube. Caroline is


starting out we salute her. `` is a star tonight.


You are on your own, sunshine. The headline for the next 24 hours


is a mild one, it looks as though it is going to be bright with variable


cloud and some sunny intervals. Showers across more northern parts


for a time, but basically it is not looking too bad. This weather front


will bring more rain in from the west tomorrow night, that should be


clear first light Thursday morning. We had unexpected rain late this


morning, heavy bursts across parts of Lincolnshire. That works into the


North Sea, and the afternoon has been pleasant. Temperatures, 10


Celsius at Waddington, 50 Fahrenheit. Showers bushing and from


the West tonight, overnight it is try. If you have got shelter from


the wind, there is a chance of a touch of ground frost ruefully ``


rue relief. The Sun will rise in the morning, at 6:57am, your next high


water time. It is not a bad day, the emphasis on a fine and bright spell


of weather. Just for a time there is a risk of a few showers bushing into


East Yorkshire. Most places will be dry with some sunshine, at another


mild one for the time of year, the average is seven or eight degrees.


50 Fahrenheit, well above average. More rain expected on Wednesday


night, it might be around first thing Thursday morning, at around


breakfast time it clears up, sunshine with a few showers, and it


looks unsettled and quite showery on Friday. Into the first weekend of


March. That is the forecast. So many people ask me, is your mate with


you? I absolutely do not. Knock that on the head straightaway. See you


tomorrow. World War One claimed the lives of


millions of soldiers, and the impact on their home towns and villages was


devastating. Many had joined up with their friends and colleagues in what


became known as "pals battalions". Tonight, as we continue with the


BBC's World War One at Home series we look at one of those battalions


which was known as the Grimsby Chums. Jo Makel tells their story.


When war was declared Britain only had a small army. Lord Kitchener,


the Secretary of War, cold for 100,000 men to join up. It was the


birth of the pals battalions. `` called for 100,000 men to join up.


Kitchener's trump card was the fact that he promised that if you joined


up together, you would serve together. People who worked


alongside each other on the docks in Grimsby joined up together. Charlie


had been doing voluntary work, and it is a tragic thing, he was such a


good leader, most youngsters joined up with him. This rare footage shows


the men of the 10th Battalion of the Lincolnshire regiment. The Grimsby


Chums. They trained initially on the Brocklesby estate using make do


uniforms from the post office. They were quite interested in having a


challenge, doing their bit, as it were. Nobody had a clue what they


were getting into. Richard's uncle Charles was in his early 20s and


became a captain. He still has his will, written in the last hours


before leaving for France in January 1916. We are going through a


terrible strife, and I hope to be one of the ones to return. If it is


not God 's will that I returned to you all, you will know I have tried


to do my duty as a man. Over the next six months they they


experienced real life in the trenches. Charles wrote in June: so


much rain in the trenches and everything is so wet. If I pull out


all right, I hope to have a company, which my ambition. It was to be his


last letter. The Allies were trying to break through enemy lines spent


days bombarding the Germans with artillery fire. On July first at


7.30am the Chums were among a line of infantrymen who went over the


top. But the deep German trenches were largely untouched. The German


machine gunners came out of the dugouts, troops like the Chums, they


were an easy target. Leading men across and encouraging them to their


own deaths must have been a horrific situation. When he was


machine`gunned, lying there are wounded, in mud and filth and


things, he must have wondered, what have I done? About 840 Chums went


over the top that day. Around half were killed or injured. But Peter


Stele has in the past spoken to some of those who survived. They said


things like, well, you just did it because you did not want to let your


mates down. They were going over the top and you wanted to be with them.


Charles Bellamy is remembered with his fellow soldiers in Grimsby


Minster. They all joined up together and they were all killed together,


it wiped out a whole echelon of society, and in a small place like


Grimsby, it must have been absolutely devastating. All the


young men of that generation just wiped out. The "pals" experiment was


not repeated. The suffering in tight communities like Grimsby was too


much to bear. And if you want to hear more about


the untold stories from the Home Front then go to the BBC website


where you'll be able to discover more World War One history from


across the UK. We are looking for people to have


their say about what we do here at Look North by joining our audience


panel. The group meets three times a year, some paid although you would


receive expenses `` it is unpaid. Visit the website for details. You


need to do it by March the 7th. We look forward to hearing from you.


Scunthorpe United could go top of League Two if they continue their 16


match unbeaten run tonight. The Iron are second on goal difference to


Chesterfield and take on Bristol Rovers at Glanford park this


evening. This side are yet to lose since manager Russ Wilcox took over


in November. Grimsby Town will try to move closer


to the Conference play off places when they take on Southport tonight.


The Mariners have a number of games in hand on their promotion rivals


after their FA Trophy campaign. They're currently eighth and have


won once in their last six league matches.


And both those games will be on BBC Radio Humberside tonight


Scunthorpe's match at home to Bristol Rovers is on FM, the build


up is on air now in Sportstalk. Hull City are just one game away


from a trip to Wembley after reaching the quarterfinals of the FA


Cup for just the sixth time in their history. They'll meet Premier League


rivals Sunderland on March ninth ` a team the club has beaten twice this


season already. Our sports reporter Simon Clark has the story of Hull


City's progress. The Tigers are just minutes from a


second trip to Wembley. Last night against Brighton Hove Albion the


club asserted its superiority against Championship opponents in


the FA Cup with Curtis Davies squeezing home the first. Robert


Koren was then credited with a second though it was far from clear


cut. The men in amber and black were cruising through when Leo Ulloja


reminded them they were in a cup tie but they held on to win. I thought,


shall I get a ticket or shall I watch it in the comfort? And I


thought, I have got to be there. And after Saturday, it was the best


decision I made. The second half, they were quite poor. But we are in


the quarterfinals. Thought it was absolutely excellent. We have got a


chance, we are in the last eight, we are a Premier League team. We are a


threat to anybody. It's only Hull City's sixth visit to the quarter


final of the cup. This was their third time ` a replay at Boothferry


park against Chelsea. Chelsea scraped through. Ken Wagstaff played


on that day in 1966 and again in the quarter final in 1971 against Stoke.


Baby`sitting his grandson, Waggy says today's team have to seize the


day against Sunderland. You're playing in the sixth round, not far


from Wembley, it is really exciting for the supporters. The supporters


get behind you, and I just want them to go for the supporters, really.


What a great opportunity for Hull City in this competition, a


competition that has not been kind to them over the years. If they can


beat Sunderland, it is a date at Wembley Stadium, and the semifinals.


One game away, fantastic news for Hull City. We will continue to


follow their success. It is five minutes to seven, let's get a recap


of the national and regional headlines: a suspected IRA terrorist


accused of murdering four British soldiers in London will not stand


trial because of what is being called a reckless police error.


Faster journey times ` MPs say a major rail line in East Yorkshire


will be electrified. Tomorrow's weather, bright and breezy with some


cloud and sunny intervals. A few showers as well, many places staying


dry. Mild in the afternoon, getting up to around 10 Celsius.


We were talking about academies and the Trent Valley Academy a few


minutes ago. A big response on this. I am a student at the Trent Valley


Academy, and there is poor quality teachers. Since we started back in


September, we have had four different timetables, they have


stopped activities week and work experience. I am not happy with the


quality of education at the Trent Valley Academy. That is from a


student there. Karen says, I have two children attend the Trent Valley


Academy, one of whom left last year with good exam results. During both


my daughters' time there, they were extremely happy, and the staff go


above and beyond the cold duty to assist. As a parent, I could not


praise and thank the staff enough. And Angelina, a retired teacher


says, of course the results are below the national average. The top


candidates go to grammar schools. And another person says, it is a


no`brainer. It has to compete with the Gainsborough high school, which


creams off the more academic students. Blame it partly on


selection. Join me if you can on the radio tomorrow lunchtime. Have a


nice evening. Goodbye.


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