01/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good afternoon. A pedestrian has died after being hit by a car on the


A16 near Spilsby in Lincolnshire. Police say the man, who's thought to


be in his 50s, was walking along the road just after midnight last night.


The road was closed for more than six hours while investigations were


carried out. The Humber coastguard is warning of


the risks of an area of marshland on the south bank, after it was called


out to help around 40 people who were partying on the site last


night. The Humberston Fitties near Cleethorpes is an area of mud, sand


and marshland. The coastguard says the group was in potential danger


from the high tide. Huskie and malamut owners in Hull


say they're concerned there will be a rise in the number of dogs being


abandoned because their owners are being threatened. The group,


'Huskies in Hull', says there's been a growing number of cases of abuse


from local residents when they walk their pets. They say recent


publicity over dangerous dogs has given many an irrational fear of the


breed. Since the recent news coverage, it


has been very negative towards Sled dog breeds. We have had people 's


dream dashed `` screenwriters and drag their children away and they


picked their dogs up. People don't want anything to do with them


really. Hull City's manager, Steve Bruce,


has been described as "the manager of the year" by Newcastle United


boss Alan Pardew. It's after guiding Hull City to eleventh in the Premier


League table. Newcastle travel to Hull today. Gemma Dawson reports.


At the KC stadium this afternoon, The Magpies will be keen to avenge


this 3`2 home defeat to the Tigers back in September. But speaking


earlier this week, Newcastle's manager had nothing but praise for


his rival. I have to say, Steve Bruce is, up to this point, probably


manager of the year. He has another ten games, but what he did last year


to get them promoted and to get them in the position they have been in is


a fantastic region `` achievement. He should be very proud.


But at a press conference in Hull, Pardew's compliment prompted a


sceptical response. He is not playing mind games, is he? We've


only been going six weeks! I'm not going to read too much into that,


but it's very kind of him. Steve Bruce has 15 months left on


his contract with the KC, and has told the BBC he sees no reason why


he wouldn't negotiate to have it extended. But this afternoon, his


focus will be on giving Newcastle a tough battle.


Hull KR are still waiting for their first win of the new Super League


season. The Robins lost 30`10 to leaders Castleford. The visitors


scored twice in the second half to pull away after a tight first half.


Let's get a look at the weather now with Jennifer Bartram.


Good afternoon. Today, after some sunny spells this morning, a few


showers developing by the afternoon, some of which could be rather sharp.


Light south`westerly winds. Maximum temperature 7C (45F). Tonight, some


clear spells initially, giving a very chilly start to the evening.


Cloud and rain spreading in from the west through the night, falling as


hill snow for a time. Minimum temperature 3C (37F).


Dry on Sunday but turning wet later. We'll will be back at five past six


tonight after the national news. Enjoy your afternoon.


Hello there. The first day of March, and quite a wintry chill to


the first thing, but conditions have improved a lot, a lot of sunshine


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