01/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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on the BBC News Channel, we are back with the late news 10:10. Now on BBC


Good evening. A pedestrian has died after being hit by a car in


Lincolnshire. The man thought to be the 50s was walking along near


Spilsbury just after midnight. The road was closed for more than six


hours while investigations were carried out. Police are appealing


for witnesses. Husky owners in Hull say they are concerned they will be


a rise in the number of dogs being abandoned because their owners are


being threatened. The group says there's been a growing number of


cases of abuse from local residents when they walk their pets. They say


recent publicity over dangerous dogs has given many an irrational fear of


the breed. Here, Husky owners meet every weekend so they and their pets


can socialise. Originally bred to pulse length through the Arctic, the


dogs are energetic and need lots of exercise. But some owners say their


dogs have been attracting unwelcome attention due to the belief that the


breed poses a threat. Since the recent news coverage, it's been very


negative towards the breed. When we walk our dogs, people cross the


road, we've had them scream at us, dragging children away, but our dogs


are very friendly but people don't want anything to do with Emma.


Owners say in recent weeks they've seen an increase in negative


responses and they are worried more dogs will be abandoned or given up


to rescue. In the local park, some say they do have worries. I wouldn't


like one running up to my lad. Obviously, they should only be out


if they are friendly. As long as the owners got them on the lead, and


they don't let them off the lead to run wild, I would be a bit worried.


But that would be any dog, it doesn't matter that it's an Husky.


This woman says her skis are not inherently dangerous. Any dog has


the potential to cause problems if it's not raised correctly, not bred


correctly. But I can see any reason why huskies would be any more of a


danger to society than any other breed of dog. Husky owners say they


hope, by speaking out, they will reassure the public and helped


dispel the negative issue they feel their pets don't deserve. The Humber


coastguard is warning of the risks of an area of marshland on the south


bank after it was called out to help around 40 people who were partying


on the site last ngiht. The Humberside Fitties near Cleethorpes


is an area of mud sand and marshland. The coastguard says the


group was in potential danger from the high tide. Parents and teachers


in Lincolnshire are being told to be vigilant for signs of scarlet fever


in children. Public health officials say there's been an increase in


cases of the disease in the East Midlands. It causes a pink red rash


but is uncommon these days and usually mild. The organisers of


England Macros oldest horse race aid donors have helped save the event


which is become too expensive. It's one every year over the Yorkshire


Wells but growing crowds forced the organisers to introduce wide`ranging


health and safety measures, increasing the cost of running the


race. It's hoped it can remain free to watch. Newcastle manager Alan


Pardew has apologised after head`butting David Myler at the KC


Stadium today. He was sent off for the clash after attempting to


retrieve the ball to take a throw in the fourth of the match ended in aid


of appointing 4`1 defeat for whole city. An equaliser denied Scunthorpe


the chance to go probably too. They came away with a 2`2 draw at


Newport. In the conference, there were victories for Lincoln city and


Grimsby town. Let's get the weather. Hello again. It's going to be a cold


night on the cards. Clear spells initially meaning the temperatures


will fall away sharply during the first part of the night. Through the


night, the cloud will increase from the West and that's going to bring


some rain. On the higher ground, could fall as hill snow. The


temperatures will turn to around three Celsius. Ice could be a


problem first thing on Sunday morning. It is going to be a fairly


cloudy start to the day. As we go into the afternoon, a band of rain


moving in and turning things wet. You will be able to see more on the


head but we had been telling you about on Match Of The Day to night


as well as all the action from the Premier League.


That's all from us. We are back tomorrow. Do enjoy the rest of your


weekend. Good night. Hello. For some of us, it was quite


a decent state, some sunshine around, but not the case right now


in Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland, chilly with some rain as


well, you will have to warm yourself up a bit this evening. Rain on the


way for tomorrow, this is the cloud streaming out of the Atlantic, this


will be in place over our neighbourhood for most of tomorrow,


you will need the umbrella. Here and now first of all, this cloud is


bringing wet weather into Northern Ireland and western parts of


Scotland, quite a chilly night, cold enough for hill snow across parts of


Scotland. To the south of that, mainly rain and drizzle. In the


early hours of Sunday, if you are on the roads in Northern Ireland, take


it steady, they could be ice, parts of Scotland too. Not


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