02/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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the evening session still to come. There is more throughout the evening


Good evening. An energy firl says it has no plans to carry out fracking


in parts of East Yorkshire, despite claims by local campaigners. Rathlin


Energy have applied to the Environment Agency to carry out


testing at sites near Beverley and Aldborough, which campaigners


believe are a precursor to fracking. They're calling on the comp`ny to be


more transparent. Here at Walkington in East Xorkshire


the ground has already been prepared for oil and gas exploration.


Canadian`owned Rathlin Energy Limited already have a licence to


search for oil and gas. The company has now applied to the Environment


Agency to carry out what's know n as a "mini fall off test" or


"mini`frack" both here and `t another site in Aldborough. This


sort of test, claims Greenpdace is used to check whether a well is


suitable for fracking. IU scaremongering? It is thdre on


the application in black and white, will you be injecting liquids into


this well? Yes. Then they go on to describe a procedure that is a


precursor to fracking. I wotld love to hear the explanation to this


Fracking involves drilling down into the gas bearing shale rock `nd


injecting a mixture of water, sand and chemicals under high prdssure.


This fractures the rock, releasing shale gas which flows back to ground


level. The process has been blamed for causing small earthquakds and


contaminating water supplies in the USA.


In a statement, the company said that they are not, they say that a


well testing programme is there to... Not shield gas, and no


fracking is involved. `` sh`le gas. But campaigners say they ardn't


satisfied with the companies assurances, and will continte to


oppose its application. One of the country's youngest mayors


is warning that many women can't afford to go into politics. There's


been a fierce debate over how much local councillors should get paid


after members of Lincolnshire County Council voted to increase their


allowances by 23%. I think we need to be careftl that


we don't end up in a situathon where only independently wealthy people or


people who are retired or pdople whose partner's can support them,


are able to go into local Government.


Flood warnings have been issued for parts of Hull tonight ahead of high


tides. Parts of the city centre were flooded during the tidal surge in


December. The Environment Agency says today's warnings, the second


highest level of alert, are precautionary.


Hull City manager Steve Bruce says he accepts Alan Pardew's apology for


head`butting midfielder Davhd Meyler. The incident at the KC


yesterday overshadowed a 4`0 defeat for the Tigers. The Newcastle


manager has been fined ?100,000 by his club and is now facing `n


investigation from the FA. Lis Henderson reports.


An angry flash point in a frantic game. Newcastle manager Alan Pardew


headbutting David Meyler angered when he midfielder shoved p`st him


in an attempt to retrieve the ball. A yellow card for Meyler, more


expensive for Pardew. Sent to the stands and facing a ?100,000 fine


from Newcastle and an investigation from the FA. I didn't mean no


damage, but I didn't my head forward. I was just trying to push


him away really with my head. I shouldn't have done that. I


apologise to everyone. We whll accept the apology. I think it has


been big and brave enough to come out and apologise, which yot would


expect. Everybody can get c`rried away. But not everyone's so


forgiving. There were calls today for Pardew to be sacked or given a


10`match ban. Do it on the street and you would be arrested.


Hopefully, the FA will do something more serious. Hull City's 4`1 defeat


has largely been overshadowdd by the touchline incident. There wdre


chances for the Tigers, but the only goal came from Curtis Davies. In the


end, it was mistakes, like this which gifted Newcastle their third


goal which cost the Tigers dear A game which for many will be best


forgotten all round. Scunthorpe United missed out on the


chance to go top of League Two yesterday after a 2`2 draw `t


Newport County. Second`half goals from Paddy Madden and this from Dave


Syers looked to have given The Iron the win. But a 90th minute dqualiser


meant they had to share the points. Hull FC's Super League game against


Warrington ended in a close defeat. After going down 18`6 at half`time,


the Black and Whites pulled back to leave the final score Warrington


Wolves 18, Hull FC 16. Let's have a look at the we`ther.


The rain continues to spread from the West as we head through the


evening. There will be the odd heavy burst, but it will continue to


clear. With the start to get a clearance from the West, whdre we


have a breeze we will see temperatures dropping to around two


or three Celsius. A touch of frost is possible. They could even be so


mist or fog. It would be agd early start tomorrow, across southern part


of Lincolnshire more cloud `nd rain, but elsewhere variabld cloud,


some sunny spells and temperatures rising to around about seven or


eight Celsius. Tuesday, mord in the way cloud, top temperature of 1


Celsius. `` in the way of cloud We are back at 10:15pm. I hope you


can join me then. will be back.


Good evening. The chances are, you are enjoying your evening on a nice


warm sofa while it rains outside. Pretty heavy rain in parts of the


country and for tomorrow morning, wrap up warmly, it will be a cheap


upstart right across the country. This is where the rain is right now


from Portsmouth to London across to the north-east and the east of the


country and it will push out into the North Sea. Not all of the rain


will clear away but it will be cold enough for some icy stretches across


parts of Northern Ireland, the Northwest of England, too, but




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