08/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's it for now. Our next bulletin on BBC One will be at the


earlier-than-usual time of 4.25pm this


Good afternoon. The sisters of Jade Etherington have spoken of their


pride at watching their sister win the first medal at the Wintdr games.


This is Jade's first event `t the Winter Paralympics in Sochi. And her


first medal here. It makes Jade the first British female ever to win a


skiing medal at the Winter Games. It hasn't really sunk in yet. I just


really excited. I'm an official Paralympian no, it's


a great feeling. Jade and hdr guide Caroline have spent months preparing


for the Paralympics. Jade is partially sighted so relies on


Caroline in front to guide her around the course. What was like


watching your sister compethng this morning? Back in Lincolnshire, her


three sisters have been spe`king about her success. And they couldn't


be prouder. I feel relieved for her and I think it will help to calm her


nerves, so hopefully she can do just as well in her other events.


Praise too from the Prime Mhnister. He tweeted this earlier. Jade will


compete here again on Mondax. But first, time to recover from this


bump at the end of the race. And celebrate her silver medal, along


with her birthday tomorrow. Police say a body found in woodland


in Lincolnshire yesterday afternoon is that of a missing Americ`n


tourist. Denise Grey, who w`s 5 , went missing on Monday. She had


arrived in this country before Christmas to stay with a frhend she


met online. Police say therd are no suspicious circumstances.


Very sad news and our hearts go out to the family and all concerned We


are all really rather shockdd here in the village that such an event


could take place here. Anything we can do, we will be happy to do.


Hull City are 90 minutes aw`y from playing at Wembley for only the


second time in their historx. The Tigers face Sunderland at the KC


Stadium tomorrow having alrdady beaten their opponents twicd in the


league this season. Manager Steve Bruce says it's a great opportunity


for his team. We've got a wonderful chancd. But


then again, there's eight tdams left and everyone has got a chance. As we


saw last year in the compethtion, Wigan,me old club Wigan won the


thing, which I think everybody got a delight. The League Cup before that,


Swansea won it. It is a competition so`called smaller teams can win


And that game will be live on BBC Radio Humberside on all frepuencies


tomorrow lunchtime. Kick off is at two.


In rugby league, there were mixed results for the two Hull te`ms last


night. Hull FC dominated thdir match with Bradford to win 44`16. Hull


Kingston Rovers lost 38`18 `t St Helens.


Let's take a look at the wedkend weather forecast, here's Kax


Crewdson. Hello there. Good afternoon. It s


going to remain dry and bredzy with sunshine continuing to spre`d up


from the south as we head into this afternoon. All parts brightdning up


in the sunshine and top temperatures rising to about 14 degrees. A fresh


breeze from the south. This evening it stays dry. It will stay puite


breezy, and overnight tonight it will be quite mild as well.


Temperatures no more than sdven degrees. The breeze will be moderate


from the south. That's all from the lunchtile team.


We're back at the slightly darlier than normal time of half past four


this afternoon. Good afternoon. Our weekend forecast


did include some sunshine and warmth but was never going to be


wall-to-wall across the whole country. We started with a lot of


mist and murk and cloud but you can see how, to the south, sunshine has


been breaking through. More cloud further north and a weather front


still producing some rain across the northern and western isles with some


strong wind across parts of Scotland. A breezy afternoon for the


rugby in Murrayfield but it should be dry if a little overcast. Drive


in Northern Ireland through the afternoon. Some brighter spells


started to develop across northern England but it's always further


south where we got the best of sunshine. A bit breezy but 15 or 16




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