15/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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with a full round-up of the news at quarter past ten this evening. Now


it's Good evening. Firefighters `nd


members of the public have taken part in a protest march in Grimsby,


over plans to merge two fird stations in the town as part of


budget cuts. Humberside Fird and Rescue says it will still bd able to


meet response standards ` btt some claim the changes will put lives at


risk. Phillip Norton has more. Setting off from a fire station


facing closure on a march around housing areas it protects, Serving


firefighters, their families, even fire victims were among those


calling for a re`think. It will increase the risk of a catastrophe.


We are passionate about it. That is why we are here today. Therd are two


fire engines covering this Sparta Grimsby. `` this part of. One will


go completely, one will be loved miles away. Every second cotnts in a


fire. There is a delay, the risk to the people involved is greater.


There is of the river, the railway station, the new houses thex are


building, this is bizarre. What on earth is possessing them? I have


dealt with numerous incidents, very seriously, dealt with successfully,


I am proud to say, but with the closure of the station, thex will


wait longer if there arsenal incidents and the outcome m`y not be


as successful. `` if they are similar incidents. Humberside Fire


and Rescue service has to m`ke savings of more than ?5 million It


says it carried out a 12 wedk consultation with staff and the


public in Grimsby, and the option to remove an appliance from thd Grimsby


area was the overall favourdd option. But campaigners herd say


their fight will go on. North Lincolnshire Council has been


accused of "sucking the lifdblood out of Scunthorpe town centre" by


allowing out of town shopping centres to be built. Dorothx Perkins


and Burton closed down todax ` the latest of several big name stores to


shut in the town centre. But the council says it is attracting new


business. This council has done nothing but suck the lifeblood out


of our town centre. Hundreds of jobs have been lost. They say thdy will


create jobs on a new retail Park. Times are difficult but I al really


pleased that we have been able to attract more business. More business


interest. In 18 months we h`ve created 600 new jobs. Hull City s


vice chairman Ehab Allam has told the BBC they'll ballot season ticket


holders about the club's proposed name change in the next couple of


weeks. The club has already applied to the FA to change its namd to Hull


Tigers ` with a decision dud next month. News of the ballot follows a


disappointing afternoon for the Tigers at the KC Stadium. They lost


2`0 to Manchester City after goals from David Silva and Edin Dzeko ` in


spite of opposition captain Vincent Kompany being sent off. Ask


supporters. Have a democrathc vote. I will go with the name change. It


rests with the FA. If they don't want the name change, they weren't.


I sick to death of the questions. You know my forts.


Scunthorpe United have extended their record unbeaten run to 21


games. The Iron beat Plymouth Argyle 2`0. Grimsby Town beat Wrexham `1,


and Lincoln City beat Braintree 2`0. Time for the weather now with


Jennifer Bartram. It is a cloudy end to the d`y. Quite


breezy. The cloud will thicken, that should keep temperatures from


falling too low. Overnight they will get down to about seven Celsius It


will be a mild start on Sunday morning. Sunny spells going through


the Dave. The window picked up. That's all from us. A reminder that


there's a behind the scenes look at York Minster on BBC One tomorrow.


Cameras have spent the last year filming there. A new series ` cold


The Minster ` starts at 4:44pm. We'll be back tomorrow. Goodbye


Good evening. Today's weather perhaps not quite as exciting as the


afternoon's sporting events but nevertheless, there was sparkling


sunshine on offer across England, Wales and also eastern Scotland


Temperatures responded favourably. A disappointing 9C for western


Scotland under that cloud with rain. Some showers will continue through


the night. We could potentially see gusts of winds of 40-50mph here But


with the winds around it will stay fog-free. Not a cold night either.


We start off with this rain up to the extreme north and west with


showery rain perhaps for the north coast of Northern Ireland. Thicker


cloud across western fringes. More cloud around but maybe to the east


of the Pen nines and down to the south corner we start off with some


sunshine and here it may linger through much of the day. More of a


breeze than we have


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