16/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News


Good evening. Taxi drivers in Grimsby claim there has been a


significant increase in violence towards them. A new group in the


town called Taxis for Change say it is getting so bad that it could lead


to a shortage of night time drivers. Roy has been a Taxi Driver for 13


years. He says more recently violence has increased. This month


he was the victim of an attempted robbery by a. You get people who do


a runner. That was the first thing going through my mind. Then I


realised it was more than that. I was a key. A colleague of mine came


far worse off. Ended up in hospital as a result. I believe we are easy


target and are very vulnerable. Police are urging drivers not to


pick up people if they think they look suspicious. Groups of people


will wake till they get to the destination and they will rob their


takings. We see more of that at weekends. Nursing to taxi drivers,


if something doesn't look right, don't stop for that person. Group


has been found in the town with more than 70 members. They say violence


could lead to a shortage of drivers during the night. It is quite bad


now. I have been assaulted three times. It is now getting to the


stage where people are going to stop going out at my.


Right now only drives during the day.


I will only pick up people from outside our home or workplace. He is


now going to install CCTV inside his cab. Each wants all drivers to do


the same. Lincolnshire skier Jade Etherington


says she was honoured to lead out Team GB at the closing ceremony of


the Winter Paralympics in Sochi this afternoon. It follows a hugely


successful games for the partially sighted skier in which she won four


medals. The most successful British woman in


the history of the Winter Paralympics leads out Team GB during


today's closing ceremony in Sochi. Four medals in four separate events


was enough for Lincolnshire's Jade Etherington and her guide Caroline


Powell to break a record that has stood since 1984. And it could have


been more. Illness prevented Jade from competing in her last race, the


Giant Slalom, this morning. On Twitter she said she was gutted, but


that soon turned to joy when she revealed she had been chosen as the


Team GB flagbearer. She said she was honoured to have been selected and


hoping she would be well enough. A proud moment for her families and


supporters back home. And Jade is due to arrive back in


the UK tomorrow. Parts of the A158 in Lincolnshire


have been closed in both directions for most of the afternoon because of


a crash. The road in Fulnetby was closed because of what police


described as a serious accident involving a car and a motorcycle.


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire MPs are urging the Chancellor to invest


in the region, ahead of Wednesday's Budget. Many are hoping George


Osborne will give the go`ahead to the electrification of the Hull to


Selby rail line. MPs from all sides say families in our area need a


helping hand from the government. Obviously we want to see the


electrification of the real`life. We have some local asks as well as


national ones. The big wish list would be killed more social and


council housing. That stimulates the whole economy.


Rugby league, and Hull FC have narrowly lost to Castleford Tigers.


The Black and Whites led for much of the game, but ended up losing 19`16.


Football, and Scunthorpe United boss Russ Wilcox says he's relieved to


have ended a run of four straight draws with a win at Plymouth


yesterday. The Iron extended their unbeaten run to twenty one games.


Dave Syers scored this in the 79th minute ` his tenth of the season.


Substitute Hakeeb Adelakun then caused the ball to rebound off the


Plymouth keeper for the second. The result leaves them second in League


Two. You will be able to watch all the


highlights from that game tomorrow night, on Late Kick Off which starts


at 11:20pm on BBC One. You can then see highlights of the


Hull FC game and Hull KR against Wigan after that. That is on the


Super League Show at 11:50pm. It has been a fairly blustery day


for many of us. We have seen is in decent spells of sunshine. However


the cloud has thickened as we have headed through towards the evening.


That will stay with us for most of the night. The wind will be breezy


from the West. Temperatures dropping back to around eight degrees. Mild


start to Monday morning. In the way of cloud and we have seen today.


Will be some breaks. For most of us, it will be fairly dull and overcast.


Temperatures looking at around highs of ten and 11 degrees. As we head


into Tuesday, we might see the odd spot of light rain or drizzle as a


weather front moves through. Again, a fairly cloudy day. It will be


breezy. Temperatures up to a high of 14.


We are back at 10:15pm. Enjoy your evening. Goodbye.


Good evening. Apologies for sounding Southeast centric, but it is


difficult when London had a high of 20 this afternoon, 68 Fahrenheit.


Lovely sunshine across England, Wales and eastern Scotland. Some


cloud on west facing coasts, and they struggle to get into double


figures. More cloud in the week ahead. Brain from time to time and


not quite as warm as we have had in recent days. -- rain. There will be


cloud dragging across the country through the night. Showery rain


continuing in the north-west of Scotland. The winds will ease down


overnight. We start off on a breezy night in Scotland. The rain will


intensify for a time as it pushes off into the northern eyes, slowly


easing during the afternoon. Elsewhere, a cloudy start to the


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