22/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good afternoon. Soldiers will parade through


Grantham later to mark the disbandment of their regiment and a


formation of a new one. The parade will mark the disbandment of 160


Transport Regiment which has been based at Prince William of


Gloucester Barracks since 1995. At the same, a new unit will be formed


` the 160 Lincoln Squadron based in Sobraon Barracks in Lincoln.


Veteran Lincolnshire MP Sir Peter Tapsell says he expects his


Conservative group to choose a replacement within months. The


member for Louth and Horncastle, who's the longest`serving MP in the


Commons, confirmed his decision to stand down last night. He didn't


comment on reports that London Mayor Boris Johnson may stand for his


seat. But says his successor has a lot of hard work to do. I am staying


on for another 14 months. I am merely, as a matter of courtesy and


sense, telling the association I am giving them one year of warning to


not stand again. So they can get a jolly good candidate. And he would


take one year to get well`known, it is a very big city.


Hull City manager Steve Bruce says his team face a pivotal time in


their Premier League season. George Boyd will miss today's game with


West Bromwich Albion after being suspended for spitting at Manchester


City's Joe Hart last weekend. Bruce says both teams need the points


today. A big game for both clubs. And if we can win it, it would set


us up very nicely for the most pivotal couple of weeks, I think. We


have got back`to`back away games after this one in quick succession.


So if we can get off and running to a good start tomorrow, it will be


terrific. That game is on BBC Radio


Humberside's FM frequency later today. Scunthorpe's game with Burton


is on AM. Grimsby Town travel to Nuneaton Town. You can hear that on


Digital and online. And Lincoln City are also away, they make the journey


to Gateshead. BBC Radio Lincolnshire have that game from 2pm.


Hundreds of shire horses from across Europe are in Grantham this weekend.


The Shire Horse Society's National Show is the world's largest


gathering of the breed. Spectators are coming from Australia and the


USA, as Kate Sweeting reports. When you are a champion shire horse


stallion, getting ready takes time. This is Benefactor and his owner Ron


Calder has been breeding these animals since the 1970s. They are


gentle giants. Now everyone has come to use them in riding and it is a


great pleasure to see them, and just have them for pleasure. They are


getting ready for the Shire Horse Society's national show which is


taking place in Grantham this weekend. It is attracting 300


enthusiasts from all over the world. Hard to believe, then, that this


breed was once on the brink of extinction. In the early 60s we were


down to only about 14 horses that year, and gradually we have managed


to increase the numbers since then. We are at about 400 a year now, but


they are still recognised as a rare breed in the country.


This weekend, the competition will be fierce but Ron is hoping that he


and Benefactor can bring home some silverware.


It has been a bright start to the day.


Let's get the weather forecast now, with Jennifer Bartrum.


Hello there. After a bright morning for many of us, we will see more in


the way of showers this afternoon. Some of the showers could be fairly


heavy, we could see some hail and thunder, possibly even sleet and


snow over the higher ground. It is going to be a chilly day,


temperatures no higher than eight or nine degrees. The showers continue


overnight, we could see some problems with ice by tomorrow


morning, it is going to be a chilly night, temperatures dipping back to


around three degrees Celsius. A chilly start to Sunday, showers


continuing with bright spells in between.


chilly start to Sunday, showers Not so great then. That is all from


us for a lunchtime. Goodbye. Hello. The weekend started with


snowcapped hills and blue sky. Since then, more clout has built and the


showers have broken out widely. Some heavy downpours and hell stones. --


he'll stones. This is all part and parcel of the colder weather


weekend. There is a wintry


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