22/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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the Stephen, it could even more significant -- end of the season. I


will be Good evening from BBC Look North.


Soldiers have paraded in Gr`ntham today to mark the disbandment of


their regiment. The 160 Transport Regiment has been based at Prince


William of Gloucester Barracks since 1995. As that regiment disb`nded, a


new unit was formed ` the 160 Lincoln Squadron based in Sobraon


Barracks. Simon Spark saw today s events.


A parade to say goodbye. After 9 years based here at the Prince


William of Gloucester Barracks in Grantham, the disbandment p`rade of


160 Transport Regiment Royal Logistics Corps. Changes th`t are


part of the army's restructtring review. We have been changing for


hundreds of years. And we h`ve a tendency to change for the better.


We have done it so many timds in the past, here we are again changing.


But we are changing to deliver capability. We are changing to be


relevant. Their role providdd transport of combat supplies and


heavy lifting capability to support the regular army. Many had seen


lives lost during their timd, increasing the poignancy of the day.


Emotions running high. Lots of friends who have come and gone over


the years, lost lots of fridnds in tours and things like that. So those


thoughts are at the forefront of my mind. Yes, very sad. Very s`d. There


is a number of colleagues now, friends, who have already ldft


because there are no avenues for them to progress on because of the


disbandment and the loss of this regiment, unfortunately. It is mixed


emotions. Some people think it is good, some people don't. Evdry new


change we will take on board and deal with it as best as we can. The


flag bearing the emblem of the phoenix was lowered for a fhnal time


but in its spirit, 160 Lincoln Squadron will now be formed to


become part of the 158 Transport Regiment based at theSobraon


Barracks in Lincoln. Veteran Lincolnshire MP Sir Peter


Tapsell says he expects his Conservative group to choosd a


replacement within months. The member for Louth and Horncastle


who's the longest`serving MP in the Commons, confirmed his decision to


stand down last night. He dhdn't comment on reports that London Mayor


Boris Johnson may stand for his seat. But says his successor has a


lot of hard work to do. I al staying on for another 14 months. I will


continue. I am merely, as a matter of courtesy and says, telling the


association, I am giving thdm one year warning that I will not stand


again so they can get a jolly good candidate and he will take one year


to get well`known. It is a constituency.


Onto today's football now, `nd Hull City were taking on West Bromwich


Albion today at the KC Stadhum. The Tigers scored two goals in the first


half, the first through Leroy Rosenior after Jelavic had his


penalty saved. Shane Long then scored against his old team, to make


it a comfortable win for Hull. In League Two, Scunthorpe United


took the lead on the hour through Paddy Madden, and although Gary


McSheffrey then missed a penalty, they held out for another whn.


In the Conference, Lincoln City went to Gateshead and were beaten 3` .


Jon Nolan got their goal. Btt it was better news for Grimsby Town. They


beat Nuneaton 1`0 with a go`l from Alex Rodman.


In Rugby League, Hull Kingston Rovers are still searching for their


first win of the season as they take on Bradford tomorrow. Rovers have


only a single point on the board, but are above the Bulls in the table


after the Yorkshire club were docked points. We have seen signs of


improvement every week put ht is about us doing the little things our


game plan for 80 minutes. `` doing the little things well and dxecuting


our game plan. That game is on BBC Radio


Humberside's AM frequency tomorrow, as well as on digital radio and


online. Hull FC take on Widnes at the KC Stadium. That's on FL and


online. A record total of more than ?51 million was raised during last


night's Sport Relief across the country. And today the Boston


Wheelers Cycling Club compldted their 300 mile cycle challenge which


took them to all four corners of Lincolnshire, so well done to them.


Let's get the weather forec`st now, with Jennifer Bartrum.


The shares we have seen tod`y will continue through the night. They


could be fairly heavy in pl`ces and on the higher ground we could see


some sleet and snow. They whll fade away by dawn, but it is going to be


a chilling night. Temperatures dropping back to two or thrde


degrees. It is going to be ` chilly start to Sunday, watch out for some


patches of ice where we havd had those showers, on the hole that is


going to be a dry day, some of the showers continuing along thd coast


and temperatures getting up to nine Celsius.


We were thinking the spring had come. We were foiled again. That is


all from us this evening. Enjoy the weekend. Goodbye.


moment, still hale and thunder too. As we turn the wind north-westerly,


these areas will bear the brunt of the showers


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