23/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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first British champion. That is it for now.


Good evening. Independent traders in Beverley say


the disruption caused by the refurbishment of the market place


has lost them thousands of pounds in business. They're calling on the


council to do more to advertise the fact that the works are coming to an


end in the hope of attracting more shoppers back to the town. Caroline


Bilton reports. They've been working on this for


over a year but the end is finally in sight. In four weeks' time, the


transformation of Beverley's Saturday Market will be complete but


for local traders here, it has come at a cost. It has affected takings


really badly. I would say that currently we are taking about half


of what we would normally take in a week at the same time of year.


Emma Curtis runs this clothing boutique ` she fears the work may


have put people off shopping here. People now need to be encouraged


back. There needs to be a lot of good advertising about it, work


coming to an end and Beverley is open for business and there are lots


of fantastic shops here. This has been a controversial scheme


from the start when protests took place to keep the cobbles. It lead


to a compromise being made by the council but it also meant the work


would take a further ten weeks. I think always the worry is that you


think, have people find somewhere else to go in the meantime? `` have


people found somewhere else to go? And that we don't know until it has


all cleared up and people start to come back. The work was planned


extremely carefully. We carried out work on footpaths in the first


instance so we maintained access to every business in Beverley at all


times. The key message for me is, Beverley is open for business. There


are other car parks just off the Market Square, off Lairgate, off New


Watergate, all the businesses are open and have been open throughout


this period of work. It has been awkward to get around but it has


been worth it in the end, I think. It looks really good. We thought the


disabled parking was at that end but now you can't drive through, you


have to come out and come round. It will be safer for the pedestrians,


I'd imagine, but a bit confusing for the cars. You just can't get parked.


They have made a whole mess of the place. I think something had to be


done. Whether we have got best value for money...


This jewellery store has also seen a drop in trade, but it's hoping the


works will benefit them in the long`term. It's cost ?2.6m ` traders


here are counting down the days to find out if it's enough to entice


shoppers back to this town. Caroline Bilton, BBC Look North, Beverley.


A credit union which offers loans has secured ?200,000 to expand its


services in Grimsby. Supporters of the project say it's essential to


stop people signing up for high`interest loans. Seven new jobs


at the union are being created with the money. With the welfare reforms


that have been happening over the last two or three years, a lot of


people are in a lot of need and therefore, as the council, we have


invested a lot of money in order to bring the credit union into the


21st`century, fit for purpose. Onto Rugby League, and both Hull


teams have been in action. It was an afternoon to forget for Hull FC as


they lost 7`0 to Widnes. But it was better news for Hull Kingston


Rovers. They beat Bradford 16`0. In football, Hull City are eight points


above the Premier League relegation places after beating West Brom 2`0.


And in League Two, Scunthorpe United are in second after another narrow


win. Simon Spark has the details. Shane Long was the centre of


attention as the team he left in January were the visitors to the KC


Stadium, and his was a pivotal role as Hull eased their relegation


concerns. The Irishman went down in the area to earn a penalty that Ben


Foster saved from Nikica Jelavic, before Liam Rosenior headed in for


his first goal since October 2009. Six minutes later, Long then added


the second, after West Brom had failed to clear a corner. The second


half was less eventful, with Long's strike against the post from 20


yards the highlight for the home team, but Steve Bruce had targeted


ten wins for survival this season, and the Tigers now have nine.


Overall, we have managed to take the points off the teams that really are


going to be around us. Today was that day. We have not played well on


the day, but we have done enough, we have done enough with our resilience


and attitude to get a result which obviously is very important at this


stage. In League Two, Paddy Madden's goal


was enough to beat Burton and move Scunthorpe United into second. The


Iron had not managed a shot on target until Madden's second`half


volley, and despite having a penalty saved, they stretched their club


record unbeaten run to 22 games. Shire horses from across Europe have


been in Grantham this weekend. The Shire Horse Society's National Show


is the world's largest gathering of the breed. Spectators have come from


as far afield as Australia and the USA for the event which showcases


the Society's work protecting the endangered breed. We have got people


here from America, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Switzerland.


England is the home of the shire horse. A lot of people come from


overseas where there are quite big shire horse populations because they


want to see the best. And this is where the best is, this show.


Let's get the weather now, with Kay Crewdson.


Hello. Good evening. A fair few showers that will continue but they


will fizzle out as we had overnight. All parts dry. The breeze will stay


fairly light and we will have predominantly clear skies. A frost


forming overnight tonight, temperatures dropping to below


freezing. A cold and frosty start tomorrow morning, watch out for ice


where we have had showers, but it is going to be a fine start, dry and


bright, plenty of sunshine through the day tomorrow. The breeze


freshens from the south, temperatures rise to around 10


degrees. temperatures rise to


Good night. Hello. Following today's showers,


tonight is going to be much colder. Clear skies, light winds, a recipe


for a widespread frost. Sharp showers for the next couple of


hours. From East Yorkshire


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