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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight: Calls


for an inquiry as a flagship school closes after less than two xears.


It's completely unprecedentdd and it's extraordinary, in fact. How


could you possibly open a school and have it close within 18 months? We


need a very thorough and independent enquiry.


It was supposed to strengthdn business links but flights from


Humberside Airport to Copenhagen are scrapped.


After the tidal surge, a promise Boston's tidal barrier will be ready


ahead of schedule. And how of the country's most


notorious cases is taking a Hull entrepreneur to Hollywood.


Rain will continue in places through this evening but it should become


mostly dry overnight. Join le later live in Boston for the full


forecast. It opened just 18 months ago but


tonight there are calls for an inquiry as a Hull secondary school


announces it will close bec`use it's claimed there is a lack of students.


Around 100 pupils attend thd Hull Studio School in the city cdntre and


many of them face having thdir education disrupted following the


announcement it will shut at the end of August. The idea of the school


when it opened was to focus on business and enterprise and get


students ready for the world of work. Caroline Bilton reports.


For some students this opportunity is exciting. When it opened it was a


pioneer ` just one of seven colleges in the UK to offer a new type of


education but in less than two years its closing, leaving the future of


some of its 90 students hanging in the balance. I had to check the date


on the calendar because I honestly thought it was an April fool's joke.


This parent wanted to remain anonymous to protect her chhld's


future education. We'd had no warning at all from the school or


any of the authorities... Nothing. We were totally in the dark. We


don't know what's going on. So we don't know where in Septembdr our


child is going to be. The studio school day will not be a 9al to 3pm


experience. It's sponsored by Hull College but what is a studio school?


It was a new concept in education that started back in 2010. They re a


type of academy designed for pupils aged between 14 and 19 and they


offer practical skills in the workplace as well as tradithonal


academic and vocational studies In a statement the trust that runs the


schools says that the closure is down to increased competition across


the city. And it has struggled to recruit the number of students


necessary to secure its viability. They say they'll work with pupils to


help them find an appropriate destination to continue thehr


learning. The Department for Education gave ?170,000 to the trust


when the school was set up. Some believe an inquiry should t`ke


place. This is completely unprecedented. It is extraordinary.


How could you open a school, spend a lot of money on it and have it close


in 18 months. I think it has national implications. We nded to


get to the bottom of this. Ht's aimed to teach them about the world


of work ` for students here they're getting a taste of the realhty a


little earlier than they wotld have liked.


No one from the Hull Studio School, its sponsors or the Departmdnt for


Education was available for interview. Earlier I spoke to the


principle of the Midland sttdio school which has been rated as


outstanding. We were obviously disappointed for Hull and otr


colleagues. The studio school model we have found has been very


successful. We believe it h`s a future for young people. Yot said


the school is less like a conveyor belt, but unfortunately youngsters


here want to get on that conveyor belt, they are blaming a lack of


numbers coming forward. Why do you think that is? We are finding young


people want a different typd of learning. They don't just w`nt a


range of qualifications, thdy want skills that will make them had and


shoulders above everybody else when it comes to the world of work.


Something has gone wrong because your type of school, there hs a lack


of accountability. This school announces it is going after 18


months, ?170,000 gone. Therd is no accountability? I disagree, they


accountability is the same `s any Academy in the UK. We are hdld to


account by Ofsted, they use the same framework. Judging by teachhng and


learning and quality of education we provide is the same. We recdived


outstanding at our studio school so that proves the model can work.


We want to hear from you on this story, maybe you go to the Hull


Studio School or you might have an opinion on academy schools no matter


where you live. If you want to get in touch, the


usual address: Thanks to everyone who got hn touch


about the Nu T strike yesterday Across our part of the world, 1 of


our schools fully closed with 1 0 partially closed. Just a few of your


messages: Flights from Humberside airport to


Copenhagen are being scrappdd. Those involved believed one of thd key


areas of trade would be the renewable sector. But Scandhnavian


Airlines has blamed disappohnting passenger numbers, as Emma Lassey


reports. Business as usual for KLM and


Eastern Airways. We are verx disappointed they have cancdlled the


route but there are other opportunities and we are cldar with


KLM and Eastern, it is an exciting time for the airport and thd region


itself. When operations beg`n in October last year the deal was seen


as a vote of confidence in the local economy. Denmark has pioneered the


use of renewable energy, whhch is expanding across the Humber region


with business links ever more important. Even this week's news


from Siemens confirming its commitment to renewable energy


investments in the area has not stopped the airline pulling out


Scandinavian airlines has s`id passenger demand was not as high as


anticipated. It made it unsustainable to continue flying


from Humberside airport. Thd route began at the end of October last


year, a five times a week sdrvice using a 50 seat aircraft. There have


been 14 cancellations due to weather and technical issues. News service


has been cancelled has not gone down well with business passengers


arriving today. A lot of people rely on airlines these days to go to and


from work. It is a good work `` airport. I hoped this airport would


grow as opposed to potential cut backs, but extremely disappointing.


We were very excited when they first announced the additional service


from Humberside airport to Durope will stop it is very much ndeded. It


has been short lived and I think the announcement is unfortunate and it


almost coincided with the positive news of the renewable energx sector.


With other airline operators using this airport successfully it's hope


that Scandinavian Airlines will return at some point in the future.


You might also have a view on this story, how damaging is todax's


announcement to the airport? Both Humberside and Lincolnshire


Police need to make improvelents to the way they handle domestic abuse.


That's according to a new rdport which says Humberside Policd has a


fragmented and inconsistent approach to dealing with cases.


Lincolnshire's force was described as being "generally effective", but


improvements are still needdd to keep victims safe. We have


specialist officers in domestic abuse and victims' services. We have


just started a programme to try and identify repeat victims, repeat


offenders and serial offenddrs ` those who offend against multiple


victims. We are trying to gdt more sophisticated in the way we deal


with those and the way we s`fety plan for victims within


Lincolnshire. North`east Lincolnshire Council says


the scheme to stop bogus callers has reached a milestone. Areas that sign


up to be a cold calling control zone are provided with warning shgns and


given advice on how to deter and avoid doorstep crime. Three streets


in Grimsby signed up this wdek bringing the total number of zones


to 100. It is not just a local problem, it is a national problem.


Knock on the door, so you h`ve something faulty with your roof


guttering and before you know it, Mrs Jones perhaps has handed over an


amount of money she can ill afford. They have taken the money, not done


the work and work still needs doing, she has to it twice.


Hall sitting goalkeeper is still in hospital after last night's defeat


to West Ham. On 100 years on, the World War I soldiers finallx laid to


rest. The Boston MP Mark Simmons has told


blogs nor the flood barrier in the town will be completed earlher than


expected. He says work should be finished by 2019. He has sahd he


will personally help anyone who is still struggling to get instrance.


800 homes and businesses were did by the tidal surge in December. As part


of the schoolroom port date, Damien, Harry, Courtney and Mia havd been


finding out how the town is four months after the flooding. This was


Boston in December, the tid`l surge led to water flowing over w`lls and


bridges and into homes and businesses.


We caught up with our MP who told us a lot of work is being done to


protect people in the futurd. The cost of the barrier and associated


works is 100 million. The advice I have received from the environment


agency, the body responsibld for building and maintaining flood


defences, is that had the b`rrier been in position on December the 5th


and sixth last year, no properties in Boston would have flooded. This


is the church known as the stump. There is still work to be done here.


It took a long time to dry out. We have problem with the woodwork


because we don't know how mtch damage has been done. We have the


electrics and the sound system still to do and we have the entird heating


system in the church. You whll have noticed it is a little bit cold


That is because we don't have a heating system. The flooding


affected many other students our school. The water came down my


street and it was about a cdntimetre until it came into my door. I wasn't


affected. It affected some of our friends and family. Some of the


clubs we go to were cancelldd. Will it happen again? A deep are` of low


pressure pushed across the north of the UK and it forced sea levels to


rise. As the low pressure ptshed away, the strong winds dragged it


towards the coast and that resulted in the coastal flooding. Thdy could


happen again but after the 43 flood defences put in place, and now more


work has been done. Work is underway in the tidal barrier and repairing


the flood defences. The barrier is due to be finished earlier than


expected by the middle of 2019. Well done to them, they did a


fantastic job. K is still in Boston, let's go to her for the fordcast.


Good evening. It has dry up here but it is chilly.


Let's take a look at the gr`phics. As we had through this evenhng,


patchy rain will continue in places. It could become heavier and more


persistent for a time. As wd head overnight, towards the end of the


night most parts should we drive. Temperatures will drop to around six


or seven degrees. So it shotld remain largely frost free. Cloudy


and a bit breezy as well. Tomorrow morning will be a cloudy st`rt,


there could be patchy rain `t first but all parts should be dry as we


had through the day. It will feel chilly again tomorrow. Eight or nine


degrees. The easterly breezd will make it feel chilly, especi`lly


along the coast. For the important Outlook, I have a guest. On Friday


we may see the chance for p`tchy rain at first but all parts should


clear. Still cloudy, temper`tures around nine degrees. As we go into


the weekend it may still be very cloudy especially around thd coast.


As we go further inland we lay see some hazy sunshine. Temperatures are


warming up to 12 degrees. Unfortunately, as we go into Monday


cannot we may see the rain `gain. That is the Outlook. That is the


Outlook, I think she did a great job. Thank you very much.


job. Thank you Let's thank them all. Damien, Harry,


Courtney and Mia. Well done to everyone, youngsters who have been


taking part today. A family from Lincolnshire can finally bury one of


their relatives who died in World War One. Ten soldiers who wdre


killed in October 1914 have been formally identified, includhng


Private William Singyard whose relatives live in Heckington. The


men served with second Batt`lion, The York and Lancaster Regilent


Here's Gemma Dawson: They fought for their country. Many killed hn action


with some families unaware of their final resting place. But now the


bodies of ten soldiers who have been identified five years after their


remains were found during btilding work in France. I can see the


resemblance to my father. Particularly around the eyes and


around the mouth. Barry provided his DNA and last week he got a letter


confirming his relative was one of the dead soldiers. He never even


knew about Private William @lfred Singyard, but has spent the last


week researching him at his home in Heckington. I felt more of ` bond,


more of a closeness. Some s`dness because since it's been confirmed,


I've been trawling genealogx websites and trying to find more


about his existence, his history, what he did. The Regiment wdre on


this road here. Colonel Geofrey Norton is an expert on the Regiment.


By nightfall, they were in ` position just south of this little


crossroads here. That is whdre the bodies were found on that crossroads


in 2009. He's spent the last few years helping to identify the dead


soldiers. Without DNA we wotld never have known who any of them were


They could have been buried the next year as unknown. It's wrong. This is


a wonderful way in which to honour the soldiers who died for us. Now,


nearly 100 years after their deaths in this war, the ten identified


soldiers will finally be giving us funeral with full military honours.


The record producer and rail campaigner, Peter Waterman hs urging


the government to speed up production of the High Speed Rail


Bill. The first stage of thd ?4 billion project is due to connect to


the capital with Birmingham. The second stage will link up whth


Manchester and Leeds. He cl`ims many parts of Yorkshire will bendfit You


have got to have the whole `rea so it spreads out so Bradford


benefits, York benefits, so over in Hull, places like that. It spreads.


Wealth is spread, that is the great thing about it. Let's hope the


people in our region will bdnefit after the Tour de France ard getting


access to free bikes and cycle training. This advert was rdleased


Lincolnshire's Paralympic skier Jade Etherington has been granted the


freedom of her home town. Although 2017 is rooted in Hull it is very


much an event for the whole Yorkshire community. We need to work


with our neighbouring cities, but also you take the Tour de France as


an international event, it's got great scope to pull in masshve


audiences and we want to showcase what we're going to be doing in 2017


so they come back. Lincolnshire's Paralympic skier Jade


Etherington has been granted the freedom of her home town. J`de


became the most successful British female Winter Paralympian when she


won four medals at Sochi. Bourne Town council voted unanimously last


night to give her the honour. Fantastic news.


The Hull City goalkeeper, Allan McGregor, is in hospital with kidney


damage after a collision th`t led to his sending off at West Ham. Despite


the home team winning 2`1, they were booed off by their fans at the end


of the game. Leanne Brown rdports. Hull City are still one short of the


ten victories that manager Steve Bruce has set as a survival target


after last night's result, but there was no shame in defeat. The game's


moment of controversy arrivdd in bizarre circumstance when Htll


City's goal keeper, Alan McGregor fouled Mohamed Diame, just loments


after the West Ham player appeared to control the ball with his hand.


It was the referee's assist`nt who instructed that a penalty should be


awarded and that was followdd with a red card to McGregor, who w`s hurt


in the collision and is still in hospital. Mark Noble converted the


penalty for the home team btt they failed to make the most of their


numerical advantage and Citx equalised early in the second half


when Tom Huddlestone's free`kick cannoned off Nikica Jelavic into the


goal. Just six minutes later though, a James Chester own goal gifted West


Ham victory, but it was the home side who were booed from thd pitch


despite the result. With ten men we were totally magnificent, the way we


played the game and still m`de it a spectacle. We played some good stuff


tonight, we played better tonight than we did on Saturday and we came


away with nothing tonight. Ht is a strange game at the moment, but we


go into Stoke confident with that performance and hope we can play


some good football. West Hal went above the Tigers in the Prelier


League table leaving Hull in 13th place, eight points above the


relegation places. A man from Hull who set up his own business telling


stories of the city's dark history has not only caught the eye of local


horror enthusiasts but also from Hollywood. He will be at an


alongside stars about a moddrn`day psychiatrist who begins to feel as


though he has been taken ovdr by the soul of Jack the Ripper. We have


been taking a closer look at the story. This building was once the


Customs house. In here, Robdrt Stevenson, a local man and ` Jack


the Ripper suspect worked for many years during the 1860s. Mikd ends is


living from his love of history he has a tour and lecture comp`ny which


delves into some of the darker sides of Hull, including its links with


Jack the Ripper. When you t`ke people through Hull, tell them about


the stories, especially when it comes to Jack the Ripper, they


affect did buy it. There ard 14 suspects linked to Hull. Mike says


in the past he has used his expertise as a Ripper`ologist,


someone who studies the Whitechapel murders to write books and `dvise


documentary makers. But now he says Hollywood has come knocking on his


door. I have been travelling all`round East Yorkshire dohng


lectures. The Virtual Tours have yet to take off, but higher not really


marketed them. But there have been contracts from Hollywood to help out


and advise on several Hollywood movies. Mike says the company has


helped him get noticed and his success has been highlighted why the


government. He used a ?1000 in new enterprise allowance to set up his


company, and according to the government, more than 40,000 people


have stopped claiming benefhts to run their own companies since it was


launched in 2011. Anybody c`n come with any idea for a business. Mike


has come along, he is doing tours across Hull. He came to us with an


idea. We have changed that hnto a business plan. For Mike, his buddy


of the Ripper began as a hobby after he had to stop work with a heart


condition `` heart condition. His love of the past might give him a


bright future. That is a great story. Let's have a


re`of the headlines: The big six energy companies are to be


investigated to see it they are charging customers too much.


Calls for an enquiry as a flagship school in hole closes after 18


and windy with outbreaks of rain in and windy with outbreaks of rain in


the morning. Most places drx in the afternoon. Around nine Celshus.


Just be for your e`mails and messages, some good news.


Congratulations to the Sund`y politics team who won the Rtby award


for the best politics show hn the English regions. Well done to them.


Talking about the Hull studho school. I am a student at the school


working out of a textbook every lesson is not teaching or ldarning.


Richard have been shut down earlier. I was promised so much, it hs the


biggest regret me going to that school.


Miami people, been there since it opened, going to miss it, the staff


have helped to me. Tracy sahd, maybe at the school was marketed better,


maybe more schools `` more pupils will have enrolled.


It is a bit late to find out about it now.


That is on the subject of the Hull studio school.


We are talking about flights ending from Humberside airport to


Copenhagen. They have only been running for six months. John says,


if Humberside airport opened up flights to Paris for weekend breaks


or Geneva for winter holidaxs, we would use it. But somehow no one


seems to be asking us where we want to go. We don't all want to go to


Amsterdam. John says, it was silly expdcting


the route to Copenhagen to be a success. Opening its root in winter


it would have been more success in the summer with people wanthng to go


on holiday. Colin says I went to book flights for a long weekend away


for my wife's birthday. I was shocked at the prices. It is


no wonder the estimated passenger count was down. Lower your prices.


That is it from me. Thanks for watching. Join me tomorrow on radio


BBC Humberside at midday. Look after yourself, have a good




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