27/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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there's a first look at the papers over on the BBC News Channel, but


are calls for an inquiry as 90 pupils face having their edtcation


disrupted following the announcement that a secondary school in Hull is


closing. Hull Studio School, which opened less than two years `go, was


designed to focus on business and enterprise. But there aren't enough


students to make it viable. Caroline Bilton reports.


For some students this opportunity is really exciting. When it opened


it was a pioneer, just one of seven colleges in the UK to offer a new


type of education. But in ldss than two years it's closing, leaving the


future of some of its 90 sttdents hanging in the balance.


I had to check the date on the calendar because I honestly thought


it was an April Fool's joke. This parent wanted to remain


anonymous to protect her chhld's future education.


We'd had no warning at all from the school or any of the authorhties.


Nothing. We were totally in the dark. We don't know what's going on.


A studio school day won't bd a nine our child is going to be.


A studio school day won't bd a nine to three experience. It's sponsored


by Hull College but what is a studio school? It was a new concept in


education that started back in 010. They're a type of academy ddsigned


for pupils aged between 14 `nd 9. And they offer practical skhlls in


the workplace as well as tr`ditional academic and vocational studies


In a statement the trust th`t runs the School says that the closure is


down to increased competition across the city. That in turn has leant


they have struggled to recrtit the number of pupils necessary to secure


its viability. They say thex'll work with pupils to help them find an


appropriate destination to continue their learning.


The Department for Education gave ?170,000 to the Trust when the


school was set up. Some belheve an inquiry should take place. Hn my


knowledge this is completelx unprecedented. It's extraordinary,


in fact. How could you posshbly open a school, spend a lot of money on it


and have it closed within 18 months. You can hardly make it up, ht is


quite extraordinary. I think it has national implications. We do need to


get to the bottom of this. It aimed to teach them about the


world of work. For students here they're getting a taste of the


reality a little earlier th`n they would have liked.


No`one from Hull Studio School, its sponsors or the Department of


Education was available for comment. Earlier I spoke to Adrian Joyce from


the teaching union the NASUWT and asked him whether there really was a


lack demand for such a vocational school.


This particular case, it sedms there is a lack of demand and


unfortunately there should be lots of pupils, especially with the


Siemens and the wind power coming to Hull, there should be lots of pupils


wanting a vocational career, a vocational pathway but for some


reason they're just not attdnding. Before the studio school opdned the


Department of Education said that following a consultation thdre was a


huge appetite for it. What's gone wrong in the past 18 months? There


is a huge demand for educathon that is vocational because many students


are fed up with education that is weighing their intellect, wdighing


their ability and effort and they need a vocational course. Wd would


have thought this would havd been a successful route for them. Xet it


hasn't been successful, has it? No, nobody really knows why and it's


such a shame when you have students in Hull who could be doing good


things. It does seem perhaps a complete waste of ?170,000 that the


Department of Education contributed to the cost of this school. That


could be money spent elsewhdre. Exactly, that's one of the concerns


that unions have and the NASUWT are concerned about free schools and


studio schools where money hs taken away from the community schools and


students are taken away out of community schools and there isn t


the accountability. It's cldar this was a new way of educating


youngsters with a focus on business and enterprise. Do you think more


could have been done to support the school? It's an interesting


question. The studio school approach has allegedly been tried in Germany


and has been successful. We like to look at other countries and see what


ideas they have but for somd reason here in Hull it has not been


successful, which is a shamd, because there are people losing jobs


and there are students whosd dreams and hopes are going to be thwarted.


Adrian Joyce from the teachhng Union the NASUWT speaking to me e`rlier


Both Humberside and Lincolnshire Police need to make improvelents to


the way they handle domestic abuse. That's according to a new rdport


which says Humberside Policd has a fragmented and inconsistent approach


to dealing with cases. Lincolnshire's force was described


as being generally effectivd, but improvements are still needdd to


keep victims safe. After just than six months, flights


from Humberside Airport to Copenhagen are being scrappdd. When


it was launched, those involved believed one of the key are`s of


trade would be the renewablds sector. But Scandinavian Airlines


has blamed disappointing passenger numbers, as Emma Massey reports


Business as usual for KLM and Eastern Airways but the third major


airline to operate out of Htmberside Airport, Scandinavian Airlines, has


said today it's cancelling hts service. We are very disappointed


that Scandinavian Airlines have decided to cancel the route but


there are other opportunitids and we are really, really clear th`t with


KLM and with Eastern and other airlines that are looking to operate


from the region, now is a rdally exciting time for our airport and


for the region itself. When operations began in October last


year the deal was seen as a vote of confidence in the local economy


Denmark has pioneered the use of renewable energy which is expanding


across the Humber region with business links ever more important.


Scandinavian Airlines has s`id that passenger demand for the rotte was


not as high as anticipated which made it unsustainable to continue


flying from Humberside Airport. The route began at the end of October


last year. It's a five times a week service using a 50`seat aircraft.


Since it began there has bedn 1 cancellations due to weather and


technical issues. It will h`ve a major knock`on effect. A lot of


people rely on airlines these days, to and from work, to and from


holidays, you know. Personally, I'd hope this airport would grow as


opposed to potential cutbacks, so it's extremely disappointing.


With other airline operators using this airport successfully it's hoped


that Scandinavian Airlines will return at some point in the future.


It has been a bit wet today. Let's get a look at the weather now,


here's Paull Hudson with thd forecast. Hello good evening, well a


very unsettled night to comd with showery outbreaks of locallx very


heavy rain moving up from the south east, even the odd clap of thunder


but a bit of a clearance coling into most areas by dawn tomorrow. Lowest


temperatures down to five or six degrees. For Friday a mostlx cloudy


day and through the morning there is a risk of further patchy outbreaks


of rain in places but the afternoon should be dry just about evdrywhere


and possibly a bit brighter, always a lot of cloud. A keen eastdrly


wind, top temperatures eight or nine in the north, perhaps doubld figures


further south. That's the forecast. That's all from the late te`m. Look


North is back tomorrow mornhng at 6.25, I hope you can join us then.


Bye for now. Hello, as winter becomes spring the


atmosphere contains more energy The shower clouds grow taller. If


conditions are right, you get thunder storms. There have been some


today. Bob took this picture near London this afternoon. The spring


flowers will appreciate the re turn return of warmth. Until then big


showers to come, pushing in across south-west England - some hail and


thunder. Sleet and snow on to the top of the moors.


From Norfolk to coastal England into Northern Ireland. Elsewhere, one or


two showers around. Where you are clear for a time, you will see a


touch of frost here and there. Patchy mist and fog all in the mix


as Friday begins. From the word go, we are dodging downpours in


south-west England, increasingly so into Wales as well. Hail and thunder


with these. The day is starting starting largely dry weather. Still


this area of cloud and outbreaks of rain. Some heavy across


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