28/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. It was dubbed 'bedroom tax' by


critics ` benefit changes ddsigned to encourage council tenants judged


to have some spare rooms to move to smaller homes. But a BBC


investigation shows changes to housing benefits have failed to


achieve that in many parts of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. In the


South Kesteven district council in Lincolnshire, only 23 households


actually relocated. That's just over 2% of those affected by the benefit


changes. In Hull, the figurd is 162 households, which is just over %.


But it has been more successful in the East Riding. 204 households have


moved out ` almost 17%. The national average is 6%. Jake Zuckerm`n


reports. The spare room subsidy, known to its


critics as the bedroom tax. A policy, says the government,


designed to move benefit cl`imants with more bedrooms than thex need


into smaller accommodation lore suited to their requirements. But


evidence suggests it's failhng in that aim, and driving tenants into


arrears. Anne Lawton suffers from mental health problems. Changes to


the benefits system meant she had to downsize from a two to a ond bedroom


flat. She was lucky enough to find somewhere to move to, but in the


meantime, she's been left htndreds of pounds in debt. I am still in


arrears. I go to the soup khtchen. I am struggling and I am sellhng


stuff. I haven't really got stuff to sell now, so how am I going to pay


back the rent? In North Lincolnshire, 40% of those `ffected


by the so`called bedroom tax are in arrears, the highest rate in the


region. `` 48%. In Lincoln, where the council are subsidising it, it


is just over 7%, while in Htll, more than 20% are in arrears. In Hull,


they have refurbished more than 70 small flats to meet the dem`nd for


one bed accommodation. I have been here for two months and I al now


delighted to get a one`bedroom place. It took a lot of strdss off


me. In Northeast Lincolnshire, Shoreline Housing Partnershhp says


its tenants now owe ?155,000 in total. We provide as much stpport as


we can, but the responsibilhty does ultimately fall to the tenant to


pay. Regrettably, in a circtmstance when the tenant can't pay, we have


little option other than to take action to encourage them to do so.


But the Government rejects accusations that the policy is not


working. Tens of thousands `re already able to move out of


overcrowded homes. We had a ridiculous situation where the


taxpayer was subsidising rooms that people did not need at a tile when


we had a real shortage of housing. I am 100% behind this policy. It is


working. Whatever the Government's intentions, in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire, thousands of people like Anne are now in arrears, many


with no idea how they are going to pay.


It's billed as one of Yorkshire s biggest arts festivals: A


celebration of the 100 days of countdown to the start of the Tour


de France. Events are being held across the county but only ` handful


are in East Yorkshire and only two have been given any funding.


Tonight, the organisers havd denied the area has been overlooked as


Sarah Walton reports. A dance display to mark 100 until


the Tour de France comes to the region. This event in Rippon last


night kicked off a festival running up to the start of the race


involving arts and cultural events across the region. And it whll


involve things like this. This video artwork will be displayed at the


Ferens Art Gallery in Hull from May with the help of an ?8,000 grant


from the festival organisers Welcome To Yorkshire. I hope that the effect


will be beneficial in that people, whilst in the area, will be


attracted to come to Hull and see our wonderful museums and dhsplays


at the gallery. Now, when the Tour comes to Yorkshire in July, none of


the stages will be in the E`st of the county. But organisers say the


whole region will benefit from thousands of visitors, bringing ?100


million to the local economx. This is the brochure setting out all the


events taking place for the festival. In the opening it says it


will be 'spanning the countx', engaging the widest possibld


audience. But turn to the m`p, and just three of the 47 events listed


are in East Yorkshire or Hull. More events are being added but only two


have been given any funding. There were 28 applications, including Hull


Truck's performance of A Taste Of Honey. It was rejected. He


transforms into a show dog! This play is part of the Heads Up


Festival in Hull, also listdd as one of the Tour's cultural events. But


the organisers say they didn't even apply for funding, because they were


made to feel like it wasn't worth it. I think we got the feelhng that


most of the funding for the big projects would go to companhes that


deliver projects around the Leeds and Harrogate area, although it


might be a conduit for people in Europe to going to that part of the


world, which wouldn't necessarily be a stop off point for people going to


the race. It was always cle`r in the road shows that there were different


strands to the festival and that, very clearly, it was not just about


having the events happening where the route is going, although there


was one very specific strand for that. The organisers still want


groups from East Yorkshire to get involved, and more events whll be


added to the festival. Sarah Walton, BBC Look North, Hull.


The RAF's Dambuster squadron, which used to be based in Lincolnshire,


has been disbanded as its Tornado aircraft are withdrawn from service.


A special ceremony took place today at the famous 617 Squadron's most


recent base, Lossiemouth in Scotland. It will be reformdd in


2016 at its new location at RAF Marham in Norfolk.


Hull FC have turned around last weekend's home defeat with ` victory


over Salford at the KC. The Black and Whites were dominant throughout.


The final score was Hull FC 30` Salford Red. Hull Kingston Rovers


will face Wakefield at home on Sunday. There will be commentary on


BBC Radio Humberside from 3:00pm. Let's get a look at the weather now.


Here's Paul Hudson with the forecast.


Quite a promising weekend on the cards. At the moment, it is damp and


we may see a patch of rain loving from the south`east, with low


temperatures of six Celsius. Off to a great start tomorrow, damp in


northern areas but brighter skies will move in. After lunchtile, it


should be sunny. Inland, it becomes warm, with highs of 14, 15 or 1


Celsius. Cooler on the coast, with onshore breezes, and a similar


forecast on Sunday. That's all from the late te`m. Look


North is back just after 1:00pm tomorrow. Hope you can join us then.


Bye for now. forward on Saturday night. Now here


is Nick Miller with the national forecast.


Hello. The clocks go forward this weekend, marking the beginning of


British summertime, BST. It has nothing to do with the weather. As


the clocks changed last year we were coming out of the March freeze.


This year, though, as the clucks change, the weather is warming up.


Not clear blue sky, the sun will be hazy but the thunder storms will be


gone. It will be mainly dry. And the weather is lively out there


this evening. There are bands of rain with hail over western parts of


the UK. A bit of rain for parts of the north


of England and south-west of Scotland. And


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