29/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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usual time of 6:40 this evening. Stay with us on BBC


Good afternoon. Welcome to the North. The first


marriage in Hull between a couple of the same sex will be held this


afternoon, after a change in the law came into force at midnight. Sammy


Spence and Jenna Middleton planned their wedding to coincide with the


new law, a move which is being repeated by hundreds of couples


across England and Wales. Their ceremony will be held at the


Guildhall in Hull. So far no Guildhall in Hull. So far no


religious organisations have approached councils in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to apply to hold same sex weddings.


Fire officers have held a protest march and rally in Hull today over


plans to cut more than two million pounds from the service. East Hull


First Station will lose one fire engine. The number of officers on


board Hull's other engines will reduce from five to four under plans


by Chief Officer of the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service. Taking that


individual off the appliance, there is few circumstances which will


allow an individual to enter a burning building. We'll have to wait


for someone else to come and attend. So he can see this significance. ``


you can. The service has said it will not


affect response times. One of the darkest days for Lincolnshire bomber


crews in World War Two is being marked. Tomorrow is the 70th


anniversary of the Nuremberg raids in which Britain lost 94 planes and


537 airmen. 19 squadrons from 16 Lincolnshire bases were part of the


raid. A remembrance event is being held at the East Kirkby aviation


centre, which was set up by the sons of one of the men who died that


night, in memory of their father. A group of dancers and actors


performed in Hull this morning to promote the start of the week`long


Hull and East Yorkshire Festival of Tourism. They did three seaside


themed dances in city centre locations in a style known as


flash`mob ` where members of the public are taken by surprise by an


apparently impromptu performance. Football now. Steve Bruce the Hull


City Manager says today's opponents Stoke are in the same position as


Hull ` jostling for position to try to stay in the Premier League. Hull


are playing their reserve goal keeper this afternoon at the KC


stadium after Allan McGregor was seriously injured in the game with


West Ham on Wednesday night. Everybody else is up for grabs. We


are all jostling away and trying to make sure we all get over the line.


Stoke had a wonderful result last week, the best result they have had


in the Premier league so they will be uplifted by that.


BBC Radio Humberside have commentary on their FM frequency, their sports


programme starts at 1:30. Scunthorpe United's match at home to


Wycombe Wanderers will be on the AM frequency from 3pm.


Wycombe Wanderers will be on the AM Grimsby Town's trip to Hereford


United will be on Digital and Online. On BBC Radio Lincolnshire


there will be full commentary of Lincoln City's game at Tamworth. Now


the weather forecast Jennifer Bartram. Good afternoon. Spring is


in the air this afternoon for many of us, a very pleasant day with some


hazy sunshine. That sunshine will not be everywhere, some parts of the


coast, especially in East Yorkshire, will hang onto the cloud. Apart from


that we will have sunshine. The temperature should respond well,


1516 degrees possibly. This evening and overnight, the cloud will build


and we will icy patches of mist and fog. Some of those will be dense by


tomorrow morning. It will be a mild night. Keeping the moderate easterly


breeze. On Sunday, a decent start with sunshine again, cloudier on the


coast with highs of 17 degrees. That's all for now. Goodbye.


Good afternoon. The clocks go forward by one hour tonight, British


Summer Time begins. Hard to believe that this was the scene exactly one


year ago in North Wales when we were in the grip of one of the coldest


springs for many a decade. A different story this weekend, of


course, with warm air wafting up from the near continent, and under


clear skies the temperatures soaring. It is not clear everywhere,


we have a lot of cloud further north and west, and with a damp start


across some areas, that cloud is thinning and trickling away,


brightening up here through


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