29/03/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hello, welcome to Look North. The first marriage in Hull between a


couple of the same sex has been held this afternoon, after a change in


the law came into force at lidnight. Sammy Spence and Jenna Middleton


planned their wedding to cohncide with the new law, a move whhch has


already been repeated by hundreds of couples across England and Wales.


Jill Archbold reports. Every wedding needs a photographer `


but there were a few extra `t this one in Hull. Now declare th`t you


are a wife and wife. Sammy Spence and Jenna Middleton became the first


same sex couple to marry legally in the city ` and were both left lost


for words... You can't put ht in words. Fantastic. It finallx


happens. Five years. That's it really. It's five years to the day


since the pair started their relationship ` and change in law


meant their plans for a civ`l partnership could become a wedding `


which they would share with hundreds of same sex couples across the


country. Even everywhere ard several partners, it wouldn't have lattered


but now it is official, it hs one of the best feelings. We never really


thought it would happen. Falily and friends could turn up, everxbody.


Obviously it was going to bd civil partners and men we found ott it was


going to be managed, we still can't believe that ourselves. It's


unlikely confetti will be thrown for gay couples outside religiots


settings ` no organisations in East Yorkshire or Lincolnshire h`ve


applied to hold ceremonies, but staff at the Guildhall were proud to


host their first. The coupld today were really happy, they are very


much in love and it was nicd to be part of their day and do thd


official duties for them. And from the doors of one of the


city's most historic building ` the couple whose now shared namd has


made history in Hull. Firefighters have held a protest


march and rally in Hull over a cut of more than ?2 million frol the


service. East Hull Fire Station will lose one fire engine and each fire


engine will have four firefhghters, instead of five. The chief fire


officer says the public will kept safe, but the Fire Brigades Union


says the changes are risky. Taking that individual of the applhance,


there are few circumstances which will allow a firefighter to enter a


burning building. We will sde five engines having to wait for `nother


pump to come and attend so xou see the significance of losing the pump


and dropping from five to four across the city.


One of the darkest days for Lincolnshire bomber crews in World


War Two is being marked. Tolorrow is the seventieth anniversary of the


Nuremberg raids in which Brhtain lost 94 planes and 537 airmdn. 9


squadrons from 16 Lincolnshhre bases were part of the raid. This evening


a remembrance event is being held at the East Kirkby aviation centre


which was set up by the sons of one of the men who died that night, in


memory of their father. A group of dancers and actors


performed in Hull this mornhng to promote the start of the wedk`long


Hull and East Yorkshire Festival of Tourism. They did three seaside


themed dances in city centrd locations in a style known `s


flash`mob ` where members of the public are taken by surprisd by an


apparently impromptu perforlance. Now for the football.


A draw for Scunthorpe United, says their manager, Russ Wilcox, breaks a


125`year`old record for a ndw manager at a club ` by going 24


games unbeaten. Today Scunthorpe drew 0`0 with struggling Wycombe


Wanderers, leaving them firlly in the league two promotion pl`ces


Hull City lost one`nil away at Stoke, pushing them down to 14th


place in the Premier League. In the conference.


Grimsby won 1`nil on their trip to Hereford.


Lincoln had a goalless draw away at Tamworth.


Now the weather forecast with Jennifer Bartram.


Good evening. The clocks spring forward an hour tonight. Spring is


certainly in the air this evening and into tomorrow. A drying cloudy


night in store for all of us. and into tomorrow. A drying cloudy


night in store for all of It has been a decent D and we have had


plenty of sunshine. Cloud whll start to build and we could icy p`tches of


mist and fog by tomorrow morning. It will be a mild night. We do have


some patches of mist and fog initially. They will lift and we


will have easy sunshine. More Cloud tomorrow, but temperatures `re still


decent. Another decent day for East Yorkshire as well, perhaps ` little


cooler. Goodbye for now. Good evening. We achieved 20 degrees


in the sunshine today but, in contrast, under the cloud in




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