05/04/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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more throughout the evening on the BBC News channel. We are back with


the late news that just Welcome to Look North.


A march has taken place in @shby in Scunthorpe as part of a campaign to


get the Government to pay for the funerals of ex`service personnel who


die with no relatives. Currdntly, they have what is known as `


council, or paupers', burial. But one funeral director from North


Lincolnshire is asking the Government to change that. Jessica


Lane has more. This march, the next step in Sue


Macleans' campaign. You can't re`do a funeral. It is like a birth and a


wedding, you can only do it once. A funeral for a service man or woman


has to be dignified, has bedn recognised. We cannot send them out


to war and expect them to come back and then forget them. The c`mpaign


started last November, when Sue rescued a man called Michael Clarke


from a council burial after a friend of his raised concern about the


funeral. It is the emotional matter for many taking part. It is a


brotherhood. As All the different forces ` Army, Navy, and Air Force.


We all appreciate what we h`ve all done. They have served their country


and they should be treated better than that. They shouldn't h`ve a


pauper's grave. They should have a proper service like everyond else


who can afford it. We have to make sure that as far as possibld medical


records flag that it is a vdteran. If that is done all the agencies can


kick in and make sure that that person is given a dignified


send`off. The government saxs there should be consideration when someone


who has served their countrx dies, but this it is up to the local


councils to provide a funer`l if they cannot afford to pay or if


there are no family left. As a result of the campaign, the North


Lincolnshire council has put aside ?10,000 to help pay for the


funerals. Sue says that that is very generous, but as each funer`l can


cost ?2500 it will not pay for many. Sue says that she wants things to


change, so she will take her campaign to Downing Street this


summer to hand over a letter to the Prime Minister. Jessica Land, BBC


Look North, Ashby. Two former soldiers from East


Yorkshire have been released from an Indian Jail where they've bden held


since October. Ray Tindall, from Hull, and Nicholas Simpson, who grew


up in Cottingham, left prison on bail this morning. Indian


authorities said the boat they were travelling in had arms on board that


didn't have the correct papdrwork. They will have to stay in India


until their case is resolved. The death of a man in Market Rasen


is being investigated by police Officers were called to a flat in


the town last night and found the 35`year`old. Two men, aged 43 and


23, have been arrested. The sister of a man who died in


police custody and then was at the centre of a body mix`up, has led a


demonstration in Hull, demanding further answers from the


authorities. Janet Alder's brother, Christopher, died at Queens Gardens


Police Station in April 1998. In 2011, it emerged there had been a


mix`up. Mr Alder's body had been kept in a mortuary for 11 ydars and


his family had buried a wom`n called Grace Kamara instead. No


prosecutions have been brought. I think it is important, not just for


me but for everybody else in Hull. How many more people have btried


people and it is been the wrong person? If they see it as an


accident, and they can't sax exactly how it has been done, how m`ny times


has it happened? I think it is a concern not just for me, but for


everybody else. In football, Hull City are nine


points clear of the relegathon zone, following a 1`0 win over Sw`nsea.


George Boyd scored the only goal of the game to give the Tigers the


victory that Steve Bruce sahd they needed to make sure of top`flight


football next season. In League Two, Scunthorpe United


need just two wins to securd promotion. Sam Winnall's penalty in


the first half gave the Iron a `0 win over Torquay to leave them


second in the table. In the Conference Premier, Grimsby Town are


third after a 1`0 win at Hereford. Lincoln City were held to a 0`0 by


Dartford. An exhibition of paintings rarely


seen in public has opened at a Hull museum. More than 30 works by the


artist Beryl Cook have gone on display at Hull Maritime Museum


Entitled "Working Hard, Plaxing Hard", the paintings depict ordinary


people enjoying themselves. Included is Beryl's final painting bdfore she


died in 2008. Hello good evening. We have had a


lot of clouds today and somd outbreaks of rain here and there.


Through the night, we will see some light outbreaks of rain and there


will be quite a lot of cloud. But the night will end on a dry note.


Temperatures tonight very mhld, 11`12 degrees Celsius. On Stnday, we


will see heavy rain for a thme but it will clear away by the afternoon.


Further rain on Monday, but high pressure builds towards the middle


of the week turning things settled and dry.


That is all from us for now. Goodbye.


Good evening. We may have got to 18 Celsius today in parts


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