06/04/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Many thanks. There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel.


And I'll be back with the Hello and welcome to Look North


There are claims that the rdduction in Humber Bridge tolls has created a


mini`housing boom in parts of Northern Lincolnshire. It is two


years since the cost of travelling across the bridge was halved. And as


our business correspondent, Paul Murphy, reports, homeowners and


investors are voting with their feet. On this newly built housing


estate in Barton, nearly half of all the people moving in used to live on


the other side of the bridgd. Gavin is one of them. He says that the


toll cuts were a big factor in his decision to move. There seels to be


a lot coming over, indeed mx sister and brother`in`law moved in over


here a couple of weeks ago, and one of my cousins is planning on moving


over as well. I think there is a lot of people starting to look over here


and see Barton for what it hs, it has a lovely local communitx feel to


it. The tolls were cut two xears ago following a long campaign. The


argument was that the bridgd was becoming a barrier to econolic


growth. Now it seems that the growth is really happening. We havd


invested in new plants and lachinery because we are busier. We h`ve


recruited more local people, so we are investing in the local dconomy.


Our local employees are invdsting in it as well as they spend thdir


money. So it is great news `nd it has certainly made a differdnce


Perhaps the most noticeable difference is to the local housing


market, where it is claimed there are still bargains to be had. I


guess it is due to several factors. One, that our prices are chdaper and


everyone is on a budget these days and looking for better valud for


properties. The other one is that we are a small commuity and we still


have that village feel. As hndustry continues to invest, there hs a


feeling of optimism in commtnities all around the Humber. For this


town, the bridge toll cuts `ppear to be delivering what they prolised.


Paul Murphy, BBC Look North, Barton. Two men have been released on police


bail by officers investigathng the death of a man in Market Rasen. A


thirty`five`year old man was found dead at a flat in the town on Friday


night. A postmortem examination has proved inconclusive and offhcers say


it may be some time before they know how he died.


Concerns have been raised about the amount of money being lost by people


who use fixed`odds betting terminals. The Campaign for Fair


Gambling says more than ?13 million was lost by people living in Hull


and North East Lincolnshire last year. But one Yorkshire MP says


gambling isn't causing major problems. The facts are that problem


gambling is on the way down. Every form of gambling, apart frol two,


the richest people particip`te in more than the poorest peopld.


Including fixed`odds betting terminals. More richer people play


than poorer people. The onlx two forms of gambling that are played by


more poorer people than richer people are bingo and scratch cards.


The final flight from Humberside Airport to Copenhagen left this


afternoon. Scandinavian Airlines launched the route in Octobdr, but


say they haven't attracted dnough passengers to make it sustahnable.


In Football, there were wins for Hull City and Scunthorpe Unhted


yesterday. The victories me`n that the Tigers are almost certahn to


stay in the Premier League while the Iron are closing in on promotion


from League Two. Mike Morris rounds up all of yesterday's action.


Before the game against Swansea City, Hull City manager Steve Bruce


said a win would be enough to banish thoughts of relegation. The Tigers


started well and George Boyd, who was back after a three`match ban for


spitting, headed them in front shortly before half time. Swansea


increased their share of possession in the second half, but didn't


trouble Steve Harper, and the Tigers are now nine points clear of the


relegation zone. It was a htge win in the context of where we `re in


the season, against a fellow team that is in or around us. We have


done enough to win the game and I think we showed the side of us that


we have had all along ` there is a resilience among them and a


determination to get somethhng. And they have done it again tod`y. In


League Two, Scunthorpe Unitdd's unbeaten run has been extended to 25


games after Sam Winnall's pdnalty gave them a 1`0 win at Torqtay. The


home side had a penalty of their own, but Sam Slocombe saved it and


his side need just three wins from five games to ensure promothon. Mike


Morris, BBC Look North. Hull Kingston Rovers have gone out


of the Challenge Cup at the fourth`round stage at Craven Park


this afternoon. The Robins led at half`time against Warrington, but


eventually lost 28`24. Thousands of people have taken part


in the Lincoln 10K today. The race takes runners around the historic


city. The winner finished in just over 32 minutes, but the majority of


the entrants were simply trxing to raise money for charity. We are


raising money and awareness for the children's neo`natal unit at the


Lincoln Hospital. The vicar's outfit? I have no idea, it just came


to me. And I will be juggling as well. We are all ex`RAF reghment


gunners and we are running together. We're doing it for Help Me Hear


which is for one of our comrades' sons, raising funds for his cochlear


implants. Now it is time for the weather with


Jennifer Batrum. Hello, good evening. There are signs th`t things


are turning a bit more settled as we head through the week. But we do


have some rain to get out of the way first. Some rain continuing through


the night and there will be a lot of cloud around and the odd patch of


mist and fog. Temperatures `t 1 `12 degrees. So another mild night to


come. We have some heavy rahn in the forecast for Monday and it will be


quite persistent as we go through the day. Temperatures tomorrow up to


a high of 14 degrees. That is all from us for now.


Goodbye. Good evening, after a fairly mild


weekend, a fresher week in store for the week ahead. Moreshine at times


but not a huge amount tomorrow because that's shaping up to be a


wet day for just about all of us. The rain developing through the


night and it is still wet at


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