02/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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part, outbreaks of rain. Still warm sunny spells in the South. Some


uncertainty about the bank all day. How quickly will the weather system


bring because I know my husband loves to


watch Keeley. The weekend doesn't look too bad. Saturday will be the


best day. Tomorrow will be a chilly start but a fine day with decent


spells of sunshine. High pressure dominates into tomorrow but some


weather fronts making their way in from the west. Certainly there will


be some pleasant weather on Sunday. Here is a satellite picture. There


is more cloud in southern part of Lincolnshire but it has been a fine


day. A little bit of a nip in the air, so a dry night with long clear


spells but temperatures will drop down very low, to around four


degrees. Gardeners of the where `` gardeners beware. So tomorrow


morning, a chilly start to the day but a beautiful start. Crystal clear


skies with lots of sunshine. As we head with lots of sunshine. As we


had through the day. A bit more cloud in the afternoon but it won't


spoil things. It will be pleasant indeed, and temperatures will be at


about average for the year, probably reaching 13 degrees. In the sunshine


it will feel warmer. The breeze will be gentle and a weak weather fronts


into Sunday. Some rain possible but mostly sunshine.


into Sunday. Some rain possible but I don't think Terry is a great fan


of mine. Have a nice weekend. This Hollywood actor, who's been in more


than a dozen films, is opening a theatre in Beverley, saying he's


amazed such a cultural town doesn't have one. Vincent Regan and a group


of volunteers are transforming an old church into the East Riding


Theatre. There's no public funding as arts budgets are being cut, and


experts say they'll have to give theatre goers "what they want" to


survive. Here's our arts correspondent, Anne` Marie Tasker.


A new era has begun. He's starred in films like Clash of the Titans and


300 ` as well as countless TV shows. But now Vincent Regan has taken on a


new role. He's behind plans to transform Lord Roberts Chapel in


Beverley into the East Riding Theatre. I moved up from London


about seven years ago. I was amazed that a town like this, which has a


diverse cultural life, didn't have a theatre. So, plans were drawn up,


and donations and offers of free work from professionals mean the


project's now under way. By September this will be the


auditorium. 200 seats will be here, helping towards a 25 years and


pounds that has been raised `` towards ?20,000. People have been


sponsoring seats. We do have quite a good business plan. We have done our


sons and should have fried. Funding is a challenge for regional


theatres. Last week it was revealed Hull Truck was bailed out with


public money. The Theatres Trust says giving local people what they


want will be the key to East Riding Theatre's success. It is being


sensitive to watch your community needs, so any theatre has two listen


to what people want. You have to be very good at using the resources you


have. Some four years after it was first suggested, building work on


the theatre is now under way. And the team have just revealed they'll


be ready to open the doors on the 18th of September.


The football season is coming to an exciting end for four local clubs.


One is already promoted and two others are battling for promotion in


play`off matches, and one is trying to secure a second year in the


Premier League. Simon Clark is at the ground of non`league North


Ferriby United. Simon, what are their chances of a historic


promotion? They're up against it a bit in their


semifinal. They are losing at the minute. Their aspiration is to get


into the conference Premier league. Grimsby are there and try to get


out. They are leading in their first leg, so all to play for in the


second leg on Sunday. This was a terrific game, punctuated


by two fine goals. The first of them after six minutes coming from


Gateshead's Colin Larkin. The former Lincoln City player with a fine


finish. 15 minutes later a neat header from Craig Disney brought the


Mariners level. Try as as they might, they couldn't find a winner


so it is all square heading to the second leg on Sunday. Our midfield


should have come forward more, passed it more on the ground instead


of high balls. We are better away than we are at home so we'll


probably win away. We'll beat them 2`0, I'm telling you. Billy Heath's


North Ferriby have to overturn a two`goal deficit to Guiseley when


they meet here tomorrow in the Conference North play`off semifinal.


There could well be a party atmosphere at Scunthorpe United


after promotion was secured at Exeter, but manager Russ Wilcox has


his feet back on the ground, pushing for the championship against York


City. And Hull could be celebrating Premier league survival and


astonishingly European qualification after they secured a valuable draw


at Fulham last week. The wisdom of investing ?13 million in the


purchase of Shane Long and Nikica Jelavic paid dividends as both


scored. They have done remarkably well. After we have a cup final to


look forward to. If Manchester City win on Saturday we are in Europe as


well is, so it has been an unbelievable couple of years. Long


may it continue. For the fans, Steve Bruce is the manager of the year.


It is ten years since Hull were getting promoted from the bottom


league. What a journey. North Ferriby are also looking to get the


as well. Both Hull's Rugby League teams are in action at home this


Sunday in the Super League. Sixth placed Hull FC take on the Wakefield


Wildcats, live on BBC Radio Humberside, that's on FM Online.


Whilst Hull KR ` who currently lie ninth in the table ` host the Widnes


Vikings. Full coverage of that game is on AM, DAB and online.


The BBC is offering apprenticeships at Radio Humberside and Radio


Lincolnshire as part of Director General Tony Hall's pledge to open


up the BBC to people from a wide range of backgrounds. The successful


candidates would work as Apprentice Broadcast Assistants at the two


radio stations. The roles would start in September and are open to


non`graduates who are over 18. For more details go to the BBC careers


website and follow the links to trainee schemes.


After months of work to install new paving in Grimsby ` which was only


fully completed six weeks ago ` they're ripping it up for cable


works. Northern Powergrid needs to do emergency repairs to cables


beneath the footpath in Victoria Street West. Flowers have been kept


in a cold store ahead of a tulip festival in Spalding this weekend


because warm weather meant they grew earlier than they were needed. Final


touches were being made to the floats today, which will remain


static this year as funding for a parade is no longer available. But


organisers say it's important to celebrate the area's tulip`growing


history. The sculpturing that we have done,


the fact they have vintage tractors, the fact that people used


a hand pin them on and take days doing it, there are things we should


retain. It looks good, doesn't it? This orphaned new born duckling has


found an unexpected replacement mother. A chicken, which has taken


the new arrival under its wing, is catering for the young bird's every


whim. They both live at Fiskerton Primary School near Lincoln were


pupils can't believe their eyes. Meet Victoria Peckham and little


Lucky. They shouldn't belong together, but Lucky the duckling


thinks Victoria the hen is its mum. Pupils at Fiskerton Primary School,


near Lincoln, have been amazed by the unusual pairing. It's quite


strange because it's usually your ducks with your ducklings and your


chickens with your baby chickens. It's quite amazing how they both


like each other. I thought they would just attack each other. She's


five eggs. After 28 days one of them hatched ` that duckling was Lucky.


They do say that if they hatch something off they will look after


it no matter what the animal is, but I didn't think it would work as well


as it has. She will scatter on the ground for worms and feed them to


Lucky. She sits on her at night to keep her warm. Victoria isn't the


first Men are even less tolerant of women


than they were before. It's shocking it'd happen


in a public place. I don't find it funny,


but I don't find it offensive. It really is vile.


Shock value sells. Men are even less tolerant of women


than they were before. The hatred of women.


Some people are offended. Others think women


should just man up. and even misogyny


socially acceptable? Join me, Kirsty Wark,


as I investigate...


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