02/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. A man whose four`year`old granddaughter died


after a crash at level crossing is calling for half`barriers to be


outlawed. Emma Lifsey from Haxey in North Lincolnshire was in a car with


her grandmother when they accidentally drove past warning


lights, and the barrier, on to rail tracks where they were hit by a


train. Now, a day after the inquest, Peter Jarret has been speaking to


Sarah Corker. Emma's favourite teddy bear forms


part of the Lifsey family's memorial to the four`year`old. Her


grandfather makes frequent visits here and hopes the tributes can act


a warning to others. It is a heightened sense of danger. I do


think it is a dangerous place. Emma's grandmother, Diane Jarrett,


was driving her home when their car crashing through the barriers and


was hit by a train. The East Midlands service had been travelling


from Lincoln towards Doncaster. Mrs Jarett was driving from the village


of Haxey, and had made the journey over Beech Hill crossing near


Finigley hundreds of times before. She suddenly saw the barrier. She


says that she thought, that is too late, that is too late. She did not


see the train. There was this explosion and the car was ripped to


bits. An investigation into the accident found that the glare of the


sun could've made it difficult for Diane to see the warning lights and


a half barriers and that the lights themselves were less than half as


bright as they should have been. And it raised wider questions about


safety at crossings. Things could have been done that could have


stopped this tragedy and things can be done now to stop other tragedies


in the future. That has to be the focus of Network Rail. There are six


and a half thousand level crossings in the UK. In the past five years


there have been 44 deaths on those crossings. Network Rail say they've


invested more than ?100 million to make improvements. Despite this, 450


automatic half barriers are still in place. Emma's grandfather told me he


believes there's an element of risk at every crossing. I would like half


barrier crossings to be outlawed, a thing of the past. Proper, full


barrier crossings. I think they have got to make them so conspicuous,


that whatever the weather conditions prevail, if it is down, you know


that it is down. Do you think that will save lives? Yes, I think it


will. Her grandparents have planted roses named after Emma in the very


place she loved to play. They hope their pain and loss can some way


lead to greater safety at crossings. We will never forget Emma. She will


always be four years old. Peter Jarratt, Emma's grand`father,


ending that report by Sarah Corker. Scunthorpe hospital has apologised


after claims were made that a patient with learning disabilities


was left on a ward without food and drink for two days. Managers say


they are investigating what went wrong and that they're sorry for any


distress caused. The main bridge connecting east and


west Hull got stuck open for almost an hour during rush hour this


morning. Engineers were brought in to fix the electrical problem on


Myton swing bridge. The wind turbine company, Dong


MPs, if they're found to have broken the rules. The Brigg and Goole MP,


Andrew Percy is supporting a system where people can band together to


force a referendum over an MP's future, instead of waiting


potentially years for a general election to come round. Campaigners


claim it could help avoid a repeat of the expenses scandal, as our


Political Editor, Tim Iredale reports.


The recent resignation of Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, over her


expenses claims brought back bitter improved little since the expenses


scandal. Many believe Parliament could do much more to put its own


house in order. This is one of the stories being


debated on the Sunday Politics. That's this weekend at 11 o'clock on


BBC One. Let's get the weather now, with


Keeley Donovan. Good evening, it is already very


chilly out there, but a finite with some clear spells. Generally try


with a long, clear spells. Temperature is low enough for some


frost, so gardeners beware, two degrees, three degrees. Tomorrow,


plenty of sunshine, it will remain dry, long spells of sunshine with


more cloud from the West. Temperatures feeling pleasant in the


sunshine. Reaching 13 or 14 degrees, a bit cooler along the coast. Some


overnight rain into Sunday, so damp and cloudy. It will brighten up on


Monday but spells of sunshine and it will feel pleasant.


That is a scam we're back tomorrow, goodbye.


the rest of the weekend. Now look at the Outlook with Nick Miller.


Neuer-macro don't worry, this is not the repeat. It is live. This is the


forecast you are more likely to see in January than May, but this is a


cold night for the time of year. We have got some cloud coming into the


West, stopping the temperature going down too far. It may produce light


rain later in the night, maybe a rogue shower from patchy cloud in


East Anglia. For most, dry, clear, temperatures are on the way down and


will end up lower than this in the coldest rural spots by morning. -4


in rural Scotland in the coldest moral spots in southern England, so


gardeners take note, frost for some of us are begins. What about the


rest of the weekend? High pressure is here as it begins. You may think,


great, settled weather, it does protect the south and east of the UK


but Atlantique weather fronts coming to the north and west, giving some


rain at times. First, for tomorrow, it is a fine start. Chilly, a lot


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