03/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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now. There is more throughout the evening


on bids the BBC News channel. Good evening.


A promotion party has been taking place at Scunthorpe United's ground


after they ended an excellent season by drawing 2`2 with York. The Iron


could have finished top if other results had gone their way. They


came close, moving up to second place, and can now look forward to


League One football next season. Simon Spark was at Glanford Park for


the celebrations. It was always going to be a party


atmosphere here. Layers and fans came here with the sweet error of


promotion already in the lungs. Fans continued to sing about throughout


the duration of the thrilling match against York. They didn't manage to


win, but it wouldn't have made the difference in the table even if they


did. It has been a fantastic season for Scunthorpe United. It is


brilliant. This is what we have been trying for. We were top one minute,


second the next. Was it always good to be a party today? Always! Even


during the 20th game unbeaten run, we have rarely seen the manager


smile. Today, he hasn't stopped! This is my daughter, my wife is here


and my family. They have been so supportive of the whole way through.


The party may continue here in Scunthorpe, but very soon the


thoughts will be turning to the new challenges and changes needed for


next season and League one. It wasn't such a good day for North


Ferriby United. Their dream of promotion to the Conference Premier


is over, after they lost to Guiseley in the second leg of their play`off


semifinal. Fans knew that this match was always


going to be tough. They had to overcome a two`goal deficit from the


away leg on Wednesday. Victory for North Ferriby United would mean a


place in the play`off final, and the possibility of promotion for a


second consecutive year. Despite being a side which has been dogged


with injuries, they showed character and dominated the first half. But in


the second there was a chance for Guisely and Wayne Brooksby took it.


It was a bad call again, for us. It was a great finish, but a bad call


to concede. Despite a number of chances for North Ferriby that


followed, it stayed 1`0. And for the fans, disappointment was mixed with


pride. It was always going to be difficult. It is disappointing. It


would've been the icing on the cake to get through to the final, but it


is one those things. They were a better side overall. It is a shame,


because we have had a great season! Mid`table was always going to be a


good season for us. I am proud of the boys. We have been moving


steadily forward. From my perspective, I would love an


opportunity to to be able to keep that going again next year. So, no


promotion this time for North Ferriby United, but a sense of


achievement. It was a tough afternoon for Hull


City, too. Steve Bruce's men failed to secure Premier League safety by


losing away to Aston Villa 3`1. They bounced back from a goal behind in


the first`half, before two Andreas Weimann headers put the home side


clear again. It means The Tigers are still not clear of the relegation


zone with two games to go. In other news, firefighters in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are on strike over plans for a later


retirement age and changes to pensions. It's the second day in a


row that Fire Brigades Union members have taken action, with another


strike planned tomorrow. The Government says firefighters have


among the most generous pensions in the public sector.


The annual May Fair is under way in Boston, with hundreds of visitors


turning out for the first day of the event. Police had issued warnings


ahead of the fair. Two years ago it was disrupted by outbreaks of


anti`social behaviour. But last year's event passed off peacefully


and there have been no reports of any trouble today. It runs until


next Saturday in Boston Town Centre. Time for the weather now with Kay


Crewdson. As we had through this evening, it


will stay dry but we will have cloud increasing from the north`west. It


will become a cloudy night over night overnight tonight.


Temperatures will get down to about seven or eight degrees at the


lowest. Please will be like from the south`west. It will be a start `` a


cloudy start tomorrow and could be some light rain or drizzle in


northern parts of a region. Perhaps a little bit of brightness later to


the afternoon. Top amateurs, 14 degrees.


That's all from us for now. We'll be back tomorrow evening at 7.10pm with


all the latest on Grimsby Town's promotion bid as they face


Gateshead. Have a good Good evening. It was a cold, even


frosty start to the Bank Holiday weekend but for most of us day one


of three has been dry. We are going to see changes, the first of those


changes spilling across Scotland and Northern Ireland as outbreaks of


rain drifting through the night. Getting into parts of northern


England as well. With the cloud and rain it will not be as cold as last


night, temperatures staying in double figures in many cities. In


the south, clear skies once more. Like last night, it is going to be


cold. Parts of the countryside will be down to zero, maybe -1, as we


start Sunday. A chilly start. Generally a fine day was quite a bit




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