04/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That is all the sport, back to you. That is it from us,


Good evening. Emergency services are continuing to tackle a massive fire


near Hull, which broke out early this afternoon. It started about one


o'clock at the recycling plant at an industrial plant insulting. Huge


plumes of black smoke were visible for miles around. It came in the


middle of a strike by fire services. Stand`by crews were deployed. No one


was in sight at the time of the fire starting and there have been no


reports of injuries. But the main road was closed in both directions


and those in the surrounding areas were told to keep the doors and


windows shut as the smoke spreads. The fire is now under control.


And we will bring you all the very latest on Look North later tonight,


at10.20pm. Every year, hundreds of tonnes of


food that supermarkets do not want goes to waste, as farmers plough


perfectly good crops back into the ground. But this weekend, volunteers


have been putting some of Lincolnshire's unwanted vegetables


to good use, harvesting them to go to local food banks.


In a field near Coningsby, in Lincolnshire, volunteers carry out


the modern version of an ancient practice known as gleaning.


In Biblical times, farmers were encouraged to allow the poor to take


what was left after crops had been harvested. Here, modern gleaners


pick unwanted leeks that will be distributed to those struggling to


afford to eat. Last year, we had 20 days across the country. We saved 48


tonnes of projects which went straight to people living in


poverty, either through homeless shelters, emergency accommodation or


food banks. For farmer Tim Casey, it is a great


way to avoid wasting good food, while helping the community.


Ideally, we would not have the waste in the first place, but we have to


make use of what we have. So it is very good at it is being put to good


use. Volunteers have given up their time


to come and help. It is a great way to spend a Saturday. It is great to


come out here and do something which helps other people. People often


associate poverty and malnutrition with underdeveloped countries, but


we do not have to go very far into our neighbourhoods and their


families and children who in need. Between them, the gleaners expect to


save around a tonne of produce today which otherwise would have gone to


waste. It is a small start, but the charity hopes to encourage more


farmers and volunteers to get involved.


Businesses in a Lincolnshire town say they have suffered financially


because of the cancellation of an historic flower parade. An event


called Tulip Mania has been held in Spalding this weekend, in place of


the annual Flower Parade, which ended last year, after half a


century. Some hotels say they have seen a drop off in bookings because


of its cancellation, but organisers of this weekend's event say they


hope it will go some way towards plugging the gap. Yesterday,


probably around 2000 people came along. They came to see the gardens


here. Today, there is more people than that. Good weather means people


are in a good mood and we hope they have enjoyed seeing what we do.


World War Two veterans from Hull are visiting the Netherlands to receive


a special torch which commemorates the country's liberation. 100,000


people took to the streets last year to thank the veterans, who helped


free Holland from German occupation almost 70 years ago. Tonight, the


veterans will receive a torch, lit by the Fire of Liberation, which


they will bring back to Hull. The Football now and Grimsby Town's


dreams of promotion to League Two are over, after they lost 3`1 at


Gateshead in the play`off semifinals.


The Mariners were reduced to ten men at 1`0 down, when Scott Neilson was


sent off, but they bounced back with Craig Disley's goal. But after


having another man sent off, they went on to concede two more, losing


4`2 on aggregate. Manager of newly`promoted Scunthorpe


United, Russ Wilcox, says he wants to keep their forward momentum going


next season. The Iron drew 2`2 with York in their last game of the


season at Glanford Park yesterday. They went one up with a Paddy Madden


header in the first half, before Terry Hawkridge's low strike doubled


their lead. York battled back to earn a draw, but that did not dampen


the promotion celebrations after the final whistle.


Rugby League now and it was a bad afternoon for our teams. Hull KR


lost 29`34 to Widnes Vikings and Hull FC lost 23`16 to Wakefield.


Time for the weather now, with Keeley Donovan.


Good evening. Some fine weather to come tomorrow. At the moment, it has


been rather cloudy, but there will be breaks in that cloud through this


evening and overnight. It will not be a cold night. Tomorrow, the best


of the weather in the morning, when we got most of the sunshine.


Workload will spill from the West during the afternoon. But it should


stay largely dry. The temperature doing well, getting up to around 17


or 18 Celsius. A mixture of sunshine and showers to come during the week.


And that is all from us for now, but we will be back later tonight. That


is just after quarter past ten. Bye for now.


Good evening. Today we have had the sunniest skies in the South whereas


in the north it has been quite cloudy. Tomorrow, we switch things


around. In the east we will have warm, hazy sunshine. In the west we


will have the biggest cloud. Tonight, there will be some rain


across parts of Scotland. The rain easing across Northern Ireland. For


many will be a dry night. For many across the south it will be cold.


Maybe not quite as cold as last night. We should start with quite a


bit of sunshine across central and eastern areas. The sunshine will


turn quite hazy of the cloud spills in from the west. The wind is also


starting to pick up and we will see rain. For Northern Ireland, the rain


spreading across a good part


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