10/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hello and welcome to Look North. Beverley's Saturday Market has been


re`launched today after a ?2.5 million project to upgrade the


historic site. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council says the


regeneration has made the site more accessible. But it dropped its


original plan to remove all the old stone cobbles or setts from the


market place after local opposition. Sarah Walton reports.


Despite the showery weather there were plenty of people out to see the


new look Saturday Market, with a new ground surface and what the council


described as a less cluttered appearance.


But nearly a year and a half ago it was a different scene, with protests


against the original plans which involved removing the old cobbles,


known as setts. A compromise was reached ` some


cobbles remained. But the council still carried out work to improve


drainage, upgrade the street lighting and put in a proper power


supply for the market. But there are mixed views on the


change. It is lovely. They have made a good


job of it. There are some bits that we are not sure of. People were


complaining that there was no to cross the road. We are very pleased


that that is finished. It has made a big improvement.


And the council says the work has been worthwhile. A number of people


were commenting on the Brewer Street of Revere. We want to the team this


as an area of commerce. `` were commenting on the bad state of


repair. Traders have been coming here for


centuries. It's now hoped no more work will be needed here for many


years to come. An injunction banning a planned


Horse Drive tomorrow has been granted by Hull County Court.


The police and city council say the event has caused disruption in the


past. They're urging horse owners and riders not to break the order


banning them from the city's roads. Hull Kingston Rovers are taking on


Salford in the Superleague tonight. The match started a few minutes ago.


There is currently no score. Speaking before kick off coach Craig


Sandercock told Look North that they're determined to put their


recent defeat to Widnes behind them ` but he says Salford will put up a


good fight in Lancashire this evening. Salford have got some good


attacking players. We will treat every game with the at most


respects. We will hopefully put in a decent performance.


There's commentary of the game on all frequencies on BBC Radio


Humberside. And of course you'll be able to see the action in the


Superleague show on Monday night at 11.25 on BBC One.


Hull City take on Everton in their final Premier League match of the


season tomorrow. The manager Steve Bruce says recent


performances, like this defeat to Manchester United, have been


affected by the prospect of meeting Arsenal in the FA cup final next


week. But he says a win at home tomorrow will be the icing on the


cake of a season the Tigers fans can be proud of.


Overall we are satisfied with what we have done. There are certain


results but you can remember. Passengers on a Hull Trains service


will get the chance to see a special performance of poet Philip Larkin's


Whitsun Weddings. 50 years after it was written, the


poem, which describes a journey from Hull to London, will be performed on


both a train and the platforms at Hull Paragon station next month.


Passengers will also hear poetry readings by actor Bill Nighy.


Police are warning of standing water on roads across the region. Here is


the weather. The unsettled feel continues. Some


of the showers will be heavy. A fairly mild night. As we go into


Sunday we continue to see some showers.


That is all for now. We are back tomorrow evening. Goodbye.


Good evening. We have seen plenty of showers scattered across the country


today. There will be drier and brighter spells in between. Low


pressure is sitting across the country, with some tightly packed


isobars to the south. That indicates some strong winds. They will


continue throughout the night, going up to gale force at times. The main


focus of the wettest weather across parts of West Wales is this rain. It


will not be a particularly cold start to Sunday. Showers, not


everywhere, some of us will see drier weather weather window of


sunshine around, but be prepared for those showers if you're stepping out


in the


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