11/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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the evening on the BBC News Channel. We are back at


Good evening. A horse drive which was banned by the courts has gone


ahead in Hull. Around 25 horses and carts took part. Hull City Council


had secured an injunction banning the event from obstructing the


highway. Police say although it went ahead, it caused minimal disruption


as Tolu Adeoye reports. Galloping along the streets of Hull


in spite of an injunction trying to ban the drive from the city's roads.


It's a long`standing tradition. And, apart from causing some traffic


delays, today's drive passed through without major disruption. Compared


to previous years, where we have had significantly more numbers, there


has been far less of a turnout this year. In terms of the event passing,


it's gone smoothly with that event so far. And this is what the city


council was trying to avoid ` scenes of chaos back in 2012 which lead to


disruption for local residents and businesses. Even though Hull City


Council had an injunction against today's drive, police had


intelligence that would still go ahead, so 35 officers have been on


hand to make sure it passes through safely. It's been a good day. A


really good day. Apart from the rain! Everyone is enjoying it and


getting on with it and that, so it's all right. It's part of tradition


around here come I think. They train the horses and it's nice to see it.


Crucially, the police say no public highways were blocked during today's


drive, with horses and carts congregating at public houses


between stops. So they say no action was taken against those involved on


this occasion. A service of remembrance has been


held to mark the 29th anniversary of the Bradford Stadium fire, in which


two football fans from Lincolnshire were among the 56 supporters who


died. Fire engulfed the main stand at Bradford City's Valley Parade as


the home team played Lincoln City in 1985. This morning, players, fans


and civic dignitaries held a minute's silence to remember the


events. Part of Grimsby town centre has been


closed again today as the council rips up newly`laid paving to carry


out repair work. The so`called "shared space" was finished in


December but paving on Bethlehem Street has been damaged by bad


weather and so it's having to be re`laid.


Listen carefully and you can hear as well as see the problem on one of


Grimsby's newest roads. This paving on Bethlehem Street was only


completed in December, but already it's failing and, in places, has had


to be patched. Today, work has started to dig it all up again. They


have been out here every single day since they supposedly finished it.


They were repairing it, changing it. They were out here yesterday,


digging up and replacing it. It is just continual. The whole thing is


rubbish. So I don't think it will last. When they do it again, I don't


think it will last again. They should have tarmacked it, really.


This is a shared space ` it encourages bikes, pedestrians and


cars to negotiate the area together. The council denies the fault with it


is in its construction. The work has been done right, it has been closely


supervised. The problem has been with the weather conditions. I don't


think we could have reasonably expected the huge amount of rain


that we had literally at the back end of last year and that is what


being the largest contributory factor to this. So the work has


started to put it right, with more disruption. It'll need to be fully


investigated, re`laid and the road closed off. And that's been worrying


businesses like this hairdressers. We have a lot of elderly people


coming in taxis, they won't be able to be dropped off. There are no


buses. So I think next week, yes, it will really affect business. But


there won't be any change to the layout despite continued concern


over its overall safety. The work is hoped to be completed by Thursday.


Firefighters are still working a recycling centre Scunthorpe after a


fire at the site last week. At one stage, 40 firefighters were needed


to control the fire which took hold in thousands of tonnes of waste


plastic on Wednesday. Officers say there will be a presence at the site


until they are confident there is no further risk.


It was a disappointing result for Tigers fans, beaten 2`0 at home by


Everton in their last Premier League game of the season. But there were


applause and cheers after the final whistle as Steve Bruce and his squad


came back onto the pitch to say thank you to the fans for their


support this season. The Tigers finished 16th overall and now have


to prepare for next weekend's FA Cup final. If we're being honest, we


have been safe for weeks, we've never been in any relegation


trouble. It's been very difficult the last month or so because


everyone has been talking about or thinking about the FA Cup final, so


thankfully this season has finished. We have finished where we finished


and we have got an FA Cup final to look forward to, thankfully.


Let's get a look at the weather now. Here's Jennifer Bartram with the


forecast. Good evening. Some further days of


unsettled weather to come. Through tonight, we continue to see the


showers moving in but they will become lighter and less frequent.


Any shots you have become more slow`moving. Some hail and funding


places. Some spells of sunshine between the showers. Temperatures


tomorrow up to around 12 or 13 degrees. As we go to the next few


days, keep the unsettled theme but then high pressure starts to build


so by Wednesday and Thursday, it is find with highs of 16.


That's all from Look North. We're back at 10:15pm tonight, straight


after the national news. Bye for now.


Good evening. We have still got some very heavy showers out there. For


ors we are finishing the day on a more positive note. Clearer skies to


the south indicating sunshine but the cloud still streaming in further


north. Tomorrow's forecast brings a similar mixture, sunshine and


showers although the winds will start to be lighter. That process


begins through the night tonight. A shattering of showers still


possible. Clearer skies across northern Scotland probably our


lowest temperatures here. For many temperatures will begin Monday


morning at around 8 or 9 degrees already with a few showers


morning at around 8 or 9 degrees think be drier spells in between, as


morning at around 8 or 9 degrees with the nature of showers,


morning at around 8 or 9 degrees not everywhere all of the time.


Cloudy with brighter spells mixed in across parts of northern England and


southern Scotland already with the potential of one or two to be heavy.


On northern Scotland on balance through the day on Monday while


there could be a few showers, a slight improvement here. But they


will start


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