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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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in the Turkish mine disaster has risen, over 200 dead and 120 are


still trapped. We


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Calls for an increase in the speed limit for lorries on one of our


busiest roads. The driving is dangerous on


occasions and the crossing by overtaking vehicles.


The Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell is reprimanded following a tweet


A little boy with a serious heart condition is chosen to walk out at


How long we'll be fine weather last? Join me for the latest.


Campaigners say big changes are needed to a major route through


Lorry drivers want the speed limit for them on the A15


north of Lincoln to be increased from 40 to 50 miles an hour.


They say it will help stop impatient car drivers taking risks


Slow lorries causing long tailbacks on rule roads. It is a daily


frustration on the A15 in Lincolnshire for car and lorry


drivers. There is a car overtaking on a blind corner. This haulier says


if lorries were allowed to go faster on some stretches, it would stop


dangerous overtaking by impatient motorists. On the long straights


where visibility is good, if they put it up to 50, the cars that are


behind that of restricted, everything quill move. The speed


limit for heavy goods vehicles on single carriageway is is 40 miles an


hour. The government is carrying out a consultation on raising it to 45


or 50 miles an hour. The change would affect 280,000 vehicles. They


overtake on bends, it is dangerous. A lorry is a long way, if you have


got to go slow, you have got to go slow. Lorry drivers in Scotland will


be able to travel at 50 as part of a trial, something this man wants to


be tested here, after he was caught speeding in his lorry. I have


measured on the stretch we are talking about summer you will get 12


overtakes in that time from cars, one of which will be over double


white lines, and it is very dangerous. I thought I would test


out how long it takes to get from Lincoln along this road to


Scunthorpe, and how much of the journey is spent stuck behind a


lorry. It was not long before I joined a tailback. I have completed


the journey pretty quickly, 22 minutes, an average speed of 50


miles an hour. For half of the time, I was behind a lorry, which was


clearly going faster than 40 miles an hour. The vehicle handling will


be compromised, and putting the vehicles into the overtaking


manoeuvres for longer is a risk to other road users, so we do not feel


it is a good idea. Some motorists argued the best way to improve


safety on this route is to turn the road into a jaw carriageway.


Do you think the speed limit for lorries on single carriageways


The government has been consulting on this since 2012. We are expecting


the findings later this year. It is unlikely there will be any changes


soon. This is one stretch of the A15 which lorry drivers they would be


safe to travel at 50. It is wide and straight for a good mile or so, we


have seen some queues here this evening, and the argument goes that


if you put up speed limits, that cuts congestion, speeds up journey


times, and that is all good for business. It is worth remembering


that the County of Lincolnshire has no motorways, so this is a hot


topic, because it can be slow getting around.


Should the speed limit the increased? Would you be happy to see


lorries going faster? We will have some of your thoughts before we


finish at 7pm. The minor parties hoping to make


a mark in next week's The Labour MP for Great Grimsby


Austin Mitchell has refused to apologise for comparing a US


pharmaceutical company to a rapist The Minister For Women Nicky Morgan


has described the tweet as deeply offensive and called for the Labour


leader Ed Miliband to take action. Mr Mitchell has dismissed the


controversy as a storm in a teacup. Earlier, I spoke to Mr Mitchell and


asked him whether describing a drugs I am made to feel like Jeremy


Clarkson, I did not anticipate this. One of the definitions of rape in


the Oxford in this dictionary is to plunder, and that is what I fear


will happen to AstraZeneca. You talk about the rape of the countryside


and the rainforests, but I have had abuse landing on my head. Others do


not see it as a waste of time. It is, because people are missing the


point. In Twitter, it is difficult to express what I think is going to


the `` going to be the fate of AstraZeneca, subjugation to a


foreign company, cutting off research, and weakening of the


company, in 140 characters. I did it graphically. Perhaps I should have


used the word rapacious. Nicky Morgan has said, if you do not


apologise, you should be suspended. Do you want to apologise? All of the


people who talk about the HST raping the countryside in the same mode,


bigots that it's want to make a party political point, most of the


people are conservatives, they want to distract attention from the fact


that AstraZeneca is going to be taken over. Do you want to apologise


on the TV now, so everybody sees it? Note. I do apologise for


inconvenience in Ed Miliband, because of the reaction it has


caused, but what I said was the truth. You do not want to


apologise? I am sorry for the trouble I have caused the Labour


Party, but what I said was essentially true.


Do you agree with him that it is a storm in a teacup, or should he not


have used the language he used? Police


and health`and`safety officials are investigating after a farm worker


was killed on a Lincolnshire farm. 60`year`old John Turner died


after he was crushed by a cow An inquest into his death has


been opened and adjourned. Five people have been hurt


in a crash near Skegness. The emergency services were called


to the A52 at Ingoldmells just The injured are aged between 16


and 33 and were all travelling The Prime Minister has offered


the Nigerian government the use of a surveillance aircraft


from Lincolnshire to help search The Sentinel plane,


which is based at RAF Waddington, would work alongside US forces


and the Nigerian army. The girls were taken


from a school last month A week tomorrow, more than half


a billion people will be eligible Here on BBC Look North, we've been


looking at the choices facing voters We've heard from the Conservatives,


Labour, Tonight, we look at some


of the other parties hoping to make Recent experience tells us the


majority of people support one of the parties led by these four men.


But there are signs that some voters could put their crosses in a


different box in next week's European elections. This provides


central heating. Green party candidates have been buoyed by at


least one opinion poll putting them have the Liberal Democrats. They


believe more homes like this one should benefit from renewable energy


such as solar power. People are finding it difficult to deal with


their fuel bills, so let's get some European resources in, let's link it


with local government resources, which are limited, to try to do some


worthwhile things. From green to red and white, these are not England


supporters making an early getaway to Brazil, but the English


Democrats, demanding a greater voice for England in Brussels. People are


sick of the fact that the other home nations of the UK have their own


parliament, and England does not, and the people of England feel left


behind. Some believe we should not be part of the EU at all. See what


you think, getting out of Europe, we would be better, not spending the


money. We want to leave Europe, we do not think the referendum is the


right way, we think the ballot box for people to vote for us to leave


Europe. We would call for an immediate withdrawal outside of the


EU, Pol out of it altogether. It is not working. Voters in towns like


Beverley are being targeted by a range of political parties. Some


want us to remain part of the EU, others want us out, and some are


calling for more direct power for Yorkshire. Yorkshire has a good


story to tell, a population of 5 million people, the economy is twice


the size of Wales, but it has the power of neither. We have enormous


potential. The Tour de France is coming here, Hull have the city of


culture, we want to be able to unleash the potential. Next


Thursday, voters may choose to support the main political parties


or consider an alternative in this most unpredictable election


campaign. There's been a fall in the number of


people out of work in our region. Unemployment in Yorkshire


and the Humber is at 230,000. That's down by 8,000 compared to


the previous quarter. In the East Midlands, which covers


Lincolnshire, the jobless total is However, one candidate standing


in the local`council election in Hull, who is opposed to all cuts


to council jobs and services, says We welcome the reduction in


unemployment, but you have to look deeper than the figures, and look at


how many of those young people have been forced onto zero hours


contracts, how many are part`time, how many Arsenal having to claim


benefits, because most people claiming benefits are working, so it


is the working poor that are the ones who we need to look at.


And you can find a full list of the candidates standing in


the Hull City Council local election by going to BBC Humberside online


site and following the links to the local election coverage there.


Hull City's FA Cup final opponents explain how they plan to stop


And, the boy who will work out `` walk out with his Hull City heroes.


Keep the photos coming in with the good weather. This was before the


good weather came. Another picture tomorrow night.


This one, Mr Hudson is quite sexy now he has had the work done, he is


the, shattered Acca for the menopausal generation! We should not


have done that before the watershed!


What work? I will leave the Botox to you! For the next 24 hours, it is


not bad, there will be more cloud tomorrow. Variable cloud, some warm


sunny spells as well, just the risk of the odd light shower, so not


quite the clear blue sky we have had today. It is a lovely outlook,


Friday and Saturday look nice. A question as to when the weather will


break down. Not until late on Sunday, it seems, which is good


news, but the timing may change. Lots of cloud, which will spill


Southeast overnight. It has not stopped temperatures reaching 17


this afternoon. Overnight, it turns cloudy, with the odd light shower


possible. Variable, perhaps large amounts of


cloud through tomorrow, it may well produce the odd light shower, but


some good breaks coming through, some sunny spells, though the


sunshine may be hazy. A light breeze. A westerly breeze in


Bridlington, much better news for the coast. The temperatures are even


higher on Friday, a lot of sunshine, a beautiful day. The warm weather


lasts until the weekend, just the chance of a shower on Saturday


afternoon and a bit of patchy rain late on Sunday.


I hope our writer was concentrating on the forecast! Have a nice


evening. We do not need a reply! This is all mine!


More than 100 personnel from RAF Coningsby have been deployed to


help patrol the skies above the Baltic states.


Four aircraft left Lincolnshire last month and will spend 16 weeks


in Lithuania as part of the NATO operation.


It comes amid tensions in the region between Russia and Ukraine.


13,000 feet over Eastern Europe, typhoons from RAF Coningsby


manoeuvre alongside our Voyager jet. As tensions between Russia and


Ukraine continue to rise, these are among four typhoons from the


squadron helping to protect the Baltic states and secure NATO


airspace. They have been called to a loss of litigation is a craft, they


are joining up to try to see what state the aeroplane is in, have a


good look, try and identify what type of aircraft it is. The crews


have been deployed to this former Soviet airbase in Lithuania, it has


taken an RAF team to bring tonnes of equipment and aircraft shelters as


well as these jets. They are ready to scramble at a moment's notice.


The mission is about reassurance to the Baltic states. As an aircraft in


distressed, or an aircraft that has not followed a plan, or a military


aircraft that needs to be identified. We are excited to be


here, we have been made to feel very welcome in Lithuania, it is great to


get stuck in. The Lincolnshire crews were sent here just over two weeks


ago amid the West's condemnation of Russia's behaviour. The nearby


Baltic states do not have their own air defence fighters so these jets,


along with others from RAF Waddington, will support other


allies and provide reassurance. It is not dissimilar to the task we


carry out in the UK, the duties are fairly similar, the air space,


working with the local controllers has been fine, we have been flying


missions over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, to various international


airports as well, as part of our reassurance task. This is what


happens if an unidentified aircraft approaches or enters without


approval. Airborne within minutes. We are used to it, both at RAF


Coningsby and at RAF Leuchars. It is not routine, but we are


comfortable. This is the first time the RAF has deployed on an air


policing mission for ten years. It is likely this part of the world


could be a base for some time yet. Last night, we were talking about


the pavement and the road, he said `` the shared space. One person


says, this is dangerous and impractical.


The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been paying credit to the


Hull City manager Steve Bruce ahead of this weekend's FA Cup final.


The Frenchman held his side's pre`match press conference


Fear at the Arsenal training ground, the talk has been about them


breaking their 90s `` nine year wait for a trophy. Here, that counts as a


long time. Arsene Wenger took time out to consider the work that Steve


Bruce had done at Hull City over the past years. He has done extremely


well, I said that two weeks ago, he has done extremely well to keep them


up in the Premier League and get them to the FA Cup final. It is a


great achievement. Back in Hull, one person that wants to dent the dream


is Curtis Davies. For him, the FA Cup has lost none of its magic, and


to lift it would be a dream country. To win an FA Cup is the stuff you


dream of. To play in an FA Cup final is one thing, that is a dream


accomplished, but once you get there, I have said on a number of


occasions, you want to win it. I am hoping that we have got enough on


the day to do that. There can be little doubt that Arsenal start as


out and out favourites, pretty much like Manchester City last season.


But as we saw emerged as winners, so maybe there


is hope for Hull. Very few people get to walk on the


pitch at Wembley, but Freddie will be one of them. He has been chosen


as the mascot for the FA Cup final. It is one of the things on his to`do


list, and he is getting ready for his moment in the spotlight.


Walking out at the KC Stadium is the stuff dreams are made of. Imagine


walking out on the hallowed turf of Wembley. Freddie has only three


sleeps to wait. At first, I was scared. But then, I got excited. He


has a terminal heart condition, and along with riding in a speedboat,


being a mascot was on his to`do list, so what is he most looking


forward to? Walking onto the field at Wembley. I will be shaking


hands, then they take me back to the changing room, but I will still be


in my kit when I go back on my coach. Seeing his face when he walks


out onto the pitch, he will be so proud, and it will make me... You


can not get memories like that, this does not happen everyday. It will be


a big day for his sister, as well. She was able to have the surgery


Freddie is too unwell for. My heart has been fixed, his can not be.


Every second counts. We have no timescale, Freddie could die today,


he might not even make Saturday. All he cares about is his lunch. If I do


not like it, I will eat what my mum will make! He will not eat jam, so


he will see what it is, if it beats his approval, he will eat it, if


not, I have got to have a spare one in my bag. Never mind a Hull City


victory, we have got to pray it is not jam!


What a big day it will be. Ducklings living


in Bridlington have found an unlikely bodyguard to protect


them from threatening seagulls. A barnacle goose has taken to


escorting the ducks and their newly`hatched chicks


around the harbour, He'll chase away any seagull


that gets too close. If you know a story that we do not


know about, send us an e`mail. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. The death toll rises in the Turkish


mine disaster, 250 men are confirmed to have died.


Austin Mitchell refuses to apologise for a tweet which compared and


American drugs firm to a rapist. Most of the people attacking me are


conservatives who want to exacerbate the issue to distract attention from


the fact that AstraZeneca is going to be taken over.


The weather forecast for tomorrow, it gets better and better, most


places try and bright, some cloud. It feels very warm.


The speed limits for lorries should be increased on roads like the A15,


a big response on this. Patrick says, it will not help, the roads


need to be a dual carriageway, if not, it should and how people to


pass. Rachel says, speed is not a factor, it is more the impatient


drivers overtaking in the wrong places and taking unnecessary risks.


One person says, allowing lorries to travel at 50 would help, because it


would stop some impatient drivers trying to pass, but it will not stop


or accident. We will have some more tomorrow


night. Have a nice evening, see you tomorrow.


Europe. A community of nations which can do no wrong.


A perfect brotherhood in which we all share.


the benefits are obvious to being in...


Hampering a British recovery and harping on about climate change.


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