14/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The Great Grimsby Labour MP Austin Mitchell has refused to apologise


following a tweet in which he likened an American drugs


Conservative Mps have called for him to be suspended,


but Mr Mitchell says they're trying to distract from the controversial


This is the tweet that caused the row.


The language used in the complaint about the takeover of AstraZeneca


has angered his political opponents. This is an offensive tweet.


The bid is a serious issue but to use the word rapist is


completely unacceptable. Ed Milliband has to take control


and make Austin Mitchell apologise. One of the definitions of rape in


the Oxford dictionary is to plunder. I think that will


happen to AstraZeneca. People talk about the rape


of the countryside and the rape of the rainforest


but it doesn't attack this term of abuse that's landed on my head.


The Labour Party tried to defuse the row saying:


This evening the 79`year`old made it clear he was


standing by his comments. I don't apologise now.


I do apologise for inconveniencing Ed Milliband


and our Chief Whip because of the reaction it has caused but what


I said was essentially the truth. Some Conservative MPs want


Ed Milliband to suspend the backbencher who will stand


down at the next election. Austin Mitchell has refused to


apologise for his comments. Is he likely to face


any further action? It would appear unlikely that


the Labour Party will take this any further.


Austin Mitchell is of the belief that the criticism has


come from political opponents looking to make capital ahead


of next week's European and Council elections and wanting to distract


from the row over the takeover of Astra Zeneca by Fizer.


Downing Street has described the comments as just wrong,


but the Great Grimsby MP retires in just over 12 months time so it's


difficult to see what pressure could be brought to bear on him if he's


determined to stand by his comments. There's been a fall in the number of


people out of work in our region. Unemployment in Yorkshire


and the Humber is at 230,000, that's down by 8,000 compared to


the previous quarter. In the East Midlands, which covers


Lincolnshire, the jobless total is A man who deliberately drove


a horse and trap into the sea at Bridlington, causing the horse to


drown, has been jailed for 16 weeks. The incident happened in front


of holidaymakers last July. In addition to being jailed, David


Sean Clancy from Bradford, was The RSPCA has welcomed the prison


sentence saying Mr. Clancy subjected Campaigners say speed limits


for lorries need to be increased on a major route through Lincolnshire


to improve road safety. They want lorries


on the A15 to drive at 50 miles a hour rather than 40, claiming it


will stop reckless overtaking. But some have argued that the change


would make the roads more dangerous. Slow lorries causing long


tailbacks on rural roads. It is a daily frustration on the A15


in Lincolnshire for car and lorry drivers.


There is a car now overtaking on a blind corner.


Richard says if lorries were allowed to go faster on some stretches,


it would stop dangerous overtaking by impatient motorists.


On the long straights where visibility is low, they put it up to


50, the cars behind are not frustrated and everything will move.


The speed limit for heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 tonne of single


carriageways is 40 miles an hour. The government is carrying out


a consultation on raising it to 45 or 50 miles an hour.


The change would affect 280,000 vehicles.


Overtaking me and lorries and they do it on bends.


Lorries are lorries. They can only go certain speeds.


Lorry drivers using A9 in Scotland will soon be able to travel at 50


as part of a trial, something Alan wants to be tested only A15 after he


was caught speeding in his lorry. I have measured on the stretch


which is 20 miles on the A15, you will get 12 overtakes


in that time from cars, one of which will be over double white lines.


It is very dangerous. I thought I would test out how long


it takes to get from Lincoln along A15 to Scunthorpe


and how much of that journey is spent stuck behind a lorry.


It wasn't long before I


More than 100 personnel from RAF Coningsby have been deployed to


help patrol the skies above the Baltic States.


It may well be that there is an month and will spend 16 weeks


It may well be that there is an aircraft in distress or an air craft


that hasn't followed the air plan or military aircraft that needs to be


identified. Are you pleased to be here? We have been made to feel very


welcome in Lithuania. Now for a look at the weather.


It has been a glorious day today. We have some cloud filtering down from


the North West. The lowest temperatures down to five Celsius.


Tomorrow, generally a dry day with variable amounts of cloud but there


will be some decent sunny spells coming through, particularly in the


afternoon. A small chance of getting a light shower. Top temperature 18


Celsius. Friday and Saturday is fine and warm. That is all from us for


now. Good night. see 21 or so. We keep that going


right until the weekend. Here's the outlook. Good evening. Mother nature


was kind to us today, sunny skies, the birds and bees were out but not


everywhere because one or two places where a little on the cloudy side.


For example, here on a satellite picture, Northern Ireland and


Scotland, increasing cloud. To the south, you can see the vast majority


of the country, Wales and England, scattered cloud, so lots of find


weather. We will turn the heat up in the next few days but in terms of


the sunshine tomorrow, you might be surprised that it's more cloudy


compared to what we had today. Let's look at the details. Tonight, from


Wales, the Midlands, and Lincolnshire, they will get quite


chilly tonight, maybe three degrees in the countryside. In the city


centre is it always a bit warmer. In Scotland, it will stay fairly damp


tonight with mist and murky weather. Misty in one or two other places but


starting sunny in the south and then, through the morning and


afternoon, it


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