17/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's it for now. We're back with the late news at 10. 15pm. Now it's


time for the news where you Good afternoon from BBC Look North.


Hull City's' stream `` Hull City's FA Cup dream is still on track.


Sarah is live there now. It is continuing into extra time.


It has been a nailbiter for Hull fans. They have been through nearly


every emotion. It was a good start for the side. They work too` zero up


within the first eight minutes. But then Arsenal brought it back. It is


currently 2`2. They are in extra time. If it is still 2`2, it will go


to penalties. They came in as the underdogs, but for the 25,000 fans


who have made the trip here they are already celebrating what has been


the best season for the club. The early morning coaches were


packed. Those already in London started the party early. There was


sunshine in Trafalgar Square. It has been a dream. This is the stuff that


dreams are made of. It is fantastic to stop there were blue skies


welcoming the Army who were singing and dancing. It is fantastic. It


helps to create the atmosphere. The team has done us proud. We just need


to enjoy it. There is not as much pressure on us at Arsenal. Fans from


all generations across the world came. I have come from Perth in this


chair we're `` Australia. We are a good gang. It is the biggest day in


the club's history. It is great to be a part of it. Many went to


designated areas hours before kick`off. They brought some of home


with them, such as the sheet performers. These three people are


from Hull, but two are supporting Arsenal. It might be scary if people


are singing the old songs in my face. If Arsenal when I will be over


the moon. I think it will be 1`0. 1`mill will be fine. This pop star


arrived in style. The silverware is now within reach. They are


determined to enjoy every moment. None of the predictions made by the


fans there were right. But it is the biggest day in the club's history.


15 years ago Hull City were bottom of the football league. It has been


a great live to the Premier League. This is their first FA Cup final.


Their chances are still alive, it is still 0`0. One fan said, he never


thought that he would see this day in his lifetime. Fingers crossed


they may still do it. It has been a big day for Hull's


rugby league. It ended 38`24. Now the weather forecast.


Hello, good evening. It looks like the fine, dry, and sunny weather is


set to continue through the rest of the weekend. Some late evening


sunshine, perhaps turning a little hazy in places. Then through the


night it is staying dry for all of us. A mild night, temperatures 12`13


Celsius. Through the rest of the weekend, it will be a fine day on


Sunday with sunshine and highs of 23 degrees. Then low pressure starts to


took hold at the start of the week, turning things rather more


unsettled, but still warm with highs of 22 Celsius. That is it for now.


Goodbye. Good evening. Who needs an expensive


holiday? Today at 24 degrees, Suffolk was warmer than Ibiza and


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