18/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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on the BBC News Channel, and I'll be back with the late news. Now on BBC


One it's time for the news where Good evening. Welcome to Look North.


Hundreds of Hull City supporters have turned out to give the players


a heroes welcome, after they narrowly lost to Arsenal in the FA


Cup Final last night. The Tigers took the Gunners to extra time in a


thrilling match that saw them score two goals within the first ten


minutes. Our sports reporter Simon Clark has been following their


historic weekend. There was something special about London and


the walk up Wembley Way in amber. Fresh in the memory of most people,


freezing nights in Rochdale and Hartlepool as the Tigers bumped


along the lower divisions. That's been the dream. I've wanted this all


my life. I've got my wish and it's in my lifetime. I can't believe it's


happening. It's fantastic. I've been supporting Hull since 1965. It's


just unbelievable. I never thought I'd see it. Now the biggest stage of


all. A Royal greeting and then, a right royal opening for James


Chester. Dreamland? It was moments later when Curtis Davis made it 2`0


inside nine Wembley minutes. Before half time though, a free kick made


it 2`1. Then, as the clock ticked beyond 70 minutes, could it happen?


No, it was 2`2. Extra time. Out on their legs, the Tigers fought. But


Ramsey's moment of brilliance killed the dream. Just superb.


Unbelievable, what a great day. Just a pity we couldn't come out with a


trophy. We were trying, we were pushing, but we didn't quite make


it. Yes, it was a real shame but we played really, really well. We're


that proud and that's the main thing. This afternoon, the team


returned home by rail to a heroes welcome at Paragon Station. We


didn't manage to win yesterday but it's nice to see how proud they are.


So proud of them. Really proud of them. We've got


fantastic. We just wish that we'd have brought the cup home. That's


what they deserved. But hopefully, in the next couple of years, we can


do that. Well, it's all gone quiet now but the echo of a pulsating cup


final is still around. You know, this competition has been much


maligned in recent seasons but the glamour of the FA Cup was returned


in spades by the players and the supporters of the team from East


Yorkshire. Lincolnshire Fire Service says there


were no injuries at a huge recycling plant fire in Grantham last night.


Several engines were called to the fire on an industrial estate in.


Some local people have complained that it's not the first factory at


the plant. But Environ`Com, who own it,


fun. Final preparations here at the Chelsea flower show promise a


thrilling year. It is not just the amazing characters from Southfield


messages that find an audience here at Chelsea. One artist has come here


and it is a great way for him to access the London market. Excited


and nervous and tired already. He is among thousands making final


preparations to his stand. It is a big day. People you see an


photographs and magazines and films, you have to think of


something intelligent to say to them. Last year, he was selecting


paintings to appeal to the crowd. This is chicory. It is one of the


most disgusting vegetables to eat but one of the most beautiful to


paint. I really think that is why they were put on this earth, for


artists. Everything has a food or flower theme. He is hoping his quiet


space will stand out in the show. He has some competition.


Time for the weather now with Jennifer Bartram.


Hello there, good evening. A dry night for all of us to come tonight.


Plenty of cloud around but there will be some clear spells too. It is


going to be a mild night. Temperatures overnight dropping back


to 11 or 12 Celsius. For Monday morning, cloudy initially, but we


will see the cloud breaking up to give bright or sunny spells. Another


warm day once again and staying dry for all of us with temperatures


around a high of 22 Celsius. As we go through the rest of the week,


turning more unsettled. Expect showers or longer spells of rain.


That's it for the moment. We're back later tonight. That's just after


10.15pm. Join us then if you can. Bye for now.


St James Park and Sheffield both hit 25 Celsius this afternoon. That


gives us our warmest day in nearly nine months, since 5th September


2013. It goes without saying that it is going to be a warm night. Look


out for some showers clipping into eastern Scotland. Some of those


could be heavy. Still some patchy rain for western Scotland. More


persistent rain returning to Northern Ireland by the end of


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