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UKIP's new councillor's celebrate as they take seats across Hull


I'm live in Grimsby where UKIP have taken seven out of 15 seats.


Today's result is a fantastic accumulation of tenures of work.


The teenage boy who took his own life because he was bullied online.


The 4`star Hotel Break for college students.


You get to go there with all of your friends.


Flash floods, thunder and lightning. Today, the clearer about torrential


rain. And the team hoping to travel more than 400 mph to set a new world


record. And a soggy start to the bank


holiday weekend, but it should gradually improved. I will be back


later in the programme with all the details.


UKIP is celebrating big successes in the local elections


after winning eight seats locally in yesterday's polls.


In Hull they won one seat, beating one of Labour's most long


But their biggest gains have come in North East Lincolnshire where


Labour remain in overall control in Hull and Lincoln,


but they've now lost control of North East Lincolnshire.


Our Political Editor, Tim Iredale, is in Grimsby tonight.


How much of a surprise is this showing by UKIP?


Well, I have been out on the campaign trail across Lincolnshire


and east Yorkshire in the past few weeks and it has been cleared,


speaking to voters, that they wanted to give the established parties are


good kicking. There will be some who say UKIP still do not have any


direct power in our every outcome any other words the door not


actually run `` in our area, in other words they do not actually run


any of our councils, but they certainly have their opponents


running scared. Meet the new kids on the block.


UKIP's success has seen the party secure a solid power base in North


East Lincolnshire. I think today's result is a fantastically with ``


fantastic attenuation of ten years of work.


The fruitcakes have come home! The result sees Labour dropped to 21


seats on North East Lincolnshire Council. The Conservatives are down


to ten seats, with UKIP now boasting eight councillors on the authority.


The Liberal Democrats have three. UKIP I think will be a temporary


phenomenon that will split and the divide on the council, and possibly


even in Europe. The interesting thing about this election is the


fact that the electorate has said to both main parties, a plague on both


your houses. For people like me, who have long


been Eurosceptics even before the word was invented, it confirms our


view that people are very disconnected from the whole process,


particularly the fact that Europe is seen as a distant organisation going


against what the British people, and in some cases the British


government, want. Last night saw Labour retain control


of Hull City Council. UKIP's share of the vote was more than 25% of the


vote, but that only resulted in them winning a one seat from the veteran


Labour councillor David Gemmill, who had served on the authority for 26


years. What do you make to the swing ``


make of the swing towards UKIP version macro `` towards UKIP?


There is certainly a swing across the country and all edition should


take note. It tells you, it is a symptom of something that the public


are not happy with. Labour also kept control of the city


of Lincoln Council after gaining two Micro seats from the Conservatives.


So, a mixture of celebration and commiseration after the local


elections. For some, the excitement was all too much.


Tim, do these results tell us anything about what we might expect


on Sunday when we find out the results of the European elections?


Yes, I managed to get some sleep first, like that last bloke, but it


does seem a given now that UKIP will do well in the European elections.


The votes are counted on Sunday night. There is one crumb of comfort


this evening to UKIP's opponents, and that is that only one third of


voters turned out in yesterday's elections. That is around half of


that which would normally turn out in a general election. Some will say


that voters have not necessarily switched allegiances, they just have


not bothered to turn out to vote at all.


Earlier this afternoon I spoke to Victoria Ayling, I UKIP `` single


Michael UKIP councillor, and I asked why they had done so well in North


East Lincolnshire. I think it is because everyone in the country, not


just in Grimsby, are sick to the teeth of the three main parties


selling them down the river. We are fed up with the lies, the


same old spin, and the UKIP have common`sense policies and people who


want to make a difference to bring this country forward again.


I assume you will agree that a lot of these people who voted UKIP did


it just to send a message. What percentage of these people will vote


UKIP at the next election? No, it is not just a message. They


realise we are forced to be reckoned with to turn this country around and


get our country back for our people. This is not a flash in pan.


We are a year away from the general election, number crunching has been


done today, they reckon that Nigel Farage is right when he says that


Grimsby is winnable as I UKIP seat one year from now and you will be


the candidate. There has been no selection so I


cannot comment. In North East Lincolnshire UKIP got 36% of the


vote today. If it is you, and it is assumed it


will become is it awkward? Four years ago you were wondering


around the streets as a conservative.


Is that not confusing for people? As I say, there has been no


selection so I cannot comment on who the candidate is. All I can say is I


am interested and that is it. Grimsby has gone well, and you have


taken votes away from Labour. What do you think the average UKIP


supporter stands for, and what do they want? We know what David


Cameron thinks, closet racists and fruitcakes. What does the average


person think and want? The average person wants a change


with the party that will change things in this country for the


better run to stop the downward spiral into the European Union and


into the clutches of professional politicians, who have let us all


down so much for years, whichever party it is. But David Cameron has


promised a referendum on Europe. He has given a cast iron guarantee.


UKIP's work is done, we do not need them any more, do we?


No, David Cameron is not to be trusted. He reneged on the Lisbon


Treaty referendum, that did not happen. But that was different, he


has given a cast iron guarantee this time.


I cast I guarantee from David Cameron or any of the main parties,


voters realise it is not worth the paper is written on. There is only


one way to get us out of Europe and to get our country back on its


feet, and that is to vote UKIP. Anything else is a wasted vote for


the same old system sucking us further into Europe. Cameron will


not deliver, and even if we had a referendum it would be a fudge,


because he has said he will campaign for a yes vote. Who can trust a man


like that? Fast forward one year.


Will you be, Victoria Ayling, UKIP MP? Or will it be eyed UKIP MP,


someone else if not you, in Grimsby? There will be a UKIP MP in Grimsby,


I believe that. Whether it is me or someone else, purely because the


people of Grimsby and Cleethorpes have woken up, along with many in


this country, that they can have a difference, they can get our country


back and have a party that puts them first. This has proved it. Last year


it proved it with council elections then. This is not a flash in the


pan. Thank you for your time.


There we are, an important day, seats for UKIP in Grimsby today, and


we would be keen to get your thoughts on this one.


Are you surprised that the results? Why has UKIP done so well?


Please e`mail us at the address below.


Give us your views on what you have heard from the local elections. As I


say, UKIP has done well in north`eastern indenture and also


Hull. Austin Mitchell there saying that UKIP are temporary phenomenon,


do you agree with that? Thank you for watching this Friday


night come in a moment of... Bringing the salmon back to East


Yorks's rivers by leaving the lock gates open.


A coroner has ruled a 17`year`old boy from Lincolnshire killed


themselves after receiving file and threats on Facebook. Callum


Moody`Chapman was found dead last regatta going missing from his aunt


's home. In yours before he went missing he had read messages from a


boy on Facebook saying he would be stabbed and beaten.


Callum Moody`Chapman was described as a happy`go`lucky boy who put his


family and others before himself. You would never meet another boy


like him. If he got into trouble at school, he would not be in trouble


for long because he knew how to work his charm. You know, he was...


Unbelievable. But, one weekend last December, his life was turned upside


down when he read threats to stab and beat him on Facebook.


He was so troubled by it, a coroner decided, he killed himself. After


today's hearing, his mum and dad said cyber bullying had taken their


son's life. I would say to parents, I know you


do not like to be nosy and look into your child's personal accounts or


whatever. But you have to look out for the signs. The cyber bullying


that is going on at the moment, it is rife, it really is. There are


people out there that do it. They use Facebook as a weapon, not for


what it should be used, for friends and genuine chat.


The evidence's Callum `` the evidence Callum's family heard had


been harrowing. On the night he died, he came here to the harbour,


crying and sobbing he made two phone calls.


One was to his older brother, Robert, saying he had messed up his


life and he was sorry, and asked him to say goodbye to his niece. The


second was to his father, Kevin, saying, simply, dad, I love you.


117`year`old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons earlier this year


pleaded guilty to charges of assault and fences under the malicious


Communications act. A man has been charged with murder


following a shooting at Melton in East Yorks on Tuesday night.


30 age old Jonathan Smith from gunshot widths. 54`year`old Peter


Guy from Milton will appear before magistrates tomorrow morning charged


with his murder. A 15`year`old boy has been charged with assault and a


third man released on police bail. A Hull academy is rewarding GCSE


students who attend extra revision classes with trips to


a 4 star hotel for a weekend Sirius Academy, which is rated


as outstanding takes around 80 Academies are independently run


and have more control over budgets. But anti`academy campaigners have


described these weekends away It is a stressful time of year for


thousands of teenagers, and like many schools at Sirius Academy in


Hull they put on extra revision sessions. Your legal even further,


rewarding some of those attending these classes with a stay at a hotel


for a weekend of learning. Although the intense work we have


done in the exam I just threw it. You get stressed and tired, to go


and sit with your friends. You could do this at home with your friends,


could you not ration might know, at home I would not have the


motivation. The academy runs two of these


residential ploys of `` residential is every year to around 40 pupils.


Since 2009 they have used hotels in Hull, Scarborough, York and North


Lincolnshire. Peace `` these days are a reward for


good attendance and hard work, things like queue jump passes or


special weekends away. Some people would say picking kids up in a hotel


is a waste of public money. I disagree, because we have had a


huge impact in terms of performance with our children being able to be


given that last`minute revision with the support of a qualified member of


staff. In 2009, 20 9% of pupils achieved


five a star to C grades. At figure has risen to 25% `` 65%.


Some argue it is an unnecessary expense.


It sounds like a bribe. We now have these elite schools with extra


finance and extra cash, and that is great for them but it does nothing


for an equitable system. Opening at weekends for revision and


these trips away costs around ?5,000 per year, and those here say it has


helped boost grades. Another one you may wish to comment


on, if you do, let me know, here are the contact details...


The school says it is a good way to boost grades, do you agree?


I look forward to hearing from you, as always.


It is exactly 6:45pm, Friday night on BBC One. Still ahead... Hoping to


set a new record for the fastest motor cycle in the world.


It will be the first 400 mph record on two wheels, it has never been


done before. As Britain has not held the record since 1937, that is far


too long, we need that record back. If you have a picture you are proud


of, please send it in and we will show it next week.


Tonight's was taken by Mike Woodcock of wooden in North Lincolnshire.


Like you for that. I am pleased to say you have put


Sunita Darren. I thought you preferred blondes!


That is what we always said. She is more polite and less cheeky


than you come anyway. Some very unsettled weather to come


through tomorrow, but an improvement through the bank holiday weekend. A


lot of uncertainty about Monday still but it does look like the


warmest and brightest day. Tomorrow will be thundery with


showers from the south. This is courtesy of this area of low


pressure, very unsettled weather tomorrow. It has been quite pleasant


today, but some showers just creeping into part of North East


Lincolnshire and some thunder. There is a risk anywhere of some showers


into this evening, diminishing across the evening. A dry night with


clear spells at first, more cloud later. It will not be called,


temperatures down around ten or 11 Celsius. `` it will not be cold. The


sun will rise in the morning at 4:47am setting at 9:10pm tomorrow


evening. We start the day with a lot of cloud


and we will start to see showery outbreaks of rain spreading into


Lincolnshire. They will be heavy and persistent in


places, perhaps again rumble of thunder, tending to ease later in


the day. We could get quite wet spells at


times, very large puddles again, and local surface water flooding as


possible. Temperatures getting up to around 15 or 16 Celsius, cooler than


today in Hull where we got around 20. On Sunday, starting on a damp


zero but we should see an improvement, saw a dry day to come


on Sunday. Some uncertainty about the forecast on Monday, some heavy


showers for Lincolnshire but generally dry and bright with some


sunshine and feeling warm. You have changed, I used to look forward to


Fridays, now I look forward to Monday to Thursday.


There is a special treat for you because I am on Monday to Friday


next week, Peter. Don't tell me he has gone on holiday


again! No, he has gone for more weather


training, actually. It is a bit late for that!


See you later. Homeowners is `` homeowners and


business owners in parts of linkage today have been clearing up after


flash flooding. Emergency services received more than 30 calls about


damage caused by flooding and lightning.


Some had a lucky escape. Wednesfield community School in


keeping Saint James, deep in water. Here, headteachers and staff trying


to clear corridors after a monsoon like a storm. It was like bucket


after bucketload of water was pouring through the ceiling.


Having walked in, I was horrified to see such a depth of water in the


school, fast spreading. It took less than one hour for heavy


rain to overwhelm roads here. Emergency services to 34 columns of


flooding, 25 incidents attended. The road in which my partner lives


was flooded to about a foot deep for maybe a quarter of a mile. We


gritted our teeth and get the engine running and got home.


The building behind me had its roof completely destroyed by a lightning


strike in what people have described to me as one heck of a storm.


We have been your 25 years and I have never known anything like it.


The house was actually shaking. My son said a lightning bolt hit the


aerial and there was a flash of yellow light, then the tiles on the


roof lifted and fell back down. Some of them fell off and some were still


hanging. One tenant missed the boat by


minutes. Another was still in the building but was unhurt.


This is my bedroom here, that window there, all of the ceiling is all


collapsed over my bed. If I was lying in my bed, that would have all


come down on top of me. There was a massive hole just in the ceiling. It


is just huge, there is nothing left of it. I mean... Everything is gone.


Every single light socket, plug socket, lamp, everything has just


blown off the walls. A flash storm that made its impact


in minutes will take months to put right.


Let us hope that salmon could return to the rivers of East Yorkshire.


The Barmby Barrage near Goole is being opened to allow the fish


And as our Rural Affairs Correspondent Paul Murphy reports,


it could also provide a boost to the local economy.


For 40 years, these gates have protected drinking water in the


River Derwent from salt water in the river whose. Now there been


carefully opened just a few hours every day. `` River Ouse. Soon


someone will be able to migrate upstream into East and North Yorks.


The lock behind us has been opened on a four hour basis to allow the


animals to get up and do what they want to do in this brilliant


watercourse. A year or two back we opened it for an hour and within a


short period there were salmon spawning below Helmsley.


The River Derwent runs from the North York murderers don't East


Yorkshire and into the River Ouse. It is Yorks's largest river system


covering 800 square miles. `` the North York Moors.


It is this will add more than ?12 million to local economies.


The salmon is arguably the most highly prized and iconic of fishes,


and although it could be several years before its presences fully


felt on the Derwent, there is reason to believe communities along the


stand to benefit. The Derwent runs along the edge of


East Yorkshire and are sometimes overlooked, salted anglers and


tourists be spending more time and money there? `` so could anglers?


It would help if people need accommodation, camping facilities,


it could help. As I say, it would have to be really well promoted.


In other parts of the country, these highly prized fish attract quite an


audience. In opening its doors for business, the Derwent is hoping for


similar success. Garreth Carvell will be out for a


month because of knee surgery. The Black and Whites travel to Leeds


rhinos this evening for their first match after their defeat to Hull KR


at the weekend. Hull KR face the London Broncos on


Sunday. BBC Radio Humberside will have


commentary or both of those matches starting with the build`up of Hull


FC Basel micrometre. Hull KR's game is on FM and also online from 2:30pm


on Sunday. `` the build`up of Hull FC's game.


A team hoping to break the world land speed record on the fastest two


wheeled vehicle in the world,have been testing it near Pocklington.


It's hoped Jet Reaction will beat the 376 mph record later this year.


It may look more like a missile, but this could soon hold the title


of fastest motorcycle in the world. This is Jet Reaction `


testing at Elvington Airfield. months away from potentially going


faster than anything else on two wheels in history.


The designers are thrust powered two wheeler, that is innovative because


the other contenders are using more regular means to power their


vehicles. The world record for two wheeled


vehicle stands at 376 mph, set by an American in 2010. That is the record


the team are hoping to smash, to break through the 400 mph barrier


and bring that record back to Britain for the first time since


before the Second World War. Parachutes, parachutes,


parachutes... Among the team is Phil Evans from


Grimsby. on two wheels in history.


He was part of Thrust SSC, the first car ever to break


the sound barrier in 1997. I was privileged to be involved by


Ken Hinchey 97, that was the first car to set the supersonic record,


and we are working to establish what will be the fourth `` first 400 mph


record on two wheels. As Britain has not held the record since 1937, that


is far too long, we need that record back.


the sound barrier in 1997. The bike is thrust forward thanks to


a modified jet engine taken from a Sea King search


and rescue helicopter, and fitted with an afterburner.


But none of this comes cheap. We are still desperately searching


for sponsorship because obviously defines this and go to America is a


struggle on a personal budget. It takes a lot to make it happen, and


in a way that is why when it was finally happen it is so deserved.


But none of this comes cheap. The team's hoping to make the record


breaking run at the Bonneville salt flats in Utah later this year.


A chance to bring home a record they say has been out


of British hands for too long. That looks good, doesn't it?


Let's have a recap of the main national and regional headlines...


UKIP and labour make the biggest gains in the local elections.


In north`east Lincolnshire, UKIP take almost half of the available


seats. Tomorrow's weather cloudy day with spells of rain, heavy and


persist, top temperature 16 Celsius in the afternoon.


Talking about that Hull Academy, Sirius Academy, rewarding GCSE


students with a trip to Waddell. A big response so far. Everyone has


been in favour I have read. Alison says the ends justify the


means. Doctor Kathy Taylor has gained outstanding by Ofsted in all


areas. Children should be rewarded for hard work. Jason says it is OK


to send young offenders on holiday so why not give kids who have done


well at chance for a break? This one, why not? Good luck to


them. Carroll says, anything to reward


pupils to work harder, achieving good grades should be welcomed.


Well done, Sirius Academy. Thank you for all of your messages


are not just tonight but throughout the week. Have a good and peaceful


weekend and the gap to yourself. See you next week, take a. Good


night. Let's look at the history


of BBC TWO with me, Simon Schama. 'Harry And Paul's


Story Of The 2s - part of 'the Big Bumper Bank Holiday


Comedy 50th Birthday Weekend.' Ted, I wondered if...


I'm not interested part of the big bumper bank holiday


comedy 50th birthday weekend.


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