23/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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with boot and ball may be settled by the smallest margins. That is all


from us. Now Good evening, and welcome. The UK


Independence Party is celebrating success in the local elections after


winning eight council seats in our area overnight. In Hull, UKIP won


one seat, beating one of Labour's longest`standing councillors. But


their biggest gains have come in North East Lincolnshire, where the


party won seven seats. Labour remain in overall charge of councils in


Hull and Lincoln, but they've now lost control in North East


Lincolnshire, as Tim Iredale reports.


Hip, hip, hurray! Meet the new kids on the Block. UKIP's success in


these elections has seen the party secure a solid power base in


north`east Lincolnshire. I think today's result is a fantastic


accumulation over the last ten years. We worked for this. We are


now a party...well, the fruitcakes have come home. The results see


Labour drop to 21 seats on North East Lincolnshire Council. The


Conservatives are down to ten seats, with UKIP now boasting eight


councillors on the authority. The Liberal Democrats have three.


UKIP I think will be a temporary phenomenon, which will split, argue


and divide on the council and possibly even in Europe, so the


interesting thing about this election is the fact that the


electorate has said to both main parties, "A plague on both your


houses". For people like me who have long


been Eurosceptics before the word was even invented, it confirms our


views that people are very disconnected from the whole process,


particularly the fact that Europe is seen as a distant organisation going


against what British people and indeed in some cases the British


government want. Last night saw Labour retain control of Hull City


Council. UKIP's share of the vote was more than 25%, but that only


resulted in them winning one seat, from the veteran Labour councillor


David Gemmill, who served on the authority for 26 years. What do you


make of the swing towards UKIP in some areas? There is certainly a


general swing right across the country, and national politicians


ought to take a great deal of note out of it. It tells you that it is


the symptom of something that the public aren't happy with. Labour


also kept control of the City of Lincoln Council after gaining two


seats from the Conservatives. So a mixture of celebration and


commiseration after these local elections. For some, the excitement


was all too much. A Hull Academy's been criticised for


rewarding up to 80 GCSE pupils a year by putting them up in a


four`star hotel, as part of a residential revision weekend. The


Sirius Academy says it's part of a plan to boost the grades of those


who've been attending the extra study sessions. But anti`academy


campaigners say it's a money`wasting gimmick by a school outside of local


authority control, and with better budgets, as Sarah Corker reports.


It's a stressful time of year for thousands of teenagers, and unlike


many schools, the Sirius Academy in Hull put on extra revision sessions.


But here, they go even further, rewarding some of those attending


these classes with a stay at a hotel for a weekend of learning. All the


intense work we've done, in the exam, I just fail it. I get a bit


stressed and tired about all the work you are doing and no reward at


the end. You could do it all from home yourself, couldn't you? No. At


home, I don't think I would have the motivation. The academy runs two of


these residentials every year for around 40 GSCE pupils. Since 2009,


they have used hotels in Hull, Scarborough, York and North


Lincolnshire. The school runs a rewards`based system for students,


so good attendance and hard work is rewarded with things like huge


impasses for lunch, tickets to football matches or special weekend


revision workshops away. Some people say putting kids up in a hotel is a


waste of public money. I disagree because we have had a huge impact in


terms of performance of our children being able to be given that


last`minute revision with the support of qualified members of


staff. In 2009, 29% of pupils achieved five A* to C grades. By


2013, that figure had risen to 65%. But some argue hotel revision trips


are an unnecessary expense. It is almost like a bribe. We have now


these elite schools that have been given extra finance and extra cash,


and that's great for them, but it does nothing for fair and equitable


systems for children elsewhere. Opening at weekends for revision,


and trips away cost around ?5,000 a year, and those here say it has


helped boost grades. A man has been charged with murder


following a shooting in Melton in East Yorkshire on Tuesday night.


38`year`old Jonathan Smith from Doncaster died from gunshot wounds.


54`year`old Peter Guy from Melton will appear before magistrates in


Beverley tomorrow charged with his murder. A 15`year`old boy has been


charged with assault, and a third man has been released on police


bail. A water park where children fell ill


with a bug will stay closed this Bank Holiday Weekend. The site at


East Park in Hull shut after a dozen people were infected by


cryptosperidium last August. Hull City Council is considering the


future of the play area. It's hoped salmon could return to


the rivers of East Yorkshire for the first time in decades. The Barmby


Barrage near Goole is being opened to allow the fish to migrate up the


River Derwent. And as our rural affairs correspondent, Paul Murphy,


reports, it could also provide a boost to the local economy.


You, these are protected to keep water in the River Derwent from salt


water in the river is. Now they being carefully open for just a few


hours every day. `` River Ouse. Since Simon will be able to migrate


from the sea all the way upstream into east and north Yorkshire. ``


salmon. This is being opened on a four hour a day basis to allow these


animals to get up and do what they want to do. Within a short period,


there were salmon spawning in the River Wye. The River Derwent runs


from the North York Moors down through East Yorkshire and into the


River Ouse. It is the largest river system. More than 500 salmon and


1400 sea trout could now entered the river every year, and this will add


more than ?12 million to local economies. The salmon is arguably


the most highly prized and iconic of fish is, and although it could be


several years before its presence is fully felt her on the Derwent, there


is a belief that communities along this river stand to benefit. The


river joint villages are age of East Yorkshire, sometimes overlooked. So


could anglers and tourists soon be spending more time and money here?


It would help the economy because people would need more


accommodation, more places to eat, camping facilities. It could help.


It would have to be really well promoted. In other parts of the


country, is highly prized fish attract quite an audience. In


opening its doors for business, the River Derwent is hoping for similar


success. In Rugby League, Hull FC took on


top`of`the`table team Leeds Rhinos away in the Superleague. The match


ended in defeat for the Black and Whites, though ` the final score


Leeds 20, Hull FC six. Time for a look at the weekend weather.


Good evening. An improvement to the bank holiday weekend, but tomorrow


does not look pleasant at all. It will become largely dry through this


evening. Clear spells at first, but towards the end of the night,


thicker cloud will spread from the south. Temperatures overnight


dropping to around ten or 11 degrees. A lot of cloud tomorrow. It


will produce showers with long spells of rain. They will spread


from the south and could be heavy, thundery and persistent. There could


be wet spells of weather at times tomorrow. It will not be as warm as


today. We should still get to around 15 or 16 degrees. Fewer showers on


Sunday, so more in the way of dry weather, and then increasing amounts


of brightness into Monday. The warmest day of the bank holiday


weekend will see pleasant spells of sunshine, but unsettled for Tuesday.


Thank you. Newsnight is on BBC Two assisting the fallout from the


elections. That is it for me. you over to Peter Gibson and


National forecast. The bank holiday weekend weather is


not looking user-friendly although most places should get one decent


day out of the three and some places will get two. We have low pressure,


and there will be showers around over the next couple of days


particularly. Sunshine breaking through now and again. It will pick


up temperatures. Tonight we have rain. We have had thunderstorms in


northern England. They are moving into Northern Ireland. A lot of dry


weather will stop misty in the north-east. On Saturday, there is a


mass of cloud and rain running around the low pressure. There will


be heavy rain. It will make slow progress


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