24/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Bobby Zamora. Promotion to the Premier League is estimated to be


Good evening. A man has appeared at Beverley Magistrates' Court charged


with murder. It follows a shooting in the East Yorkshire village of


Melton on Tuesday night. Peter Guy, who's 54, was remanded in custody


after the death of Jonathan Smith from gunshot wounds. A fifteen year


old boy has also been charged with assault, as Crispin Rolfe reports.


The scene of a disturbance which shocked neighbours on Tuesday night.


This house at Melton Old Road had been cordoned off for much of the


week, after 38`year` old Jonathan Smith from Doncaster died here from


gunshot wounds. Although described as an isolated incident, police are


continuing to patrol the area this weekend to reassure neighbours.Today


54`year`old Peter Guy from Melton appeared at Beverley Magistrates'


Court charged with murder. He's been remanded in custody, and will


reappear at Hull Crown Court on Wednesday. Yesterday a 15`year`old


boy, who can't be named for legal reasons, also appeared here in


court. He was charged with wounding with intent in connection. A nother


man has now been released on bail, and police are continuing to appeal


for witnesses. An East Yorkshire farmer says a new European


Commission rule that dictates the number of crops he must grow is an


attack on his human rights. The three`crop rule means those with


larger farms will have to grow at least three different crops on their


land. Those who break the rule will lose part of their European farming


subsidy. Jill Archbold reports. Springtime Britain, where the crops


are traditionally colourful and diverse. The European commission


wants landowners to grow more varieties, claiming diversity will


help the environment. Here, it is the last year this arable farmer can


grow whatever he wants. I do not want to be constrained by Brussels.


I want to be flexible to respond to whatever the market requires. We


want to be able to produce quality British food and supply the market,


not to have to grow crops with no market. Farmers with more than ten


hectares must cultivate two crops under the rules. If their land


exceeds that, they must cultivate three and the main crop might not


cover more than 75% of land. The National Farmers' Union said that


farmers are concerned and those who do not comply would risk losing 30%


of their EU subsidy. We have worked hard with the EU, trying to put


across the argument that it is an illogical process to enforce on all


member states. We argue strongly against the rule because it adds


complexity to the policy but does not add a great deal of


environmental benefit. In the shade of Scunthorpe's industry, evidence


that farmers like Andrew Jackson are already dedicating areas of land for


wildlife. He rotates and cultivates a variety of crops. Because my soil


is not fertile I have a wide variety, such as growing carrots on


this sandy soil of the people cannot. By growing different crops


it spreads the workload and marketing risks and prevents disease


build`up in the soil. Farmers like Andrew already grow three or more


crops but many will have to diversify what they crave from next


January. Hull FC have suffered a fourth successive defeat. They lost


20`6 to Leeds Rhinos at Headingley last night. Hull coach Lee Radford


said it was a more positive performance.


Hull Kingston Rovers want to go three games unbeaten. They face


struggling London Broncos tomorrow. Commentary of the game is on BBC


Radio Humberside from three. Now the weather forecast with Jennifer


Bartram. weather forecast with


Good evening. Further wet weather as we go through this evening. We


continue to see heavy showers and torrential downpours through the


night. Otherwise, cloudy. It will be a mild nights with temperatures


dropping back to nine degrees. From Sunday into Monday, Sunday is not


too bad. We will still see showers and some could be heavy. In between,


feeling warm. On bank holiday Monday, cloudy, but it should stay


dry, turning unsettled for the middle part of the week.


dry, turning unsettled for the middle part of That brings you up to


date. We are back tomorrow at 6:50pm.


The heavens opened for some of us today. As far as tomorrow is


concerned, more of the


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