25/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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finish one ahead of Shane Lowry of Ireland. And that is all the sport.


There's more throughout the Hello from BBC Look North. More than


500 volunteers have joined the Lincolnshire Police Force a year


since the Police and Crime Commissioner launched a campaign to


recruit a thousand. Getting them in place has cost more than six hundred


thousand pounds, money some argue should have been spent on employing


full time officers. Tolu Adeoye reports.


Kitted out for his first day in the field with Lincolnshire police.


20`year`old student Jacob Mason is one of 500 volunteers taken on in


the first year of a project to get 1000 people working for the force


for free. Today he is part of an operation hunting for contraband in


Grantham. We are just waiting for the sniffer


dogs to come and sniff out the store. Looking for anything, hides


or anything counterfeit or illegal. From volunteering in the police, I


am definitely getting a foot in. And possibly a career in the future.


The new recruits include support workers like Jacob, specials with


the same power as regular officers, as well as cadets in the countries


first voluntary PCSOs. I am absolutely delighted. This is a


milestone for us. It is a 1000 challenge, that's an ambition, but


it shows that we have struck a chord there with many, many people in


Lincolnshire who want to do something for their communities.


Lincolnshire police have spent around ?630,000 recruiting and


training the volunteers it has so far. That amount of money could pave


the starting salary of around 25 officers for a year. The force,


though, says that for every pound it spends on volunteers, it makes back


?4. That is a principle for me and my


colleagues in the federation. If there is money available it should


be spent providing more front line police officers. That's not to decry


the work that the volunteers will do. The force has been hugely


professional in the way that it has gone about recruiting the right


people and trying to put them on the right places. Back in Grantham, it


has been a successful day for Jacob's team. It is down to him to


photograph the evidence. After today's operation, he says he is


more convinced than ever he made the right decision volunteering. The


Commissioner needs 500 more like him to hit its target by 2016.


The results of elections for the European Parliament ` held last


Thursday ` are being announced this evening. Voters in the East Midlands


region, which includes Lincolnshire, will elect five members. The count


is being held in Kettering. Six MEPS will be elected in the Yorkshire and


Humber region, with the count in Leeds. Both regions will announce


results after ten this evening. And we hope to be able to bring you


those results if they arrive in time on the late Look North at 22.50pm.


The North Lincolnshire town of Brigg has hosted an contestants from


around the world in the World Quadrathlon Championships. It's the


first time the UK's held the multi`event sport at this level,


which involves swimming, kayaking, cycling and running. Our reporter


Crispin Rolfe was there. Under starters order in the first


ever World Quadrathlon Championships to be held in the UK. The River


Ancholme turned 1500 metre race track, as Brigg put on a show of


endurance. But what is a quadrathlon? You start with


triathlons and then you add on the kayak when you want more of a


challenge, and this is a fantastic location for it, you have got the


rubber on your doorstep and some cracking background. So the added


extra of a 7km kayak. But with Scunthorpe boasting its own European


Quadrathlon Champion Steve Clark, the sport is firmly on the local


road map. Swimming, running, cycling and kayaking, for disciplines


instead of three. The European Championships has already been


here, and now for the first time, the world Championships. The bike


race is 36 K, a challenge for all but the leaders. Then followed by a


ten K run in what is surely one of the most gruelling events going.


Britain's Steve King came in fifth. I managed to fill `` if you back on


the bike. For Brigg, though, the race to host the UK's first World


Championships is won. Though right now everyone needs a breather.


Hull Kingston Rovers have gone three games unbeaten in front of a home


crowd. They beat bottom side London Broncos 48`16 at Craven Park. The


court said he was proud of the win even though dated their food off the


gas for the second half. Now the weather with Jennifer


Bartram. Hello. Good evening. The showers


that many of us have seen today will clear through the course of this


evening and overnight we will be left with a dry night, with some


clear spells and we could just see some patchy mist or fog for tomorrow


morning. Temperatures overnight will fall back to around nine or ten


Celsius and the winds will stay fairly light for the south east. So


it is a bright start to Bank Holiday Monday, some spells of sunshine


immediately and then the cloud will build into the afternoon and we will


see some further showers breaking out. Like today, some of those


showers could be heavy and thundery in places. Temperatures tomorrow


getting up to highs of 17 Celsius. That is 63 Fahrenheit. As we go


through the rest of the week, some heavy rain will make its way up from


the south east too as we go through Tuesday and that is going to hang


around into Wednesday. Some real downpours on the way and highs of 14


Celsius. Good evening. Some of us had a


pretty good soaking. It downpours around with thunder and lightning.


It wasn't so bad everywhere. The satellite picture across the


Midlands, East Anglia and the south coast, the Isle of Wight. A


beautiful end to the day. You


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