25/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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European election results after the news where you are. Bye.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. Labour and UKIP look set to


be the big winners in the European elections in our area. The results


are currently being declared in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Our


political editor Tim Iredale reports from the count in Leeds.


Well, the procedure here tonight is a bit like the Eurovision Song


Contest. Counting has been taking place at local authority districts


across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire today and over the next few minutes


the results will be phoned in across the Yorkshire and Humber region to


this results coordination centre in Leeds and then we will know how the


various districts have voted in the European elections, and we will know


who wins the six seats which are up for grabs here in Yorkshire and the


Humber. Now, already we understand that it has been a good night for


UKIP across the region. We understand Jane Collins, the East


Yorkshire`based candidate, who is number one on the list, she has been


elected and Amjab Bashir, the number two on the list, the Yorkshire


`based businessman who was born in Pakistan, he also is on his way to


Brussels. So UKIP have doubled their total number of MEPs so far. Labour


reckon they also have doubled their MEPs from one to two. The worried


parties here are the Liberal Democrats. A few months ago, Edward


Scott, one of their MEPs, was on the floor not looking very happy. They


know they are going to struggle to keep any MEPs in this region


tonight. The Green Party say they are quietly confident at perhaps


sneaking in and winning one of the six MEPs. One thing we do know for


sure is the turnout. Just over 32% in Yorkshire and the Humber saw one


in three people take part in these elections.


And we'll have the results for you in our breakfast bulletins.


More than 500 volunteers have joined the Lincolnshire Police Force a year


since the Police and Crime Commissioner launched a campaign to


recruit a thousand. Getting them in place has cost more than six hundred


thousand pounds, money some argue should have been spent on employing


full time officers. Tolu Adeoye reports.


Kitted out for his first day in the field with Lincolnshire police.


20`year`old student Jacob Mason is one of 500 volunteers taken on in


the first year of a project to get 1000 people working for the force


for free. Today he is part of an operation hunting for contraband in


Grantham. We are just waiting for the sniffer


dogs to come and sniff out the store. Looking for anything, hides


or anything counterfeit or illegal. From volunteering in the police, I


am definitely getting a foot in. And possibly a career in the future.


The new recruits include support workers like Jacob, specials with


the same power as regular officers, as well as cadets in the countries


first voluntary PCSOs. I am absolutely delighted. This is a


milestone for us. It is a 1000 challenge, that's an ambition, but


it shows that we have struck a chord there with many, many people in


Lincolnshire who want to do something for their communities.


Lincolnshire police have spent around ?630,000 recruiting and


training the volunteers it has so far. That amount of money could pave


the starting salary of around 25 officers for a year. The force,


though, says that for every pound it spends on volunteers, it makes back


?4. That is a principle for me and my


colleagues in the federation. If there is money available it should


be spent providing more front line police officers. That's not to decry


the work that the volunteers will do. The force has been hugely


professional in the way that it has gone about recruiting the right


people and trying to put them in the right places.


Back in Grantham, it has been a successful day for Jacob's team. It


is down to him to photograph the evidence. After today's operation,


he says he is more convinced than ever he made the right decision


volunteering. The Commissioner needs 500 more like him to hit its target


by 2016. Tolu Adeoye, BBC Look North.


Now time to get the latest weather forecast with Jennifer Bartram.


Hello again, good evening. After the showers we have seen today it is


actually a dry night in store for many of us with some clear spells.


Under those clear skies, we could well see some patches of mist and


fog in places. Temperatures, overnight, will fall back to around


nine or ten Celsius and the winds will be light. Into Monday, it is a


dry start with some bright spells through the morning. However, as we


head into the afternoon, there are going to be some sharp showers


popping up temperatures tomorrow Good evening to you. Tomorrow the


weather will be a little like a box of chocolate, you don't know what


you are going to get until you head out. The weather was clear cut


today, sunshine in the Midlands and the north.


Tomorrow, there's going to be a mix of everything across the country and


it will be changing a lot from morning into the afternoon and into


the evening. This is what the weather is going to look like in the


early hours, rain in the south-east, showers dotted around across western


areas, and as far as the headline goes for Bank Holiday Monday, we'll


call it sunshine and thundery showers, because they'll be hefty


later on in the afternoon on Monday. This is what it starts like in the


course of the morning. Note it is splodges of blue indicating the


rainfall. They keep changing and moving into different places, there


is a lot of sunshine coming through. In terms of the thundery downpours,


we think the worst will be through this portion here whereas across the


east, probably talking ability cloud and rain on and off with a bit of


sunshine in-between. On


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