26/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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to change? Will they? Can they? Thank you. That is all from us for


this evening. It is good night from me,


The record number of UKIP MEPs celebrating today is due


in no small part to voters in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


In Cottingham we asked people why they had supported the party.


We're getting ruled by Brussels. I would not like to see them in power.


Mr Farage seems to talk sense. UKIP's three MEPs elected in the


Yorkshire and Humber region include Jane Collins who's based in the East


Riding and Mike Hookem ` who comes I suppose you could call me a city


politician because I started by shouting at the television sitting


on my city. My family said if you do not do something soon you will drive


us crackers. Labour doubled their number of seats


in Yorkshire and the Humber, from one to two ` with the Conservatives


left with just one MEP. In the East Midlands, UKIP and the


Conservatives won two seats each and Labour took one.


But the Liberal Democrats were wiped out across our area. The main


casualty was Lincoln`based Bill Newton`Dunn, who'd been a


Euro`MP since 1979. UKIP were full of lies and


exaggerations and they were just scaring people, rather like the


Luddites of 2014 full. So UKIP MEPs will now take their


seats in the European parliament ` which they believe should no longer


be allowed to make laws for our Our political Editor Tim Iredale


is live in Hull this evening. UKIP polled more votes than any


other single party, including in Hull where I am standing. If we look


at the regional set of results in Yorkshire and the Humber, UKIP


secured 31%, giving them three MEPs. Labour have two seats and the


Conservatives are third with 19%, one seat. In the East Midlands


region, covering Lincolnshire, UKIP topped the poll with two seats,


conceptus second with two seats and Labour on 25% with one seat.


Is it too early to say yet what this could mean for the results


Not for Nigel Farage, he thinks his party could win in next year?s


general election and that would include Grimsby were UKIP did well.


Also, Boston and Skegness. UKIP polled more than 50% in Boston is


you do wonder whether the sitting MP will have a few sleepless nights


between now and next May. One person has died and two others


taken to hospital after an accident The emergency services were called


to the site early this morning. It was ten past seven this morning


when Humberside Police were called by the Ambulance Service to attend


an industrial incident on board the Suntis,


berthed in West Dock at Goole. One person had died and two others


had been taken to Hull Royal None of the men, aged 60, 33 and 38,


are from the area. We got a call from the Ambulance


Service at 7am in relation to an industrial accident which occurred


on the ship here at Goole. We're working with the coastguard


organisation to try to ascertain what happened on the ship. It was


carrying timber. It is early stages in the investigation.


Humberside Police say they're working with Associated British


Ports, the Health and Safety Exectuive and the Fire Service


In sport Hull FC suffered a fourth successive defeat


They lost 20`points`to`6 to Leeds Rhinos at Headingley.


The defeat has seen them drop to 10th in the table


and facing a struggle in the race for a top`eight finish.


Hull Kingston Rovers coach Craig Sandercock says he's proud


of his side's latest win in Super League.Rovers


beat struggling London Broncos forty`eight to sixteen yesterday,


in front of a home crowd at Craven Park.


A 16`year`old from East Yorkshire has beaten hundreds of hopefuls to


earn a place at the famous English National Ballet School.


Conor Walmsley has only been dancing for four years and his teacher


in Hedon says it's a remarkable achievement.


Confident, versatile, and able to push boundaries ` these are the


things the English National Ballet School look for in a dancer ` and it


seems Conor acquired them after just a short period of time.


I have been dancing for four years and it is a massive part of my


life. I do about 20 hours per week. It is definitely what I like to do


the most. The English National Ballet School


is world renowned ` and they only take on a handful of boys from the


UK every year. His teacher says it a He has good natural ability with a


good physique and ability in Ballet. He has had to learn a lot in a short


period of time to develop the skills required to get to this level.


He joins a host of male dancers from this area who've achieved success.


Like Liam Mower from Hull who won a Laurence Olivier award for his role


in the West End musical Billy Elliot. Ballroom star Kevin Clifton


from Grimsby who recently stared alongside Susanna Reid in Strictly


Come Dancing. And Ashley Dixon ` also from Hull ` who's a member of


We are all happy for him. We would be for everyone because we are all


close to each other. I was so proud of him because he is so determined


to achieve what he wants. I was thrilled.


But what is the 16`year`old most nervous about `


I am excited to dance with other boys my age but I also want to learn


some weight skills. Conor hopes that if he carries on


learning the way he has been ` he'll be leaping into a lead role in no


time. Into this evening, showers will die


away. Rainbow push in from the south`east later. Heavy spells


towards dawn. Temperatures are around ten or 11 degrees. We do have


a weather warning. A lot of rain for Tuesday and Wednesday. It won't rain


all day but when it does it could be heavy. A better chance of dry spells


later in the day. It will be cool and cloudy. Another wet day to come


on Wednesday, rain like an Apache on Thursday. Drier air on Friday.


That's all from us. Goodbye.


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