26/05/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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look at the papers on the news channel. But now on BBC


Good evening. But in's longest serving MVP has lost his seat to


UKIP. `` Britain. He had served for 35 years. The UK Independence party


topped the polls across our region. The record number of UKIP MEPs


celebrating today is due in no small part to voters in Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire. We asked people why. We are ruled by Brussels. They could


stop that. I would not like to see them in


power. But with a share of the vote they will be a power broker. Nigel


Farah talks sense. Those elected included June: Is from East Riding


and my clock from East Hull. You could call me a couch politician


because I started sitting on the couch shouting at politicians will


stop my family said if you don't do something you will drive us


crackers. Labour doubled the number of seats. The Conservatives are left


with just one MVP. In the East Midlands UKIP and the Conservatives


won two seeds each. But the Liberal Democrats were wiped out. The main


casualty was Lincoln `based Bill Newton. He had been a Euro MP since


1979. UKIP MEPs will now take their seats in parliament, where they


believe nobody should go to make for our country. `` to make laws.


Earlier on Bill Newton Dunn gave me his reaction. Disappointed of


course. But having been elected in 1979I find myself the last survivor


from that Parliament and the whole of Europe. I have had a good run.


Why did you vote collapse? UKIP are full of lies and exaggerations and


ridiculous things. They were scaring people. Like the Luddites of 2014.


It is absurd. They have no plans for the future but scare everybody into


thinking it would be OK if we quit the European Union. Completely


absurd. Why did the Liberal Democrats do so badly? Nick Clegg


was brave and took the battle to the enemy, when no other party leaders


would. What we suffer from being the main or to party in a coalition


government. It happens all around the world. `` minority party.


Should he go? Definitely not. You stabilise the country in 2010.


Gordon Brown had an crop to do it. We needed a coalition to save it. ``


Gordon Brown had bankrupted it. Nick Clegg knew there would be penalties


which we are suffering but he took on the fight over Europe. He has


studied terrific job. What is next for you?


They would like to see the back of me having been there for such a long


time. I have 72 and have delightful grandsons. I have extra right. `` I


have books to write. These frame is still far away I hope.


Thank you for joining us. One person has died and two others have been


taken to hospital after an accident on board a ship at Toolbox. The


emergency services were called earlier this morning. `` at Goole


docks. The Ambulance Service was called to attend an industrial


incident. One person had died. Two others were taken to the infirmary


with serious injuries. None of the men are from the area. We got a call


from the Ambulance Service about 7am. We are now working closely with


the Marine coastguard organisations to try to ascertain what has


happened. The ship was carrying timber. We are the early stages of


our investigation. Humberside police say there are working with multiple


agencies is part of the investigation.


People in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire are being


given a greater say in how the justice system deals with offenders.


The police and crime commission, Matthew Grove, says the public can


make conclusions to a survey on his website.


Hull FC suffered a fourth successive defeat at the weekend. They lost


20`6 to Leeds at Headingley. They face a struggle in the race for a


top eight finish. Hull Kingston Rovers coach says he's proud of the


team after their latest win over London Broncos. It is a third


successive victory. A 16`year`old from East Yorkshire


has beaten hundreds of hopefuls to earn a place at the famous English


National Ballet School. Conor Walmsley has only been dancing for


four years. I am really excited. To go and dance


every day with other boys Y H. I am also a bit scared about living by


myself. Cooking all my own meals. It will be hard, but really good.


And now the weather. Take a brolly out for the next few


days, it will be wet. Some of the showers will be very happy.


Temperatures are around ten or 11. `` very heavy. The rain will


continue into Wednesday. Outbreaks pushing in from the south`west.


Heavy in places. There will be dry spells but cool and cloudy.


Temperatures around 12 or 13 Celsius will stop another wet day to come on


Wednesday. Mike and patch into Thursday. Showers on Friday and we


can stop that as of light team. Good night.


The month of May is often thought of as the transition from Spring into


summer. It can have a variety of weather. We've


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