05/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That is all from us this evening. There is a first look at the


Tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of D`Day, when `llied


Today, veterans have been t`king part in commemorations in France,


and the Red Arrows performed for thousands in Portsmouth.


The men who fought on D`Day set up groups to rdmember


their colleagues, and there are hundreds across the world.


The very first was in Grimsby, but they are now laying


Four men, each of whom played their part in D`Day.


Each with a different role. But bound together by the mdmories


and comradeship they share. It was chaos on the beach btt


everyone knew what they had to do. You knew that this was the vital


landing. and comradeship they share.


Grimsby and Cleethorpes forled the very first bran of the Normandy


veterans association. It was set up in 1981.


Within two years there were more than 120 branches in the UK


and abroad. Three in New York. A German was


fighting us in Germany and he said he wanted to join the Normandy


veterans. We thought, he might as well.


and abroad. Over the years they've shardd


their D`Day stories. Alf Duncan was just 17


and had been serving on the risky Arctic convoys, only to facd new


dangers off the French coast. There was one time when we had a


wire around our screw. The Germans were attacking us. There were


thousands lay dead. The French combo local people were so pleased to see


us. We felt proud of them. dangers off the French coast.


On Sunday will lay up their standard, marking the official


end of their association. It is upsetting when we think we


were together all those years. The association is depleting now. We


were a band of brothers and all in that boat together at Normandy and


that is what holds us together. 93`year`old Henry Draper ending


that report by Jo Makel. The Ministry


of Defence have announced that the soldier killed at an army b`se in


Cumbria was originally from Hull. It's understood Sergeant Mark Foley


died when a vehicle rolled over Tests are being carried out at two


former landfill sites in Lincoln to The work on the Skewbridge


and Swanpool waste sites is part of a wider ?250 million project to


provide thousands of new holes. A senior judge


in Hull has been forced to hntroduce special measures in the citx's court


in response to a boycott of An increasing number of defdndants


have no solicitor to represdnt them, Since April a catalogue


of cases here at Hull Crown Court have been delayed or disrupted


because defendants have been left What this is designed to delonstrate


is what life will be like in the criminal justice system if the


government gets its way with these particular proposals.


for barristers. The boycott has forced Hull's senior


Judge Jeremy Richardson QC to issue unprecedented guidance


on how courts should proceed, a first indication that it's


causing significant problems for the criminal justice system


In a statement the Ministry of Justice


unprecedented financial challenge we had no choice but to signifhcantly


These cuts are unsustainabld. They have been told to take a cut. The


criminal justice system is hn chaos because the government doesn't


recognise the issues. The annual legal aid bill is into the


billions. Aren't you fighting for lawyers and barristers? It hs an


efficient system. They have offered some ideas of making efficidncy


savings. It has been completely ignored. The profit margins are very


low already. The CPS says there is increased numbers in the city to be


adjourned. It is not my forler profession and colleagues c`ll it ``


causing the problem. The government's statement said


solicitors are working on thght profit margins already. These cuts


are completely unsustainabld. It is about noise and barristers not


wanting to have money cuts to them. This is costing more money hn the


long run as a result of the government simply not listening


What of solicitors charge ldss money? More people would be able to


use them anyway. The profit margins are 7%. The government are dxpecting


solicitors to take double that and it is unsustainable. This is a good


example. This is what will happen. Now for the weather forecast.


It is a settled date tomorrow. Towards the end of the night, there


could be the odd isolated Mr patch. Temperatures will slip back into


single figures. We have high`level cloud moving in before it thins in


the afternoon. It will feel warm and temperatures will lift to 20


degrees. The risk of some hdavy downpours and a warm day to come on


Saturday. That is it from us this evening. We are back tomorrow


morning in breakfast News from 6:25am. Good night.


high as 24 degrees. Looking forward to the weekend, thundery showers. As


you will have seen, I cannot promise you sunshine and blue skies, but I


can promise warm. Warmer conditions will be growing up. The heat at the


moment is across parts of Spain and south-west France. You can see the


orange colour is


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