05/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's all from the BBC News at Six. So it's goodbye from


The D`Day veterans from Grilsby marking the anniversary


Tests are carried out to sed if former landfill sites are s`fe to be


The new scanner that could help to make it easier to diagnose cancer,


The one room flat in London that costs more to rent


And the Lincolnshire based Red Arrows performed for thousands of


The men who fought on D`Day set up groups to bring them togdther


Now, the men that created the Normandy


Veterans Association are laxing down their standard for the final time.


Grimsby and Cleethorpes forled the very first branch of


Within two years there were more than 120 branches in the UK


Three in New York, for a st`rt, and different parts of Amerhca,


He said, ?Can I join the Normandy Veterans??


And, of course, we had a meeting and said hd might


Over the years they've shardd their D`Day stories.


Alf Duncan was just 17 and had been serving on the risky


Arctic convoys, only to facd new dangers off the French coast.


There was one time we got a wire around our screw


Bu lunchtime there was literally thousands laid de`d.


The French, the local peopld, we so pleased to see us.


Today's commemorations began in France. The Cleethorpes vetdrans are


focusing on home events. On Sunday they will lay up


their standard, marking the official When we think,


we were together all those xears. The association, itself,


is very depleted now. We were all in that boat together


in Normandy 93`year`old Henry Draper ending


that report by Jo Makel. And tomorrow we'll hear


from the East Yorkshire vetdrans who've travelled to Normandx to mark


the anniversary. In a moment. Help yourself. The city


centre garden being planted to give people free vegetables.


Tests are being carried out on two former rubbish tips in Lincoln to


see if they could be built on as part of a major housing devdlopment.


The work is an important stdp towards building thousands of new


The local council insisted tonight that it won't put homes dirdctly


on top of the tips, which experts say can be made safe.


But local people still have concerns.


Our Rural Affairs Correspondent Paul Murphy reports.


Testing is now beginning on this former landfill site in Lincoln The


site forms just a small part of a bigger development plan. It's called


the Western growth corridor. But there is likely to be heavy public


scrutiny. If you say OK don't build here, don't build there. Whdre are


we going to live? That could be toxins in the ground. And stbsidence


in a few years time. Unsurprisingly, there is a dangerous


legacy. Potential subsidencd of any future housing. Houses could settle


because of the waste decomposing underneath. There are also


contamination issues. It is recognised that this area is far


from being ideal. Not only was it once used for landfill, it hs also


considered to be at risk from flooding. The coal authoritx is


under pressure to build new homes at a time of national housing shortage.


The council insists there whll be no houses directly on top of the former


rubbish tip. Public safety will always come first. There has been a


long debate about flood risk in this area. This is exactly the s`me stop


it needs to be managed. We will make certain if there are any hazards we


will identify them and deal with This is one of the biggest


development in the city for decades. We have been using landfill site for


development from many years. Provided you understand the site and


carry out the proper mediathon then it is OK. The waste can cause


impacts on health. Had that in cases where methane gases escape? Yes they


have. There was a case back in the 1980s. A house near a landfhll site


are? `` at Harrison are a l`ndfill site had an incident of gas. For


those watching now who wouldn't buy a house on the landfill sitd, are


they worrying unnecessarily? Our understanding has increased


immensely since the 1980s. These developments should be entirely


safe. Our council is right to look at land like this? Our policy of


looking at these sites has led us to this stage over the years. We still


need to ensure that we reusd land effectively.


The Ministry of Defence has announced th`t the


soldier killed at an army b`se in Cumbria was originally from Hull.


It's understood Sergeant Mark Foley died when a vehicle rolled over


at Warcop near Appleby yesterday mornhng.


The 31`year`old leaves behind a wife and two children.


People affected by the flooding in Boston six months ago have been


told to take up a grant or risk losing the loney.


Officials from the Borough Council have been encouraging householders


and businesses to claim their free Government grant.


If the cash isn't handed out, it will go back into central ftnding.


Otherwise, it will go back to central Government


and that really would be a waste of our time going to Parlialent to


The RAF has apologised after a loud sonic boom shook homes in the


Typhoon jets from Coningsby were launched on


Quick Reaction Alert to invdstigate a civilian aircraft that had lost


The Typhoons were authorised to go supersonic over land


A senior judge in Hull has been forced to hntroduce


special measures in the citx's court in response to a boycott of


It's led to an increasing ntmber of defendants having no solhcitor


to represent them, which is causing long delays.


The solicitors say they want to force the government to change its


mind about legal aid reforms and today the Hull East MP, Karl Turner


Caroline Bilton is outside Hull Crown Court, Caroline what s


Since April there has been a catalogue of cases here at


Hull Crown Court that have dither been delayed or disrupted


because people have been forced to represent themselves.


One case which stands out is that of an 81`year`old man who w`s


remanded in custody on an attempted murder charge


No lawyer was available to lake a bail application for him.


This has all come about bec`use solicitors and barristers hdre


in the city are protesting over government cuts to legal aid fees.


They have effectively dug their heels in an attempt to make


a point to government of wh`t these cuts will do to the justice system.


As a result Jeremey Richardson QC has issued new guidance to dnable


the court to continue to function ` there are fears here that whthout


it the wheels of justice will grind to a halt


This Bill Waddington represdnts criminal


what this is designed to delonstrate is what life would be like hn the


criminal justice system if the government gets its way with these


particular proposals. The CPS argues that this is an isolated problem.


But Karl Turner the whole MP, says this has the potential to dhsrupt


quads up and down the country. So bad is the situation that the


Recorder of Hull Crown Court has issued a practice direction advising


defendants who are unrepresdnted how Could we please have


an urgent debate on the isste and the fact that the criminal justice


system is in complete chaos. In a statement from the minhstry of


justice it's a day have been left with no choice but to significantly


cut the money spent on legal aid. It is the boycott has been combined to


a few parts of the country `nd the impact has been minimal.


Ironically, the delays are costing money. Money that the government is


trying to save. If you are `ffected by one of those stories, yot can


contact us at the details on screen. I will be talking to Karl Ttrner at


10:25pm. Coming up. Claims that East Yorkshire could be a world leader in


the diagnosis of things likd cancer and heart disease. And as property


prices rocket in London, we show you how to get more money `` mafia money


in the North. I saw Peter cycling and bardly


recognised in. If it wasn't for his orange glow I would never h`ve


recognised them. I find data come tomorrow, dry and


warm with some could spend spells of sunshine. There is a risk of some


thunderstorms late on Saturday. 24 Celsius possible in the are` on


Saturday afternoon. With th`t one there is a risk of storms. Ht's a


very pleasant end to the dax. Dry with some sunshine. The evening


looks fine quite chilly in rural areas. Beckley `` clear and night.


The next high water time in Cleethorpes at midnight. It may turn


hazy in the sunshine tomorrow. Other than that, it's bright and luch


warmer with light winds and plenty of sunshine. An onshore bredze will


keep the temperatures down ` little bit. Inland the highest temperatures


could hit 21 Celsius. On Saturday it will be warm and humid with a risk


of thunderstorms. Apart frol the odd shower, it should be tried with


sunny spells. It's one of only two of its kind


in Europe and experts say it could make East Yorkshire


a world leader in diagnosing cancer, A new state


of the art permanent scanner at Castle Hospital has been bought


after a massive charity effort. This week


the first patients have been able to A second scan for 18`year`old Will


from East Yorkshire. He's hoping for the all cle`r


from cancer, as one of the first to use a brand new and permanent


state`of`the`art PET Scanner at The new machine, replaces


the temporary one which Will and others have had to use parked


up outside Hull Royal Infirlary It's quite difficult when you are in


the back of a lorry. You fedl anxious anyway. It's much bdtter in


The new scanner also means `n end to travelling to Leeds or Sheffield


for treatment, but it's also the first of its kind in thd UK


A ?4 million fundraising effort by the Daisy Appeal,


which clinicians claim can scan for more than other machines.


here it's provided a state`of`the`art facility not only


for cancer patients but also for cardiac patients.


This is an example of a pathent with a cancer. You can see the stgar


molecules here that have lit up on the scanner. It shows us ex`ctly


where this cancer is. Radio`ctive traitors have to be made locally.


Thanks to the new scanner a team at the University of Hull will be able


to tailor make them to suit individual patient needs. This will


allow us to diagnose diseasds better. If you think about


dementia... The hope for fundraisers and


scientists alike is that thhs scanner will pothole at the


forefront of UK health care. You've been getting in touch with us


about the cost of parking fhnes There are calls


for tighter controls on tickets Heidi says,


"Car park fines are out of control. There's no consideration


for genuine errors and mist`kes " "The fines are excessive and


ridiculous. A few seconds late to


your car is nothing. But Hayden from Horncastle says


"If you overstay, There is not enough parking space to


go round so either leave within People in Hull will soon be able to


enjoy free, home`grown vegetables thanks to a gardening project


in the city centre. Volunteers have been busily


planting all afternoon. Amanda White went


along to find out more. This is what you normally sde


in a city centre garden, ornamental flower beds,


but in Todmorden in West Yorkshire every scrap of spare land is planted


with food for local people to eat. Edible bed is promoting healthy


eating. We're looking at thd positive of things. It is ptrely for


people to come along and harvest the plants when they are ready.


It might be small beginnings, but from these seeds it's hoped


People can see how the vegetables grow. I think it will inspire


people. I've never seen this before. Last year a similar idea was


trialled in Beverley, but the townsfolk were too polite to


help themselves. When you are promoting healthy


eating and having a plot in the city centre is ideal. If your package


when waiting for the late`nhght verse instead of Kim kidnap you can


grab a carrot. But when it?s not packaged


in the supermarket ` would xou know Rhubarb. Busy Lizzie. Potatoes. They


don't look like potatoes. I've grown potatoes as well. Luckily you don't


need to be a gardener to enjoy this. ?150,000 pounds is being spdnt


trying to get people living on the Lincolnshire coast doing


more exercise. The Sport England money will be


used to get youngsters and over`55s to play a sport of their choice


including wheelchair basketball An additional ?30,000 has bden given


to Legbourne Cricket Club Lincolnshire has done well


and that?s because we are sdeing a local authority really dods


understand the value of sport and is working with us to ddvelop


programmes that we can fund. Yorkshire cricket club says it


will redevelop Headingley stadium. The club wants to increase capacity


to 20,000 It will also rebuild


the stand it shares with Schoolchildren in East Yorkshire


have paid an unusual tributd to This footage taken by the sdarch


and rescue team helicopter based at Leconfield shows youngstdrs


from Springhead Primary school It was carried out to say thank you


to teaching staff at the school A 1`room flat has just gone up the


rent in London or 700 pounds a month for one room.


A studio flat hosting a dinhng area and kitchen. Asking price, ?737 per


month. Shocked? Well the fl`t is no King's Cross station in central


London. In Hull, estate agents JKT Property


showed me one of their premier apartments, which will


soon be rent for ?650 per month Is it silly to pay that much fresh


studio? I think it's a lot of money to pay. But in London that hs quite


realistic. According to resdarch, Westminster and is the most


expensive place to rent in the country. Hull is the third cheapest.


Looking through this guide, I'm already spotted a nice propdrty in


Beverley. There is also a one`bedroom, first for flat but just


?325 a month 's. People I spoke to in Hull s`id even


if they had the money they would rather live North.


My brother lives in London `nd he pays a lot of money even in a shared


house. I would rather live hn Yorkshire.


If you were tempted by the studio apartment, there's bad news.


On the eve of this 70th annhversary of D`Day, Prince Charles pl`ys


tribute to the man who helpdd liberate Europe. Normandy vdterans


from Grisby say they are gohng to lay down their standard for the


final time. Tomorrow the we`ther will be fine and dry although hazy


at times. Temperatures will climb to 21 Celsius in the afternoon.


I don't think I would want ` home built on a landfill site. All those


noxious gases filtering through the soil. It was partly a landfhll


site. Parts were contaminatdd. It was gassing site producing lethane.


And Maureen says, why does ht have to be new houses? We have so many


empty properties left. Before new ones built, these old ones should be


renovated. Thank you all watching. We will be talking about legal aid a


little later. I'll be back `t 10:25pm.


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