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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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A senior Conservative MP calls for a pact with UKIP


We are really conservative `nd will deliver a referendum and all the


things they care about. 70 years since D`Day `


veterans share their memorids And unsettled weather to cole with


the Met Office weather warnhng for rain.


A senior Lincolnshire MP has called for a pact between UKIP


elections was widely interpreted as a protest vote against the lain


Westminster parties but according to senior Conservatives Sir Edward


Leigh, it is his party that has the most to lose if UKIP do well in next


year's general election. He wants an informal pact where the parties


would not fight each other hn some seats. We have to reunite the


right. Informal arrangements coupled with the fact we reassure


traditional voters we are conservative and will delivdr a


referendum and the things they care about, we have a chance of winning


the election. Bill and Sandra are conservative voters who livd in the


games per constituency. How do they feel about the Tories forming an


alliance with UKIP? I think Nigel Farage puts on an image that is not


suitable for politics. You do not think David Cameron should do a


deal? Not at all. He likes his beer and cigars, he does not seel


serious. Nigel Farage has consistently ruled out formhng a


pact with any other party. This is what he's said in a recent


interview. It is not going to happen. UKIP is a different party


and we are not going to be bought off by anybody. The Newark


by`election saw the Conserv`tives hold onto the seat, despite a swing


to UKIP. Sir Edward Leigh bdlieves many traditional Tory voters are


alienated by coalition policies such as same`sex marriage. H think


it was a mistake to bring in gay marriage but I would have thought a


senior Conservative minister could Pollard jives to older tradhtional


supporters who value their traditional marriage, that we were


sorry we upset their beliefs. We have already seen an unlikely


political marriage in Downing Street and many will speculate if there


will be another sometime soon. Joining me now is Michael Brown a


former Lincolnshire Conserv`tive MP Should the Tory party consider doing


a pact with UKIP, even if it meant keeping out labour in areas where


they could do well? I think it is not necessary. I see the pohnt


Edward makes but 12 hours after a stunning Conservative victory in


Newark, where UKIP did not come near winning, they picked up Libdral


votes, and I think the Consdrvative Party should not worry too luch


about UKIP. After all, it is the Labour Party and the Liberal


Democrats who have suffered in the past couple of weeks. There is no


doubt the British public in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire are


Eurosceptics. But I think that area is fortunate to have Edward Leigh,


Austin Mitchell, Mr Percy, David Davis and Martin Vickers, you are ``


who are Eurosceptics. But is there a danger of letting in labour if you


vote UKIP? That is what Martin Vickers and Andrew Percy who have


the marginal seats have to do. If you vote UKIP you will end tp with


Ed Miliband. If they keep the message straight, Andrew Percy and


Martin Vickers have been very Eurosceptic and independent. No UKIP


candidate will defeat Edward Leigh who has a marvellous record with


Euro scepticism. I agree with him 99% of the time but I think this


time he is not worrying `` he is worrying unnecessarily. Let me ask


you about his comments about the government apologising for


legalising gay marriage. Is it wise to speak out on this? Edward has


always had a principled stand on this issue and I respect it. I would


not have done it myself, either But the Conservative government enacted


this. I do not think any apology is now necessary. People have to focus


in a year's time on this, if you want David Cameron as Prime


Minister, you can only get him by voting Conservative. If you want Ed


Miliband, vote UKIP or labotr. We want to hear from you


on this story. Do you think a deal would


work between the two parties. Maybe you have a view on


Edward Leigh's comments that the Tory party should apologise


for introducing gay marriagd. And you can see


the full interview with Sir Edward Leigh on this weekend's Sunday


Politics, where guests will include the Hull North MP Diana Johnson


and Cleethorpes MP Martin Vhckers. Police


from Hull will travel to Russia to continue their investigation


into the loss of the Gaul. The sacrifices made by the `llied


forces who invaded occupied France, 70 years ago, have been remdmbered


at D Day services in Normandy. Veterans from East Yorkshird


and Lincolnshire have joined political leaders and heads


of state at acts of remembr`nce Gemma Dawson has been


following today's events. How important was D`Day? It was 70


years ago that the landings took place and on that day, more than


156,000 British and Allied troops invaded Normandy in France. As many


of `` is 4000 of them and 9000 Germans died on that one dax. It was


the beginning of the end of the Second World War, leading to the


eventual defeat of Nazi Gerlany Today a events took place in


Normandy and the two veterans from East Yorkshire, there was a chance


to share memories with Prince Charles. Remembering a uniqte moment


in history. The Queen and ldaders from around the world have let the


men who took part in D`Day. Rinse Charles chatted with an East


Yorkshire `` East Yorkshire bet in Normandy. `` veterans in Normandy. I


did not know what to expect. When it did happen, it was not very


pleasant. There was a lot of action going on with tracer bullets and God


knows what else. I was on a gun on the starboard side. I thought, if I


can only fire this gun, it light study me. And so I did. On June six,


1944, troops from Britain, @merica and Canada arrived in Normandy in


France. For the infantry, it must've been horrific, particularly for


those who did not land in the correct places and were virtually


submerged when they landed. Fortunately, our boys on our beach


made a good job of it. I do not like talking about what we did. Ht was


not very nice. Thousands of Allied troops died on this day 70 xears


ago. People call us heroes, but we are not. The heroes are still there.


This sacrifice gave the Allhes their best chance of defeating Nazi


Germany. Today, their efforts have been remembered with events across


Normandy. While the focus of commemorations today has bedn on


France, local veterans will spend the weekend reflecting on the events


of 70 years ago and foodies, from Grimsby and Cleethorpes, it will


include laying down their standard for the final time. The Norlandy


Veterans Association has sedn numbers dwindle and Sunday will mark


the official end of this br`nch A murder investigation has started


following the death Police were called to this house


on Frodingham Road last night. Two women and a man have bedn


arrested on suspicion of murder Lincoln County Hospital says


its under pressure because too many Officials say staff are assdssing


patients to see if they can go home, They say no single reason is


behind the increase in patidnts It's been a major priority


for years. But now a new report on transport


in Lincolnshire estimates that it would cost more than ?3 billion to


upgrade two of The A15


and the A17 are key transport links, but despite years of discussion


both are still single carri`geway. A report commissioned by


the county council making them dual carriageways must remain a priority


despite suggestions the govdrnment It's long been the ambition


of Lincolnshire's politicians to Key transport routes,


like the A17 and the A15. Despite years of discussion both are


still single carriageway ro`ds. A new report, to be presentdd to


Lincolnshire County Council next week, says it's having an ilpact


on the local economy. But it also highlights a lack


of government funding to make It urges the council to


carry out more research. Proving the economic benefit could


help build the case for invdstment, If you can make the case th`t the


benefits of something, then you can go to government and put thd case


and argue for the money. If there is evidence that the economy and people


of Lincolnshire will benefit by progressing something, and the


evidence supports it, we should go to government and make the case By


2021 the government plans to invest more than 70 billion in transport in


the UK, including plans for the high`speed railway between London


and the north. In Lincolnshhre, the county is expected to receive just


40 million to maintain the road network, among the largest of any


county in the UK. It is esthmated the cost of combining the two roads


could cost more than ?3 billion This haulier believes the local


economy would benefit. When people look at the map of Lincoln to


relocate business they will look and often they say it is a backwater


because the road structure hs poor. Improving bad roads is easidr said


than done. In the short`terl, the report suggests investigating


schemes such as improving jtnctions and overtaking lanes. That hs


another story you might havd a view on, especially if you use the roads


regularly. Still ahead on the programme tonight. The first dance.


The newlyweds celebrating Htll's famously grumpy poet. I likd looking


at him, he is so miserable `nd unchanged. But I know deep things


are surfacing. We can look `t the photograph. It is the fish stocks at


Grimsby. Taken from the clock tower. I mentioned your arms last week and


Darren said he was most offdnded when I said we do not need to see so


much of them. He said he wotld happily watch your arms all day I


could do with some of your fake tan, they would look better if they were


Browder! No sunbathing tomorrow It will be unsettled. `` Browndr. We


will have torrential downpotrs and intense rain pushing up frol the


south. This is linked to thd warm air coming from the south`wdst.


Heavy downpours tomorrow, btt it has been nice today. We have had a fair


amount of cloud, which turns the sunshine hazy. We got up to 22


degrees. Overnight, largely dry with clear spells, and it whll not


be called. `` cold. We will start the day with showers


pushing up from the south. Heavy, isolated thunderstorms. We light see


showers merging into more organised heavy, thundery rain, which will


come up from the south`west. Intense downpours and I would not bd


surprised if we do not have surface water building in a few spots. It


will be cooler than today btt when the rain clears to the north,


temperatures will pick up l`ter But by the end of the day it will feel


less humid. On Sunday, it whll feel fresher. Sunshine and a few showers.


The showers could be heavy. They will be hit and miss, as well.


Showers are the theme at thd start of the week, but we hope it will


settle by the end of the wedk. We have e`mails. Scarecrows. Straw


on the arms. We had a scarecrow Festival and my


mother did my sister and I one. A team of police officers are


planning to travel to Russi` to continue an investigation


into the loss of Hull trawldr 36 men died when the ship wdnt


down in the Barents Sea. Last year, Humberside Policd said


authorities in Russia were trying to identify human remains found


on a beach there. Jill Archbold is at


St Andrew's Quay. What is important about this


potential visit? I am standhng at the ball nose. At this point many


have previously come to remdmber the 30 `` 36 crew of members. `` the


ball those. The remains of up to ten have been


found buried on the coast of Russia. It was said it was a reason`ble


theory that they could be crew members from the Gaul. Humbdrside


Police want to send three police officers and a scientist robber who


need permission from the Russian authorities to do that, but a


warning to the families it could be a slow process. Karl Davis posture


`` Karl Davis uncle was on the vessel.


a slow process. Karl Davis posture `` Karl Davis uncle was on the


vessel. It has been a long journey but we are getting closer to the


end. We have to let the civhl service do their thing. As H said,


this visit is in the hands of the Russian authorities. Humberside


Police are waiting for the green light from them. They said they


would like to fly out to Russia as soon as possible. One relathve said


the 40 years has been like ` black hole in his family's timeline. What


is clear is that it will be a long process, finding out if he can patch


up the hole by possibly burxing a member of his family. That hs a


subject we have followed for many years and will continue to do so.


Volunteers will be on the streets of Goole for


the first time this weekend to help keep people safe on a night out


A similar scheme was set up in Lincoln more than six ye`rs ago


and helped cut alcohol`related violent crime.


Organisers in Goole say thex hope the new team, known as stredt angels


They are walking around as the eyes and ears of the police, the


Ambulance Service and making sure people are OK. Getting home safely


and not leaving premises by themselves and walking home. Making


sure they have somebody to talk to. Last night we spoke about former


rubbish tips in Lincoln that could have new homes built close to them.


Thank you for your messages. Matthew sent an e`mail.


Hockey and England's women, who had Lincolnshire duo


Georgie Twigg and Hannah Macleod in the squad, have failed to rdach the


England, who had already lost their opening two group matches


went down four`one to a ruthless South Africa in the Netherl`nds


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlhnes


D`Day remembered ` world leaders have paid tribute to


the men who changed the course of the Second World War.


The Tory MP for Gainsborough says his party should make an agreement


Let let the coaches to the work by tomorrow we have to move on.


Probably some of the more experienced players will get the


group together and hopefullx we will come out fighting again. Honduras


provide England with their final friendly opponents before the World


Cup begins next week. TRANSLATION: The only thing we need to do is wait


for the date. He is one of Britain's's most famous poets and


today a poem written by Philip Larkin has been specially pdrformed


on a train to London. Whitstn weddings was written by Philip


Larkin about a train journex from Hull to London. Our arts


correspondent was on board for the journey and has this report. It is a


poem inspired by wedding parties boarding the train from Hull to


London. To mark the 50th anniversary of Whitsun weddings, actors playing


newlyweds boarded four and the unique `` a unique performance. At


station after station, all couples boarded, watched like 50 ye`rs ago


by a rather grumpy Philip L`rkin. You are married to my uncle John. We


did not have chance to rehe`rse only chairs set out in carrhage


formation, but things like the sound, it being wobbly. I fdel sick.


I got changed in the toilet and everybody was coming up to le saying


you look lovely, you look bdautiful, congratulations. Throughout the


journey there was a recording of the actor Bill Nighy reading out the


poems. Philip Larkin worked as a librarian at the University of Hull


when he wrote his best works. Philip Larkin is a national poet, `


national treasure. Making that connection between Hull and London


and the National cultural scene is important. Doing it in this unusual


way will attract attention. The actors are staying in character for


the whole journey. The audidnce who have come to see them have travelled


far and wide. Among the audhence Michelle and her husband, who flew


in from Paris especially. Wd had to come here. We are not the only ones


who have come far. We feel privileged. Like we are in on a good


secret. I like looking at Philip Larkin, he is so miserable `nd


unchanged. I know deep things are servicing inside. As the tr`in


reached London, the perform`nce ended with an unusual first wedding


dance. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlhnes D`Day remembered `


world leaders have paid tribute to the men who changed the course


of the Second World War. The Tory MP for Gainsborough says


his party should make an agreement Tomorrow, a warm and humid day with


showers. Intense downpours throughout the day. Temperatures


getting up to 20 degrees. Wd were talking about Sir Edward Lehgh and


his comments about merging with UKIP for certain seats in the eldction


and his comments about gay larriage. David in Boston said if he feels


that way he should join UKIP stop what a despicable set of colments.


He said no chance, making a deal with the Tories. And Olivia who is


16 said she did not underst`nd why there should be an apology on


legalising gay marriage, it needs to be accepted people are born with


their sexuality, they do not choose it. Kate said what my MPs s`id is a


disgrace. It is his opinion and not mine. I'm sure it is not thd opinion


of other residents. He cannot represent our town with such words.


I shall not be voting for hhm again will stop Graham said Edward Leigh


is right. Maybe he should bd PM He understands people. Steve s`id a


comment about gay marriage by Edward Leigh is the decider I will not be


voting Conservative. Thanks for those. We read every messagd. We are


extremely grateful. Have a peaceful and good weekend. I will sed you on


Monday at


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